Virtual Receptionists Never Rely on Scripts


Many live call answering services will rely on scripts when it comes to answering customer calls for their clients. While there is some benefit in the consistency of call handling procedures, utilizing scripts can often seem impersonal and robotic. Find out how we train our receptionists to not have to rely on these canned responses and provide a more personalized experience. is never “scripted”

At, we never rely on scripts. Here are some things we do to empower our virtual receptionists to make our calls better:

We learn about your business carefully

We are comprehensive when it comes to on-boarding a new business. Our team members learn details about your services, your clientele, hours of operation, and more. We take the time to outline and organize all the information we gather, so it's easy to access when a call comes in.

Because our receptionists are familiar with your business, as well as every new business we work with, it's easy to jump right into a call and represent a businesses armed with all the information we took during on-boarding.

This, of course, means on-boarding takes a longer than just a few minutes. We we require more than you filling in some online scripts when you sign up. But, this helps in the long run whenever your business needs more receptionists available to answer your calls.

We track client history

In addition to all your on-boarding information, our virtual receptionists also keep track of intelligent call notes and client history. When calls come in, our system allows us to see who is calling and what we've spoken to them about in the past. This creates a personalized experience that feels like one an in-house receptionist.

Our virtual receptionists are trained and capable, with backgrounds in customers service

Our virtual receptionists are native English speakers, all based in the United States. And because they have years of experience working in hospitality and customer service, they are already equipped with the skills to deliver great service. They’re all well-versed in business phone etiquette, norms, customs, and tone. However, we also hold regular workshops and trainings for receptionists to keep their phone skills sharp.

Not only are they fluent in English, but they also have the experience to know how to listen, how to respond, and to use their judgment, resulting in a much better experience. There's never that experience of your receptionist being "thrown off script."

Learn More About What Makes Different

At, taking time during the on-boarding process pays dividends when we start answering your calls. Each of our team members is knowledgeable about your business and are comfortable holding a smooth-flowing conversation with your callers. Learn more about our live answering services today by giving us a call at (650) 727-6484 Monday through Friday between 5am – 6pm PT, or email us at

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