How to use ValueSelling Framework® to Improve Sales Team Performance


The ValueSelling Framework® is a proven formula to help accelerate the results of any sales team. Value-based selling allows outreach teams to improve forecasting accuracy, sales coaching, and increase productivity. Despite the interconnectivity of the world around us, sales organizations are struggling to find their way. 82% of customers are asking for value tools that organizations don’t have, which means it’s time to step up the game. Value selling addresses a lot of this. 

What is value-based selling?

Focusing on sales pitches and products doesn’t work anymore. We know that. What is still up for debate is the best way to reach customers. Value-based selling is a simple option that focuses on making sure that you express the value provided to the customer by the solution that you offer. The ultimate focus is on the customer needs, allowing them to make a decision based on what the potential value is for them. 

This allows companies to differentiate between the unique needs of different customers. It also helps you more effectively choose your target markets. The idea is to take the time to learn about the needs and pain points of your prospects so that you can express how your product delivers on all that they need. 

When used effectively, value-based selling is one of the most effective methods used for customer relationship management. The natural tendency is to focus on the customer experience, which improves customer relationships and establishes trust from the beginning. 

The ValueSelling Framework®

The formal ValueSelling Framework® program is a proven formula and process to manage conversations and develop an understanding of how buyers can gain value from your product or service. It’s a conversational framework that focuses on repeatable steps that can easily be worked into any sales routine. It is also the only methodology that has a toolset that integrates through the entire sales cycle, saving time, resources, and effort for everyone involved. 

The ValueSelling Framework® allows you to:

  • Qualify prospects quickly and easily
  • Eliminate the “no decision” cycle 
  • Prepare for sales calls and interactions more effectively
  • Ask the right questions in the right order
  • Build insightful profiles for prospects and customers 
  • Differentiate products and services and their capabilities 

This leads to increased revenues, reduced or eliminated discounting, and growth in deal sizes because you are getting to the root of the issue and delivering solutions, not selling products or services. This also makes it easy to access decision makers and increase the accuracy of forecasts, along with helping you close bigger deals faster. 

Everyone in the organization can benefit from the ValueSelling Framework®, including:

  • Sales teams
  • Marketing
  • Leadership
  • Management

Plus, the program includes training for all levels of employees, making sure that everyone is on board. 

The benefits of the ValueSelling Framework®

All departments are essential in the acquisition of new customers. However, sales teams and marketers will find that this framework helps them learn how to engage, qualify, and advance leads through the sales cycle. It’s all about asking value-focused questions and using prospecting to target more focused audiences. 

This sales methodology also allows you to increase revenues by targeting new accounts and new product needs with existing accounts. It provides marketing with the tools to deliver high-value messaging and engage C-suite decision-makers within an organization. 

This framework will create value propositions that help you differentiate yourself from the competition and create a need for whatever products and/or services that you offer. The training program is designed to educate sales teams on all aspects of the framework, as well as to make persuasive presentations and negotiate with clients to keep deals moving along the pipeline. 

The ValueSelling program 

The ValueSelling Framework® includes everything sales teams need in terms of training, including courses on:

  • The ValueSelling Framework®
  • Vortex Prospecting
  • ValueSelling Account Planning
  • Marketing
  • C-Suite Conversations
  • Negotiations
  • Coaching the ValueSelling Framework® for Managers
  • Custom Training 
  • Train the Trainer Certifications 
  • ValueSelling@Work
  • Vortex@Work
  • eValuePrompter
  • Executive Speak
  • eValueSelling Fundamentals 
  • and more

The training courses all come with full support and all of the tools and resources that you need to succeed, making it easy for sales teams to get started and embrace this new methodology. You can schedule a free consultation to discuss the training that your team needs. 

How it works

The ValueSelling Framework® is a custom, proprietary training system that is available through live training, online courses, and videos that are offered in more than 16 languages. The programs are all hands-on and activity-based to ensure that everyone can apply the hands-on skills that they acquire while learning this system. The system is only available through, the authorized provider of this selling methodology. 

You can build your own value selling framework by focusing on things like:

  • Highlight your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)
  • Don’t rush the sale 
  • Focus on quality, not quantity
  • Know your products and services
  • Research your prospects 
  • Be a consultant, not a salesperson
  • Bring value to interactions

ValueSelling is not something that you will learn overnight. It takes time and focus. However, when you do commit to the formal training program for this sales methodology, you will gain several benefits for your organization and your sales team alike, including the ability to close more deals and target better markets more effectively. 

With new tools come new leads—are you ready?

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