A superior qualification, answering & intake service for small businesses

Our live virtual receptionists capture & qualify leads, book new clients, and build better relationships with your existing clients, 24/7. Pricing starts at just $140 per month.

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  • Live receptionists on duty 24/7. Forward all incoming calls or overflow phone calls only.
  • Lead qualification & client intake with CRM integration for complete workflows
  • Payment collection, with integration to your credit card processing software
  • Appointment setting & call-back scheduling, with calendar software integration
  • Outbound calls: web-form follow-ups, work status updates & appointment reminders
  • Spam & sales call blocking, call screening & prioritization, plus VIP pass-throughs
Text answering
We capture leads & help clients who text you — with live agents & AI

What our customers are saying

“I rely on Smith.ai to handle all of my firm's calls. Their intake process integrates with my practice management software, which saves me time. Plus, their professionalism means I pay a fraction of the cost of an in-house receptionist without sacrificing quality. I recommend Smith.ai to every attorney I see.”

Regina Edwards
Edwards Family Law

“Having someone professionally answer our phones is essential to operating a business. We engaged with Smith about 3 months ago and have been extremely pleased with the service they are providing us. They are very flexible and their integration with technology has functionally made a huge difference for us. I receive a SMS message and an email within seconds of a call with all pertinent information regarding the call. They ensure critical calls make it through to me and sales calls are screened. This makes my day much more productive and we get a professional service answering the phones.”

"Smith.ai has been a major hack into improving my business flow. Playing phone tag with potential clients and constantly getting interrupted with sales calls was so tiresome. Smith.ai has completely alleviated this problem. They screen all calls that come into my main office number so only critical calls get through to me, and they schedule appointments with potential clients after having carefully screened them through my intake process. I now save so much time and only have quality appointments booked. Less stress, more appointments. It's a total win!"

“Having real, live people answering the phone has made a huge difference in the volume of my practice, and I'm all about Smith.ai's technology-driven approach. I can focus on my clients without interruptions from sales calls and spammers, yet I remain in the loop when I'm in court or a meeting thanks to their text summaries. I love that Smith.ai manages my web chats now, too! They're one of the key reasons I was able to grow from a solopreneur to an 8 person team!

Justie Nicol
Nicol Law Offices

“Smith.ai has been integral to my business at CMIT Solutions of Morristown. Their service was extremely easy to set up and they have been extremely professional with their customer care. Having a live-answer service handle all my incoming calls gives my business a level of professionalism that it was missing and allows me to easily prioritize all of my call-backs. I highly recommend Smith.ai to any business looking for a live-answer service.”

"As small business owners, it is very important to have a professional image with a quick response to our phone calls. We are at ease knowing that our clients are being greeted with a professional, friendly and upbeat voice when they call our office. The message taking is very clear, concise and effective, and allows our contact with our clients to be frictionless, effective and progressive. The service quality and superior communication skills of the Smith.ai team makes them a true extension of our office."



Per-call pricing, not per-minute
No charge for spam calls, wrong numbers, or undesirable sales calls
Month-to-month — no annual contracts or setup fees
Get started today with a FREE 14-day/20-call trial.

Live Receptionists AVAILABLE 24/7

Transfer Destination
$7/Call after 20
Transfer Destinations
$6/Call after 50
Transfer Destinations
$5/Call after 120
Custom pricing is available. Just let us know what you need!

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  • CRM integrations. All call details are sent to your CRM or Zapier.
    We support Clio, Hubspot, Salesforce, and many more.
    1st free
    add'l $0.50
  • SMS/Slack notifications. Receive a SMS/Slack message when a caller qualifies for a transfer.
    You and your staff can accept or reject calls. +$0.25 for each additional 'ping' (e.g., try person B after person A)
  • Microsoft Teams notifications. Receive a message in Teams when a caller qualifies for a transfer.
    Accept or reject call transfers with one click in a Microsoft Teams channel. +$0.25 for each additional 'ping'
  • Text & email follow-up. Based on your criteria, we'll send custom SMS and/or email to callers after the call.
    Perfect for having your leads fill out web forms, submit documents, or even to just keep them warm & engaged.
  • Conflict checks. Our receptionists can check new leads for conflicts of interest.
    Our system securely checks for conflicts in your CRM or a Google Spreadsheet without making your contacts visible.
  • Accept collect calls. We'll accept (and pay) the charges for any incoming collect call for you.
    Attorneys who work with inmates often require this add-on.
  • Book appointments. By scheduling meetings with leads and clients, we complete the workflow.
    Other services take a message, leaving the follow-up work for you.
  • Accept payments. From consultation deposits to past-due collections, we make sure you get paid.
    We support LawPay, TrialPay, CPACharge, Square, PayPal, and more.
  • Third-party intake. We'll input caller information and ask a few questions on a third-party form.
    Up to one minute of additional questions per our Reasonable Use Policy.
  • Complex call routing. Set unique rules for each number, time of day, and extension.
    Route calls based on schedules, availability, and holiday hours. Ring your team sequentially or “blast” everyone.
  • Extended intake. Additional questions asked to further qualify clients & make life easier for you.
    Up to two minutes of additional questions per our Reasonable Use Policy.


  • Business caller ID for outbound calls. Your customers only ever see one phone number: Yours.
    When we make callbacks or outbound calls on your behalf, the call recipient sees your business' number. Learn more.
  • Additional transfer destinations. Add more lines for transfer destinations and routing.
    Add other people in your firm, external sales representatives, and more. We even support extensions.

Incidentals (PRICED PER occurrence)

  • Smith.ai Operator. We'll coordinate and organize your conference calls.
    Priced at $4 per participant per hour. Useful for calls with judges, VIPs, business partners, and more. Learn more.




Receptionist Services

24/7 Live Receptionists

Friendly, professional, live receptionists answer all your calls with a smile and keep your clients happy.

Familiar with Your Business

We’ll answer customer questions about hours, payment methods, services provided, and more.

Transfer Destinations

Receptionists can transfer a caller to you, even pre-qualifying which types of callers get through.

Email Summary of Calls

Get a summarized message of each call sent immediately via email.

Call Notifications via Text Message

We can instantly text you contact's name, phone number, and email (if collected) after every call.

Daily Call Summary via Email

At 6:30 PM PT, you’ll receive a daily email summarizing each call you received on that day.

Call Disposition

Receptionists mark all calls with type and urgency. This metadata is passed to you in the call summaries.

Referrals to Recommended Businesses

Receptionists can monetize your "bad leads" by referring them to someone on your custom list of businesses, from whom you earn a referral fee.

Customized Greetings

Your virtual receptionists will greet clients using a personalized greeting specified by you.

Friendly Demeanor

Our virtual receptionists have years of experience answering phones and speak in clear American English.

Multiple Live Transfer Numbers

When making live call transfers to transfer destinations, you can have multiple phone numbers for multiple people.

Callback on Client Calls

Your friendly receptionists promptly return any calls lost due to cell connection issues or incomplete voicemails.

Answering Texts to Your Number

When prospective clients text your Smith.ai phone number, receptionists will text back. We can answer questions, screen new leads,  book appointments, and more.

Outbound Calls

Receptionists can make outbound calls on a one-time or recurring basis. We can call leads who complete your web form, provide work status updates, and more.

Appointment Reminders

Receptionists will call clients with upcoming appointments to reduce no-shows and cancellations.

Appointments & Integrations

Appointment Scheduling

We’ll gladly book appointments for you and your clients, on your own calendar. We can also prequalify leads before scheduling consultations

E-Commerce Order Integration

Your receptionists can gather e-commerce details such as order number, item info, and address.

CRM Integration

Smith.ai can integrate with CRM software to sync caller information, notes, and more.

Slack Integration

Accept or reject call transfer requests in Slack, and receive call summaries in a dedicated Slack channel.

New Client Intake

We'll complete new client intake forms for your qualified leads, so new client information is logged in your CRM.

Email/SMS Sorted to Departments

Calls can be marked and routed to the appropriate department (e.g., sales@, support@, owner@).

Lead Data Gathering

We'll capture and qualify your leads based on your custom criteria, such as their service needs, where they heard about you, and more.

Dispatch Calls to Multiple Locations

Using ZIP code lookup via Storepoint.co, we can transfer calls to different numbers in your business.

Customer Service and Support Desk

We can assist your support team by collecting order numbers or tickets. We integrate with many CRMs, too.

Phone Services

Dedicated Phone Number

A local or toll-free number dedicated to you, and only you — or routed to different people on your team.

Works with Popular VoIP Services

Our state of the art technology makes it easy to connect live call answering with a VoIP phone like RingCentral, Google Voice, or Plivo.

High-Quality Sound

State-of-the-art VoIP software ensures high-quality voice and sound for all your calls.

Use Your Existing Number

Port your current land line, mobile, or cell number from your carrier for no extra cost.

Conditional Call Forwarding

In a few easy steps, you can set your phone to forward certain calls to your Smith.ai number. Works with all major US carriers: AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon.

No Extra Apps to Install

Just text us status updates — there’s no need to fuss with yet another app or login to remember.

Billing & Fees

Easy Billing

You’ll always know what you are paying for. Base monthly fee, and any overage. That’s it.

No Hidden Fees

You won’t find any surprises on your bill from Smith.ai. We like to keep things simple for you.

Pricing Per Call — Instead of Per Minute

Pricing per minute results in hurried calls, expensive bills, and unpredictable costs. Nope. Not with us.

No Setup Fees

There is no setup fee, or setup fee called something else to hide it from you. Joining is easy and fast.

No Cancellation Fees

Month-by-month contracts mean you can cancel at any time — without any penalty or cancellation fee.

Customizable Plans

Whatever your needs or call volume, we can customize a plan for you that’s still priced competitively.

Voicemail Services

Voicemail to MMS

Audio files of a voicemail recording can be sent directly to you via text message right after the call.

Voicemail to Email

Alternatively, Smith.ai can send a voicemail recording directly to your email right after the call.

Unlimited Voicemails

There’s no limit or extra charges on any calls sent to your voicemail.

Customized Voicemail

You can choose to have a professional voiceover actor record your voicemail greeting.

Call Services & Spam Blocking

Spam Calls Blocked

We automatically block over 20 million robo-callers, telemarketers, and spam calls.

Sales Calls Blocked

We block unsolicited sales calls from advertisers, software vendors, and more — all at your discretion.

Blocked Calls

Never want to hear from them again? You can specify certain numbers to block or blacklist at any time.

No Charge for Spam or Wrong Numbers

Spam and unwanted calls don’t count towards your monthly call quota. That would be lame of us.

VIP List

Enable specified clients to ring you directly, bypassing your receptionists. Just send us the numbers.

availability & Hours

We Answer Calls 24/7

Our receptionist service is available 24/7. Let us know if you want to set specific answering hours.

Set Availability via SMS

Easily text us your status. Just type “away for 1d” or “voicemail” to tell us how to handle your incoming calls.

Worldwide Service

As long as you can access your cell phone or email, you can receive call summaries — anywhere in the world.

International Transfers

Are you or your callers located out of the United States? No problem! We can transfer calls anywhere in the world.

Custom Plans Tailored to Your Business

At Smith.ai, our customers come first. We are always interested in hearing what you need and do our very best to build new features to accommodate you. Please reach out to us with any questions about customization at hello@smith.ai or call us at (650) 727-6484.

Smith is a superior call answering and cloud phone system service for small businesses and individuals. Our platform helps you build better relationships with new and existing customers.



Live, North America-based receptionists answer your business calls 24/7. Spam and sales calls blocked for free.

Our highly intelligent software screens and prioritizes your incoming calls, allowing personalized attention and detailed call history.

We immediately send call notifications via text message. Call notes and daily call summaries sent via email.



(In All Seriousness) SOME F.A.Q.’s

Can you walk me through what happens after I sign up?

After you sign up and pick your plan, we give you a phone number for clients, both new and old. The number is toll-free or local (whichever you prefer), and provisioned within seconds so you can post this new number to your online profiles (web site, Facebook business page, etc.).

Want to keep your existing number? No problem — simply forward your calls to us, and we’ll handle the rest.

Can you tell me more about your receptionists and how they handle calls?

When a call comes in, our super smart technology routes your calls to your personal Smith.ai receptionist. No robots here, but rather a real person who knows you and your clients, assisted by our software which maps your client history (a profile that grows with each and every call). Your Smith.ai receptionist engages in authentic conversation for as long as your client wants to chat. No script and no time limit. By charging per call, not per minute, real connections happen, and customers stay happy.

What do you do with information from calls?

All your calls are prioritized and the messages delivered instantly to you via text. If you can’t respond right away, don’t worry — we email you a complete history and transcription of your calls at the end of each day. You won’t miss a thing.

We also gather leads on potential new customers, and block spam calls for you. Our system learns over time — this is the magic sauce that allows for deep, personal engagement between your customers and your Smith receptionist.

What if I don't want 24/7 answering? Can you forward calls after-hours?

You can have us answer your calls 24/7. But if you don't want us to, simply ask! Our system can forward your after-hours calls directly to a number you specify or take voicemails and send them to you via text message or email.

How is a text message not just another interruption?

A text message is both less intrusive and more actionable. It’s less intrusive than your phone ringing while you are on a job, in a meeting, or with a client. You can read it at a glance and make a decision on how to handle it. If you choose to act upon it later, you don’t have to worry about forgetting it. The message will appear in your daily summary. Nothing gets lost.

What about multi-person calls or conference calls?

We do offer transfer destinations for calls! When an urgent or high priority call comes in, your Smith.ai agent will attempt to connect you directly. If you are not available, we will send you an instant call summary via SMS or email.

In addition, we provide an Operator service, where we can organize group conference calls for you.

Are the calls answered live 100% of the time? Is it always the same person?

Calls are answered by a real, live receptionist 24/7 or during the established hours of your plan. You'll receive support from a rotating group of receptionists, which allows us to easily scale-up when your business receives a higher volume of calls (e.g., if you run a marketing campaign). (Sorry, no, you cannot choose which receptionists answer your calls.)

How do you determine if calls are spam or sales?

Our receptionists have years of experience in handling spam or sales calls. We also keep a record of all the spam and sales calls received — and the numbers associated — we receive for pros. As a last measure for certainty, we cross-reference potential spam calls with known public databases. We will only mark a call as spam if we are 99% sure. In the case that we misclassified a call (e.g. someone called in to see if you are interested in a business loan at a 30% interest rate and you do need a business loan), we can update the system to reflect that.

How is this better than my existing voicemail?

Voicemail is a service for you, not for your customers. It can make your client feel ignored or unimportant. Your Smith receptionist takes care of your customers as you would. Furthermore, voicemails become a routine chore often out of sync with the schedules of your customers. By the time you’ve listened to a call from a new lead when checking voicemail that evening, it’s likely they’ve already called someone else.

As your client history and business profile continues to grow (thanks to our smart technology), these client calls result in deeply personal engagement.

I do all my business over email. Where is that feature?

Good news. We turn phone calls into emails for you. But if you’re looking to have someone read and answer your emails for you... well, that is trickier. Do you want someone (even someone you trust with your business) having access to your entire inbox? Probably not. Start out with the phone plan, then we’ll work on this together to meet your specific needs.

Why are you better than hiring a call center staffed with many receptionists?

Call centers are expensive — between the hardware and the people hired to man the centers, they have about a 50% efficiency rate. Most of those people-hours are spent sitting around waiting for calls. Yes, these centers take messages but they aren’t mapping you a relationship, or providing you with a client history. They won’t know you or your business, and they use a script for every call. The high costs of these centers are transferred to the client. You’re charged by minute, so it can cost thousands.

Smith bills for the call, not the minute. Your Smith receptionist can build a relationship with your clients, can have friendly chitchat and it doesn’t cost you extra. Your Smith receptionist is a real person who gets to know you and your clients.

How do your receptionists get to know my business?

We used the best technology had to offer by building a platform based on Twilio — the most advanced VOIP service currently available. We also have client profiles that gather client information with each call, giving you powerful data analytics.

Do you work on weekends?

Yes! Our receptionists now answer calls 24/7. If you don't want us to answer on weekends, or have a different set of rules for weekend calls, shoot us an email at support@smith.ai. Your daily call summary still arrives every day.

Can I personalize my greeting or how you answer calls?

You determine your greeting. Some pros want to have a casual tone, some wanted a professional greeting with their company name, and it's entirely up to you. You can choose your own tagline and greeting. We make sure to clarify the pronunciation of your company/name/brand with you, as well.

What we don't do

Call Your ConGressPerson
Negotiate Car Prices
Midnight serenades
Drunk-dial your ex
Make prank calls
Reserve a table
Write letters to the editor
Buy you tickets to Cabo
Criticize your style
Tune your guitars
Horse whispering
Wash your dog


  1. Smith.ai does not charge for spam or unwanted sales calls — as long as we can block them in the future. If you use a forwarding service but disable Caller ID pass-through (common with Google Voice clients), we won’t be able to block them, and thus you will be charged for those calls. You can learn more about this here.

Smith.ai is the best virtual receptionist service for small businesses

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Per Second
$1.28 per 1/2 min
$1.28 per 1/2 min
$6.87/per call*
Per Call
Per 1/2 min
$9.27/per call*
Appointment booking
Wrong numbers
Spam calls
Set up fee
24/7 answering
Free trial