New! Receptionists Can Now Send Follow-Up Texts & Emails to Your Callers


The #1 best time to touch base with new leads who call you is the moment they hang up the phone. And now you can, with’s Text & Email Follow-Up. While on the phone, or immediately after the call, our receptionists can send custom email and/or text messages to your callers. Just let us know who to send it to (qualified leads, current clients, etc.) and what you want it to say. From emailing your lead an intake form before an appointment to texting a loyal client a review request, can send follow-up messages encouraging responses from your callers.

How SMS & Email Follow-Up Benefits

Following up allows you to remain at the forefront of your lead’s mind and reinforce your relationship with them.

For example, say you had a great conversation with a new lead. They’re a perfect fit for your business and seem to be interested. All signs point to a sale. A follow-up message can help steer the lead in the right direction. Follow-up messages don’t just help lead conversions. Sending a follow-up message after a call means your business can benefit in 6 important ways:

1.  Win more clients

When a lead is considering other options, stand out by sending a follow-up message. If a lead isn’t ready to make a decision or book an appointment, sending a follow-up with the scheduling link lets them come to you on their schedule and provides another touch-point for the lead.

2. Boost marketing results

The best advertising strategy integrates different types and forms of media. Share links that take your audience to new videos, articles, or other content.

3. Improve client experience & build strong client relationships

Use follow-up messages to show you care about their experience and can anticipate their needs

For example, if a lead booked an appointment with you, sending them an email thanking them for scheduling time and sending them information on what to expect* shows your lead a few things:

  • Your business is responsive and open to communication
  • You use the communication platforms most convenient for them
  • You’re appreciative of their interest in your business and respect their time
  • You care about their experience and can anticipate their needs
    *note: We can’t send the individual appointment details.

4. Increase engagement with clients

Put on your consumer hat and approach from the buyer’s perspective. Create an engagement strategy that involves listening and researching as much as it does brand promotion. One example is to send a customer satisfaction survey. Consider asking a question to elicit a response and spark a conversation.

5. Engage with leads on their preferred communication channel

It’s no surprise that every person is different and has a preferred communication channel. By sending both email and SMS, you’re letting them reply in the way they are most comfortable with.

6. Provide an easy, low-pressure touchpoint as an alternative to phone calls

Telephobia (reluctance or fear of making phone calls) affects up to 76% of millennials and 40% of baby boomers. Open up the possibility to engage via non-verbal, low-pressure channels the lead or client may be more comfortable with.

Why send SMS & email follow-ups?

When it comes to following up after a call, the way you reach out can make all the difference. Sure, a simple phone call can work, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. And it’s not difficult to see why. Digital communication methods, like texting and emailing:

  • Allow real-time conversations to occur instantaneously
  • Empower people to respond when and how they want
  • Provide easy access to information and resources

To meet your callers where they are and start having conversations that drive real results, you will need to include multiple communication tactics to better match individual consumers’ needs.

Now, with the option to send SMS text messages & emails, you can provide custom messages that more adequately address your caller's needs.

For example, if a lead booked an appointment with you, sending them a text message thanking them for scheduling time with you and sending them directions to your office shows your lead a few things:

  1. Your business is responsive and open to communication
  2. You use the communication platforms most convenient for them
  3. You’re appreciative of their interest in your business and respect their time
  4. You care about their experience and can anticipate their needs

SMS and email follow-ups are the future of your business, so get with the times and start taking advantage of the technology available to you to communicate with your callers and serve your clients more effectively.

Examples Using SMS & Email Follow-Up

Send intake forms for new clients

After our receptionists have qualified the lead, we can book a consult appointment and immediately send an intake form. 

Thank you for calling [Company] and scheduling a consultation. As a reminder, your virtual appointment link will be emailed to you shortly.

Please fill out this intake form at least 24 hours before your appointment: [Link] If you neglect to fill out the intake form, your appointment will be canceled or rescheduled.

If you have any questions before your appointment, please call [Phone Number].

Send scheduling links

Not everyone is ready to book an appointment on the first call. Maybe they are still undecided on purchasing your products or services and still gathering information. They may need to consult with a business partner, spouse, or family member. Or maybe they simply don’t have their calendar in front of them.’s agents can gather their basic information and if the caller isn’t ready to book a meeting on a call, we can send a booking link with a brief friendly message after the call. This gives the caller breathing room to make a decision. It also shows that we are easy to work with and trustworthy (we followed through, and did what we said we would). You can create multiple messages for different appointment types, as well.

Thank you for calling [Company Name] today and considering us for your case. As I mentioned on the call, when you’re ready to book an appointment, you can do so here: [Link]

Ask for a positive online review

You’ve done the work and the client is happy. Now it’s time to ask for a positive online review or testimonial to help spread the word about your products and services! Set your business up for success down the line by leveraging current clients’ sentiment.

Pair this with an outbound call for the biggest impact. Our receptionists can educate customers on the importance of leaving online reviews and encourage them to leave positive reviews for your business.

Out-of-service-area referrals

For leads that are not inside your service area or practice area, we can call to make a recommendation to a referral partner. Not only does taking the extra effort to provide a referral create a positive customer experience that will be remembered, but you can also monetize “bad” leads by earning referral bonuses from partners.

Sending this information as a text or email ensures the caller gets the correct information.

As I mentioned on the call, we highly recommend [Partner Company]. They can be reached at [phone] and [email].

Send a link to a product demo or video.

Include a link to a relevant blog post, e-book, or video in your follow-up.

Thanks for your interest in [Product]. As I mentioned on the call, here is the youtube link to learn more: [Youtube Link]
We’re thrilled you reached out about handling your [Practice area] case. Read our latest ebook on [Case type topic] here: [link]

Set client expectations

Managing client expectations is the easiest way to keep them happy. Don’t promise things you can’t deliver on. Be honest and up-front.

Thanks for contacting [Company], it was a pleasure speaking with you! Our team is reviewing your new client request form. Due to high demand for our services, an intake specialist will be in touch with you within 24 hours. Thank you!

Send appointment Information (such as location)

Reduce no-shows or unprepared meetings that waste time. 

Thanks for booking an appointment. Our office can be challenging to find. Google Maps will take you to the front of the building, but the entrance is around the back. [Google Maps Link]

How much do follow-up messages by cost? 

Following up with leads doesn’t have to cost a fortune and with, it doesn’t have to. You can add text & email follow-up to your existing plan for as little as $0.50 per call. That’s cheaper than a candy bar. 

The value of your clients is a critical part of the conversation. You know how much a client is worth. Follow-up messages pay you back within a single lead conversion. That’s an investment that’s practically guaranteed to give you back more than you ever put in. 

Check out our virtual receptionists pricing for more details.

How to set up SMS & email follow-up messages

Looking to get started? Email us at with the subject line “Text/Email Follow-Up” and let us know your preferences by answering these simple questions (remember, you can customize up to 13 unique messages):

1. Where do you want to send the message?

  • SMS text message
  • Email
  • Both

2. When do you want us to send the message? 

3. Who do you want us to send the message to?

  • Leads
  • Qualified leads
  • Clients
  • All callers
  • Other

4. What do you want the follow-up message(s) to say?

  • What email address do you want responses to go to if you're sending emails?
  • What is the content and subject line of your email?
  • What is the content of your text message? (400 character limit)

5. Want to attach a file?

  • We can attach one file (.pdf only, 10 MB or smaller) to your text and/or email

That’s it! We’ll start following up with your callers as requested in a day or two. Want to test it out? Just call your number and ask our receptionist to send you the message. Remember, we never charge for test calls.

Why wait for leads to come to you when you go to them? Email to get started now.


  • How many follow-up messages can I configure for my account?
    While the ways to use follow-up messages are endless, we have a limit of 13 unique follow-up messages. 
  • Does the email message support branding?
    This feature isn’t meant to be a full-fledged email marketing tool. Instead, this feature is a low-cost, no-fuss follow-up tool. If you need automated follow-ups with fully branded emails, consider setting up a Zapier integration between and your email marketing tool.
  • Can I provide a subject line for email follow-ups?
    Yes. We recommend keeping the subject line short as mail providers display subject lines differently and it may be cut off if too long for a specific recipient’s provider. For example, Android displays the first 27 characters of the subject line on some phones. Consider putting the most important information at the front of the subject line. 
  • Can I pick a follow-up message to be used after one-off outbound calls?
    Yes! If you have follow-up enabled on your account, we can send a follow-up message after one-off outbound calls. Simply include which follow-up message to send in the outbound call request call instructions.
  • How can I get signed up for follow-up messages?
    Email us at with the subject line “Text/Email Follow-Up”, including written approval of your plan billing changes, and let us know your instructions for usage and wording by following this help doc
  • Can I attach files?
    Yes. Send us the file — 10 MB max file size, only one PDF file allowed — and we can include it in your email, text message, or both (this will reduce the character limit on your texts). The file shows as a link in SMS messages. 
  • What happens if a caller replies to an email or SMS follow-up message we send?
    Emails are set up with their preferred "reply-to" email address and texts go to their redirect number. That can be set to route to the chat team if you also have live-staffed chat.

Questions? Contact Us!

If you're already a client and need help with SMS & email follow-up, please email

If you're not yet a client, please schedule a free consultation to get started with our virtual receptionist services or email us at We'll help you select the best plan to match your firm’s growth goals and budget.

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