10 Video Marketers to Learn from to Grow Your MSP/IT Firm's Followers on TikTok, YouTube & Facebook


If you’re looking for a way to improve your social following, there are plenty of people out there who will tell you that they have the secrets to your success. However, right now, the numbers say that you should be focused on video if you want to dominate the social media world. 

For starters, by 2022, it’s expected that 82% (or more) of all Internet traffic will come from video. This includes live video, which is also expected to see five times its growth in the same span. 

People love video. Today, there are more than 1 billion hours streamed from YouTube every single day. That's a lot of video. On an individual basis, the average user watches about 6-7 hours of videos online every single week. If your IT or managed services firm hasn’t invested in a solid video marketing strategy, now is the time. 

Of course, you’re probably thinking: 

  • What’s video marketing?
  • Why should my firm use it?
  • Does it really work?
  • What can I do besides making commercial-style videos?

There are so many uncertainties and questions that people have about video marketing, which is often all that holds them back from getting started. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. In this guide, not only will we talk about the 10 people you should be taking notes from to build your own video marketing success, but we’ll also talk about the importance of video and what kind of perks it can offer for a business like IT or managed services. 

The case for video in MSP/IT marketing

If you’re in the business of tech, the idea of embracing the latest and best marketing technologies and methods should come naturally. It's all about being on the cutting edge of the industry and when you use video, you’re doing just that. Plus, you’re going to be able to do a lot more for your brand, and your audience, when you enhance your social presence with a robust video marketing campaign. 

And remember, you’re not just making promotional videos for your company here. You can do so much more with video marketing, including educational and how-to videos, company spotlight videos, employee or project spotlights, and more. The idea is to get engaged with the audience and deliver content that keeps them interested. 

When you use video marketing well, it can offer perks like:

Increased ROI: Of course, the goal here is more profits and when you use video, you’re going straight there by reducing the investment expense. That generates a much better return on your investment. Think, for example, of the return of posting four selfie-style videos about your latest IT projects: 20 minutes of your time per video, no actual production costs, and a chance to generate an impressive number of leads? It’s a no-brainer. 

Improved Engagement: Audiences today love video, and especially the audiences that are found all over social media. People don’t want to be talked to, or worse, “sold” something. They want to be engaged, treated like a person, and they want a relationship with the brands that they choose. Video is a great way to do that. 

Limitless Potential: Because you can make so many different types of videos and take your strategy in several different directions, there is a lot more that you can do with video marketing than with a lot of other marketing efforts. You can get as creative as you want, just make sure that you’re staying in line with what your audience will appreciate. 

Increased Visibility: One of the biggest parts of growing a business is making sure that it’s visible to the world around you. When you use video, you’re automatically increasing your visibility and making it easier for your audience to find you on social platforms. In fact, videos actually increase traffic from SERPs alone by as much as 157%. 

Connection: When you give your audience an interactive platform like video and social media, you are going to help them feel more connected to your brand. It doesn’t matter, at this point, what kind of videos you post so long as they are relevant to your audience and engaging. You are giving them what they want and reaching out to them in their space. That's really what it’s about. 

Video also gives you a much more creative way to connect with people and market your MSP or IT firm. You can showcase your services, current or recent projects, add testimonials of current clients or those that you have worked with previously, and more. No matter how you use it, when you use it well, video will be the key to your marketing strategy now and in the future. 

The 10 video marketers for IT and MSPs

1. Gary Vaynerchuk

While this entrepreneur and lifelong businessman is not an IT guru, he’s mastered two things: video marketing, and embracing the new trends when it comes to building your brand. He’s got a robust video platform all across social media, stemming from an impressive YouTube channel. Plus, he’s got his own podcast and plenty of other digital efforts in place, showing you the importance of keeping up where it counts. He's started several businesses over the years and currently runs the Varner Media empire. He's one of our favorites for giving that ”just another person” connection to his audiences in his videos. 

2. Marques Brownlee

This tech influencer has been at it since 2009 when he started doing tech reviews and has only grown since then. He has billions of views on his YouTube channel and is definitely a bit of a star in the online tech world. He likes to explain product features, keep people updated with tech news, and even offer some humor with behind-the-scenes cuts and clips. There's so much to offer and his unique engagement style keeps people coming back for more, time and time again. He’s also got over 14 million followers on YouTube, so that should tell you he’s worth knowing. 

3. Phil Nottingham

Phil is based out of the UK, and in addition to being a product strategist, he’s also an entrepreneur and self-made success that knows all about marketing and branding to build a business. He is big on helping brands find their identity and you can even find interviews and other videos featuring him to help get a better idea of his personality and what he brings to the table. He has years of experience and can provide plenty of valuable insight on how to create video campaigns that get results, and his own social networks are quite impressive so you can learn a lot just by seeing what he does himself. 

4. Neil Patel

If you’re in tech or Internet marketing and you don’t know Neil Patel, you’re really missing out. Although he’s technically an SEO and digital marketing guru, he’s also a techie and fellow video marketing expert. He's got a lot to offer, from plenty of different video styles worth checking out (including videos of various lengths) to his expertise in the areas of digital marketing and audience engagement. In addition to being recognized as a top entrepreneur under age 30 by President Obama, Patel is also notorious for his impressive publication rate for both videos and written content, keeping a constant stream of sharing among his audiences. 

5. Brian Dean

Brian works over at Backlinko and he offers a lot of valuable insight about video marketing for those in the Internet and tech industries. He was rated one of the most popular digital marketing experts for 2021 and has been featured in several publications, including Inc. He has link building and traffic generation skills for days and can teach you a lot about employing these tactics in your video marketing efforts. He “invents” a lot of unusual marketing strategies and approaches that most people don’t think of, and he provides actionable tips, which is why we like him. 

6. Scott Stratten

Scott and his wife are masters of the viral video. They're also the faces behind UnMarketing.com, a website that’s dedicated to un-marketing your business in a whole new way. Scott has been educating people on marketing for years and through their own success, the two of them have helped influence several other brands and companies. They have published a total of six books so far and they continue to offer one-on-one consulting and assistance through their website and social profiles in addition to sharing their own video content. 

7. Tyler Lessard

Tech people will appreciate the efforts of Tyler Lessard, a video marketing pro and digital marketing veteran that’s been getting results in all kinds of unconventional ways. He loves to tell a good story and he likes to use data to create more effective strategies, helping businesses in several different areas of marketing and development. He has an impressive collection of social profiles and is the Chief Video Strategies and VP of Marketing for Vidyard. He works by taking you out of your comfort zones to find the success that your firm needs. 

8. Casey Neistat

Casey is an original influencer from the early days of YouTube when influencing wasn’t even really a thing. He stays on our lists of video marketers to follow because he focuses on two critical areas in all that he does: timing and engagement. He knows when to post content, where to post it, and how to create videos that get engagement, and he shares that information and insight with others in his videos, as well. 

9. Unbox Therapy

We like this video marketing example because it showcases the value of simplicity. This is an entire YouTube channel for the techie crowd that’s dedicated to unboxing electronics and reveling in the joy of that process. They have millions of views and subscribers that prove a simple concept is really easy to stick with and still gets impressive results. There are tons of unboxing videos, and more are uploaded every time a new electronic device comes out, helping consumers decide if products are worth their money. His famous bending video of the iPhone 6 Plus is what got this channel noticed in the first place and it is still one of the most popular. 

10. Sara Dietschy

She is a unique, creative techie that offers a different perspective than most in this industry. Not only is she female in an industry dominated by men, but she’s also got a creative approach that focuses on tech and the value of creative content production, including video content and photography, as well as the written word. She has an impressive YouTube channel and a podcast about her own creative, tech, and business goals. She also offers a unique storytelling approach that allows her to relate to people and keep them engaged. 

Partner with Smith.ai to free up your time for more video marketing 

You have a lot of things on your plate as a business owner and it’s not an easy task to try to do it all. Even with a well-trained and helpful team, it can be hard to make sure all the bases are covered. If you’re trying to improve your marketing strategies and add video to your social platforms, the last thing you want is to have to pause your project to take another call or answer a live chat. 

Fortunately, we’ve got you covered there. Our dedicated virtual receptionists can provide 24/7 service to handle everything from live website chat to phone answering, and even Facebook message answering. Plus, we can help you craft a great strategy to manage it all and ensure that your business never misses a beat, even when you are busy taking care of other things. Whether you need part-time assistance or a full communication solution, we can take care of everything that you need. 

Learn more when you schedule a consultation to discuss how our virtual receptionists can deliver 24/7 solutions for your IT or MSP firm, including live chat, phone answering, intake and scheduling, and so much more. You'll also find us at hello@smith.ai or (650) 727-6484. 

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Written by Samir Sampat

Samir Sampat is a Marketing Manager with Smith.ai. He has experience working with businesses of all sizes focusing on marketing, communications, and business development.

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