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Running a business in Boston is hard work.’s professional receptionists answer your phone calls, book appointments, assist clients, block spam, and more – so you can focus on your work without missing any opportunities.
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Professionally answer your business calls, chats, texts, and social messages — we’ll help you do it all.

Facts & Figures

Located on the eastern coast of North America, Boston, Massachusetts is one of the most populated cities in the United States. Boston is widely known for its famous baked beans and thriving sports scene as well as it’s iconic, historical sites, such as the Bunker Hill Monument and the world famous Fenway Park.

The city is often recognized as a worldwide leader in the education industry and is considered a bustling epicenter for culture, fashion, news, finance, and technology. Boston has and continues to be one of largest and most influential metropolises in the nation.

  • The Boston Globe: Boston News
  • Boston Chamber of Commerce
  • Population: 692,600
  • Industries: Defense; education; finance; healthcare and social assistance; government; manufacturing; medicine; print and publishing; technology; tourism and entertainment
  • Area Codes: 617, 857
  • Surrounding Cities: Worcester, Providence Lowell, Cambridge, Quincy, Bedford, Chelsea, Townsend, Milford
  • ZIP Codes: 02128, 02127, 02118, 02116, 02115, 02215, 02114, 02113, 02111
Remote agents save space and rent

Virtual Receptionists for Your Boston Business

Boston is one of the most beautiful cities in the United States, with people from all over the world jumping to move there. That’s why it comes as no surprise that the average price to rent an office in Boston is about $40 per sq.ft. That’s a little over $6,000 for a small, 150 sq.ft. office! Adding in a receptionist’s office, which average around 40 sq.ft., can take up more space than necessary, shoveling more money towards rent and less money towards your business.

Virtual receptionists at always work remotely from quiet home offices, saving you office space and putting money right back into your pocket. Learn more about the differences between a full-time receptionist vs. a virtual receptionist.

Virtual receptionists cost less

Reduce Your Operating & Front-Office Costs in Boston

Highly populated cities like Boston often demand a higher wage for workers than the national average. Salaries for traditional in-house receptionists in Boston can cost anywhere from $37,000 to $47,000 annually. When you factor in costs for direct benefits, such as healthcare and 401K’s, and side benefits, such as commuter reimbursements and paid holidays, a full-time, in-house receptionist can cut deep into your budget.

The cost for a full-time, 24/7 receptionist at, however, starts at as little as $140/month, saving you up to $45,000/year on salary alone! That price can be even lower after your initial free trial, as adjusts to fit your business needs, not the other way around. Review’s flexible monthly plans and pricing.

Missed calls hurt your business

Every Call is Answered with 24/7 Live Agents

Unfortunately, in-house receptionists can only do so much. Most receptionists multitask answering phone calls with other receptionist duties, such running errands and performing general office assistance. Even with multiple full-time receptionists, phone calls can and will be missed when they call in sick, need time off, are late due to traffic, are already on the line with a client, or are preoccupied with their other responsibilities. As much as 25% of calls come in after-hours and on weekends, so even beyond these regular interruptions to call answering, there are real numbers that affect your business.  

While virtual receptionists may not be able to restock office supplies or grab you coffee, they can offer unlimited quality support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so that your business doesn’t have to stop when your in-office workers do. Why not try it to see for yourself with a 14-day/20-call free trial?

Answering services you can depend on

Provide Call Support for Your Busy Boston Team

Calls come in and your team may not always be able to answer. From regular office meetings to managing administrative duties, they stay busy, but how can you ensure that your client’s questions are answered without running your team into the ground or neglecting other important office tasks? can take that responsibility right off your shoulders. Our 24/7 live agents will capture and screen callers, schedule appointments, and input details directly into your CRM and calendar so you can rest easy knowing your callers are receiving quality service, no matter how busy your team may get.

integrations integrates with your software

Calls, chats, appointments, and payments are automatically logged in your systems. We directly integrate with over 30 programs, including Salesforce, Hubspot, and Zapier.


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Getting started

Easy as 1-2-3

Outsourcing to is simple. We already work with every phone system and website. And we use AI to help our live staff have natural conversations, so there's no script required.

  • RingCentral
  • Jive
  • Verizon
  • Google Voice
  • Grasshopper
  • Dialpad
  • 8x8
  • Vonage
  • and many more.
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Nurtured callers turn into leads

Receive Quality Customer Service

Building reliable customer service in Boston doesn’t have to end when callers hang up the phone. Our virtual receptionists send you and members of your staff a detailed summary after every call. We also offer text and email follow-up messages to nurture leads who call and even make outbound calls to leads who complete your web forms online. Just let us know who to call or forward your phone call tasks to us and we can use your business number as our caller ID so it always looks like we’re in-house and calling from your Boston office. We make sure that your team stays up-to-date on clients’ information and that your callers have every opportunity to reach you.

Clients connect on multiple platforms

Utilize Live Chats, Texts, and Facebook Messaging to Reach Clients’s answering service isn’t limited to phone calls. We use social media, live web chats, and text messages to connect with your clients so no matter how they reach out, you can always connect with a live, friendly agent. It’s especially important for businesses with Facebook pages, VoIP phones that have texting enabled, and websites that attract potential clients to allow clients more than one way to have their questions answered. Our multi-channel coverage makes it easier to scale sales communications under a single provider – no more messing with one vendor for chat, one vendor for texting, one vendor for Facebook Messenger, and one vender for calls. It’s all handled under one roof at offers worldwide receptionist services, 24/7.

Here are a selection of the top cities we serve. offers worldwide receptionist services, 24/7.

Here are a selection of the top cities we serve.

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FAQs – How can we help you?

How is this worth it?

Even our most expensive plan, the pro plan, is about $40,000 less than the yearly salary of an in-house receptionist, and we still have capabilities they likely don’t. But if you’re not considering a receptionist, you might not have considered the real cost of all your daily interruptions.

Give us a try and find out.

How does a free trial work?

You sign up, we onboard you, generate a phone number, and start sending your calls to our receptionists.

At the end of 14 days, or 20 calls — whichever comes first — we’ll recommend a plan based on how many calls you had during the trial and you can sign up to continue having your calls answered. No credit card info is required for the free trial.

What if I don't need 24-7 answering?

No problem. Just tell us what hours you want us to answer, and calls outside your set answering hours can go to a number you choose, or to voicemail. Or, if you're using something fancy like RingCentral, you can set up your forwarding to only forward during those hours.

The great thing about per-call pricing is that it doesn't matter if we answer calls for you 24/7 or 2 hours a day— the pricing is the same.

Do I need to build a script?

Nope. We’ll simply ask you a few questions about your business and how you would like your calls to be answered. Our receptionists will handle all your calls in an unscripted, natural manner.

How will receptionists handle my calls?

We customize call handling according to your business and the type of caller. After a personalized greeting, we can screen leads using your questions, take messages, book appointments on your calendar, or transfer calls to your line.

It’s no easy task running a business in Boston, from managing daily sales tasks and overseeing marketing projects to attending business conferences and networking events. You may not have the time to give your clients what they expect: friendly, fast responses to sales and service questions. Thankfully, is Boston’s premier receptionist answering service. Our experienced virtual receptionists provide memorable, personalized customer service to each of your callers, so that even after-hours, your business never stops running. Our staff works around the clock to build a better relationship with your existing clients by answering calls, addressing client questions, and scheduling appointments in a friendly, natural manner. Let’s answering service be there to assist your callers any time of day and represent the very best your company has to offer.

Our reliable 24/7 virtual receptionist services provide businesses across the local Boston area with high-quality, professional support, every hour of the day.’s virtual receptionists even capture and qualify potential clients by making outbound calls and converting website leads so that your business can keep growing. You decide how and when our receptionists can assist you and we handle the rest. Whether you’re a small business looking to provide quality answering services to your clients or an established agency hoping to discover and qualify new leads,’s virtual receptionists can help. Try a free 14-day/20-call trial today – no credit card information required!