Should You Buy a .Legal Domain?


Historically, there were a limited number of domains registered out there in the world of the Internet. Most people are familiar with the top choices used today:

  • .com
  • .org
  • .net
  • .co
  • .us

Even though the Internet didn’t become a household item until the 1990s, domains were being registered as far back as 1983. That means almost 40 years of domain names and extensions are out there. 

As the Internet grew, so did the need for more domain extensions that could allow companies and individuals to host websites. Enter popular industry suffixes such as the .legal domain option. But who is this domain for, and should you consider using it for your website? Here’s what you need to know.

What is the .legal domain?

 The .legal domain extension is part of the legal family of extensions available for lawyers, law firms, law schools, professional associations, and other legal entities. This can be a great extension because it can add value to your branding without having to do anything on your part. 

The .legal, .law, and .lawyer extensions were introduced in 2015 for the first time and they have a lot of staying power with the need for more extensions and recognition in those domains. They are considered top-level domains (TLDs) and they offer everything that comes with a standard domain extension, but with a much more customized listing. 

For example, instead of, your business can be and everyone will know that your business is within the legal field. While anyone can technically register on several different domains, the LEGAL extension is specifically for lawyers, law firms, and related organizations that are within the industry. 

Choosing a domain and registrar

When it comes to choosing a domain and registrar, it’s important to get to know the options and explore what’s out there. There are tons of providers today that offer hosting, domain registration, and other solutions. Lawyers and legal businesses should take the time to find reputable providers that offer affordable domains and registration options. 

It’s best if you can register for multiple years, as this will save you money and increase your credibility with Google and other search engines. Some tips here include:

  • Buy from established domain registrars only
  • Choose a creative, unique web address that fits your business
  • Check for other registered URLs with various extensions
  • Read the fine print and make sure that you understand the terms that you’re getting when you choose a registrar

When you take the time to invest in your legal business by choosing an appropriate website, you’ll give your branding the visibility boost that it deserves. 

Get creative and brainstorm ideas

This is a big one, and perhaps should be the first thing that anyone does when they’re in the market for a new website domain. With so many registered websites out there, it is time for companies to get creative and start thinking of unique ways they can build an online brand. That includes with the choice of the best URL and domain. 

If you are going to choose a .legal domain, you’ll want to make sure that you’re at least within the right industry. Setting up a website for your repair business, for example, will not be a good use of this one. However, lawyers and law firms will find that this could give them the visibility that they need without a lot of extra effort. 

Does this impact my organic search rankings?

In some cases, Google and other search engines may take into account that businesses have registered with an appropriate domain extension that’s relevant to their industry. This can help boost organic search rankings when it’s done right because it creates professional branding and ensures that people know exactly what they’re going to find. 

You cannot rely on your URL to help you increase your search rankings organically. While it may be a bonus of choosing to go this route, Google has its own algorithms in place that will determine search results. It’s always looking for an exact match URL, but it’s also looking for reputable law firms that have the resources that people need. 

That may or may not be discernible from the creation of a URL. 

What else should I know?

Take the time to do your homework. As mentioned, the .legal domain extension is a great choice for law firms and lawyers, but it will not be the one thing that impacts your visibility, search rankings, or anything else. It’s simply a better way to list your website and can give you access to URLs that you may not be able to get with .com or other extensions. 

Choosing the right URL for your law firm or legal website includes choosing the best extension, which is why we’ve taken the time to provide all those details here. Building a website these days is a fully-involved process that starts with choosing a URL and domain registrar and continues through ongoing development and future website expansion. Doing it correctly will make your business that much more successful. 

Once your URL is up, are you ready for the leads?

Now that you’ve chosen a reliable URL and have worked to increase your brand visibility, you’re going to see an influx of leads if you’ve done your job well. Therefore, you’ll need to make sure that you have the systems in place to manage these leads, starting with a 24/7 answering service. When you choose to partner with the virtual receptionists at, you’ll get that along with assistance for lead intake, appointment scheduling, live website chat, and even the outreach campaigns that generate the leads in the first place. 

Plus, we’ll help you craft the perfect strategy to manage it all, no matter what you have in mind, and we’ll work with you to ensure that it all falls perfectly into place. To learn more, schedule a consultation to discuss what the virtual receptionists at can do for your business, or reach out to us at

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Written by Samir Sampat

Samir Sampat is a Marketing Manager with He has experience working with businesses of all sizes focusing on marketing, communications, and business development.

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