That Time I Inquired About Evoice Virtual Receptionist Pricing


We like to keep things simple at, and there is a reason for that. We believe that small businesses have enough to worry about without having to spend all their time setting up tools. That’s why our prices are clearly spelled out, and we weren’t afraid to directly compare ourselves to others. We think that being upfront helps you save money and time, which is exactly what our services aim to do.

A story of scary robots

One of our current pros, recently shared a story of his experience searching for a virtual receptionist service. A few years ago they realized their business needed help answering their calls and an online search led them to eVoice.

According to the pro,  after speaking with a sales representative (who continuously tried to sell more services than needed), they ended up receiving call answering by an automated receptionist that sounded like a robot circa 1976. Strange as it was, it was enough of a solution at the time to justify staying with them for two years.

Time for a change

While it served its purpose, our pro revealed that the virtual answering service offered by eVoice was almost a complete waste of time. "Sure," he said, "the call routing was nice, but callers were hanging up out of sheer dislike of the unfriendly robot. Our pro needed a real person and needed one fast." So he inquired about eVoice’s virtual receptionist pricing. Here is how that conversation went:

Pro: Hi, I want to know how much a virtual receptionist costs

eVoice Agent: May I have your account number, zip code … (and other related questions) … It is included.

Pro: I know it creates a greeting, but I would like a virtual receptionist. How much does that cost?

eVoice Agent: Oh, I will need to transfer you.

eVoice Agent 2: Tier 2 support how can I help you?

Pro: I would like pricing on a virtual receptionist?

eVoice Agent 2: It looks like you have a plan already. Do you want to add receptionist service? You have that already.

Pro: (Laughing) Nooo, I would like a real person to answer the phones. How much is that?

eVoice Agent 2: Oooh, it's $100

Pro: $100? Per what?

eVoice Agent 2: Yes, it is high because we staff real people to answer your calls.

Pro: Is that per call? Per month? How many calls or minutes do I get?

eVoice Agent 2: Ummm, let me transfer you.


Then the call was disconnected. I didn’t believe it at first, but our pro insisted it is what really happened.

Thank goodness there’s Smith!

Instead of calling them back to ask about their virtual receptionist pricing another time, Our pro called back and had their number forwarded to Now instead of hearing a scary robot, their callers will be greeted by friendly agents. They’ve also gained qualified leads from happy potential customers, instead of unclear voicemails that may or may not record the customer’s information clearly.

Although I feel sorry for what our pro had to go through when speaking with eVoice, I am glad they told us about it. It helps remind us exactly what our mission is about. We intend to make life easier for busy professionals, and delivering straightforward pricing is just the beginning. Want to know more? Check out our straight-forward pricing for virtual receptionists.

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Written by Jenn Marie

Jenn Marie is the founder of Jenn Marie Writing & Marketing, LLC, which provides content writing, blog posting, and social media management services.

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