Our Virtual Receptionists Can Handle Longer Calls


There are pros and cons to using a live answering service. One of the cons many business owners consider is handing off their customer service to an outside vendor. While many live answering services force you to pay per minute, Smith.ai does not limit you to a certain call time. Discover the benefits of our virtual receptionists and how we have the capabilities to handle your calls well – no matter how long they take.

Average Call Length For Other Live Answering Services

At Smith.ai, we only charge our clients based on the amount of calls our virtual receptionists answer each month. Other live answering services, however, charge by the minute. Of these, many round calls up to the next minute, (so you’ll end up paying for 2 minutes even if a call lasts 1:15). Because of this charging method, their virtual receptionists may be trained to take as little as possible to handle a call, which negatively affects the quality of customer service.

Here are the average call lengths of some other companies that charge by the minute:

  • Gabbyville has an average call length of about 1:00-1:50.
  • Ruby Receptionists has an average call length of 1:30.
  • Answer Connect has an average call length of 2-3 minutes.

We take as much time as needed for a customer call; our average call length is about 3-5 minutes. Why is the call length longer at Smith.ai? It’s because we deliver real receptionists, not just an answering service.

The Difference of a Virtual Receptionist From Smith.ai

Smith.ai is dedicated to providing a better quality of customer service. Part of that is providing longer calls based on the different services we perform. Here are five benefits of using virtual receptionists who do not charge by the minute.

We act as your in-house receptionist

Because our virtual receptionists aren’t limited to a certain call length, we can take our time answering calls. We can ask more questions to get to the root of a problem, just like an in-house receptionist would. And, because our receptionists have studied your business, their responses will be accurate and genuine, as opposed to a script that many other virtual receptionists rely on.

We get to know your clientele

Virtual receptionists at Smith.ai track customer calls. We see their call history, including past issues and notes, which can help us handle the current call. We can greet them in a familiar way, because we take the time to learn about them and their relationship with your business. If a call is limited to just one minute, this type of relationship-building can’t happen.

Your callers will never feel rushed

We’re not competing with the clock at Smith.ai. Instead of focusing on handling calls faster, we’re dedicated to delivering the highest quality of customer care. We’ll never rush your customers off the phone.

We are capable of handling complex calls

Our virtual receptionists have longer calls because we can handle a wide range of call types and complex calls. We’ll work with your callers through issues, and we’ll point them in the right direction for a solution. Whatever your callers need, we have the time and expertise to resolve questions or concerns. If we can’t solve their problem, we’ll take their message, contact you, and track their history to follow up if needed.

We acquire and nourish leads for you

In addition to solving customer issues, we’re also experienced in lead qualification. We’ll ask callers questions that will qualify them as a good lead. Then, we can get them to where you’d like them to go, like scheduling an appointment or joining a mailing list. This type of customer service benefits you far past other companies that limit themselves to 2 minutes per call.

Experience Smith.ai’s Quality Virtual Receptionists

At Smith.ai, we take our time to learn about your business so each call is handled with care and expertise. Contact us to learn more by calling (650) 727-6484 Monday through Friday between 5am – 6pm PT, or email us at support@smith.ai.

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Written by Angie Wilson

As a freelance content strategist, Angie Wilson has contributed a number of articles to Smith.ai.

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