Get a Dedicated Spanish Line FREE for 1 Month with Virtual Receptionist Plans — Ends Apr. 30, 2021


Do you need calls answered in English and Spanish routinely? At, we now offer Dedicated Spanish Lines for bilingual businesses to ensure your leads and clients receive the most attentive, personalized service when they call in.

This simple add-on means you no longer have to wait for a Spanish-speaking receptionist to call your lead or client back if one is not immediately available when they call. Instead, we will set up a dedicated phone line answered only by Spanish-speaking receptionists.

Our friendly bilingual agents can answer basic business questions, pre-screen and schedule new leads, and complete intake forms for potential clients, so you can hand off yet another set of tasks to

Now through April 30, 2021, we're offering one month of this service for free. Act now to add a Dedicated Spanish Line to any Virtual Receptionist plan with no risk, for an added value of $.75/call, at zero cost to you!

So, what's the free offer?

We're so convinced that adding dedicated Spanish-speaking receptionists will have a significant impact on your business growth and client experience that we're offering one month for free with every Virtual Receptionist plan, now through April 30, 2021.

That's an added value of $.75/call, now yours risk-free with no obligation to continue if you're not totally satisfied. Whether you receive 30 calls per month or 3,000, this offer stands. Just multiply $.75 by your call volume in a typical month to calculate your savings!

For example...

  • If you have a 60-call plan, the discount would be $45 for your free month.

After the first month, we're confident you'll be hooked after seeing the lift in conversion rates from Spanish-speaking leads to new clients. If you're not thrilled with the new feature, just ask us to remove it, and we'll take it off your next month's bill. It's as simply as that, and totally risk-free.

Get started today with a free 30-minute sales consultation and a sales executive will explore with you how we can best put a Dedicated Spanish Line to work for your business. Or, email us at to ask questions or learn more.

Do existing clients qualify for this offer, too? Yes!

Everyone with a new or existing Virtual Receptionist plan who hasn't yet tried a Dedicated Spanish Line is eligible.

Note: If you're already an existing client and looking to try this dedicated line for the first time, there's no need to click the button above. Simply email and we'll get your account set up with this add-on.

Does it make a big difference to have bilingual receptionists?

Yes! Watch our most recent client testimonial video to hear what client Emily Amara Gordon has to say about the impact's bilingual receptionists have had on her law firm, Amara Law, LLC.

With staffing your phone lines in English and Spanish, you can carry out your company promise more effectively. Never again settle for an answering and intake service that staffs its front lines with only English speakers. If your business works with clients and customers who speak English and Spanish, and if you and your staff are often working in English and Spanish, then so should your receptionist service, too. The best receptionist services deliver an experience for your callers that is the closest possible approximation to "in-house" staff. No one should be able to tell you're using as your secret weapon for far-more affordable, sustainable growth!

When callers are screened, pre-qualified, and scheduled for you in English and Spanish, you and your staff also save time, no longer having to call back every Spanish-speaking lead. Don't make them wait for a call back and risk delivering a different level of service and responsiveness to them than your English-speaking callers.

Let us make every client feel seen and heard, and deliver the same exceptional caller experience every time, on behalf of your business.

New to Here's what we offer with Virtual Receptionist plans. virtual receptionist plans include:

  • 24/7 North America-based professional receptionists
  • Warm transfers & detailed messages
  • Screening & intake*
  • Outbound call-backs (to follow up with your web form leads, for example)
  • Payment collection*
  • Follow-up email & SMS after calls*
  • 1 Free CRM integration to software like Clio, Lawmatics, Salesforce, HubSpot, Zapier, and more
  • Custom greetings and workflows, based on your preferences
  • Instant call summaries by email, text & chat app (Slack & Teams)
  • Much more

Check out the full list of features and add-on options for Virtual Receptionists.

*These are optional; add-ons may incur extra fees. See the our pricing page for details.

Amplify your client experience today, in English & Spanish.

Dedicated Spanish-speaking receptionists are just one of the many enhancements to our service plans that we provide, in addition to those other features listed above, as a cutting-edge, tech-enabled virtual receptionist service. Don't settle for less with another receptionist service, intake service, virtual assistant, or call center.

And stop analyzing why your marketing campaigns are underperforming. It's fixable without more advertising spend! Just adopt the forward-thinking solutions thriving businesses use to boost ROI, like bringing Spanish-speaking agents to the frontlines so no new lead feels uncomfortable when first contacting your business.

Until April 30, 2021, get one free month of a Dedicated Spanish line, added to any virtual receptionist plan. Click below to talk to a sales executive and take advantage of this limited-time offer today!

Curious how it works? Read on.

We first released our Dedicated Spanish Line in December 2020, after providing bilingual services for years, but not offering a single dedicated phone line for calls known to be from Spanish-speaking leads and clients. Occasionally, when one of our English-speaking receptionists would answer a call from a Spanish speaker, we would make a call back to them from a Spanish-speaking receptionist, as soon as one was available, typically in a few minutes. But we know that any waiting around hurts the lead and client experience, so Dedicated Spanish Lines were developed to address the need for immediate, 24/7 bilingual responsiveness.

Here's how it works

When you sign up to have all your calls answered by a bilingual receptionist, we will give you an entirely new line for your virtual receptionist account. If you don’t have a virtual receptionists account yet, we can get you set up and provide you with a dedicated Spanish line for you to forward calls to immediately.

We'll automatically route anyone who calls the phone number for your Spanish line to a bilingual receptionist. Whether your caller prefers English or Spanish, our receptionist will handle the call in the way you've instructed — taking messages, making transfers, asking qualifying questions, scheduling consultations etc.

After the call, the receptionist will take notes in English and you will receive them by email and SMS — the same as any other call. We’ll make a note of the language the caller preferred, so you have the right information to handle the relationship properly going forward.

Want more information on setting up a phone tree, tracking Spanish language calls, and an example scenario for using the Dedicated Spanish Line? Read the original blog post announcement!

Questions? We've got answers!

Can I keep my current number in addition to my new bilingual number?

Yes! You can keep both numbers on the same account. This will help you avoid having to set up new forwarding from your old line.

What happens if someone who only speaks English calls this line?

Not to worry. Our bilingual agents are fully fluent in English, so they can handle calls in English and Spanish.

What happens if someone who only speaks Spanish calls my other line and doesn't get a bilingual receptionist?

Easy. We will transfer the caller to your Spanish line.

How will I know that the person who called preferred Spanish over English?

We’ll make a note if your caller preferred speaking in Spanish in your call summary. All call summaries will still be in English.

Is my Dedicated Spanish Line available 24/7?

Yes. Our bilingual agents are online 24/7 and regularly taking calls. In the very rare instance that there is not a bilingual agent available on your Spanish Line, the call will still be answered live by one of our receptionists.

Talk to us about the Spanish language needs for your business.

Book a free 15-minute sales consultation or email us at to learn how's 24/7 virtual receptionists can help you achieve your business goals by phone, chat, text, and more.

Note: This offer only applies to first-time users of the feature add-on "Dedicated Spanish Line". This feature is only available on Virtual Receptionist plans. You must start or have an active Virtual Receptionist plan in good standing on or before April 30, 2021, to qualify. The value of this feature add-on is $.75/call, and the one month free offer provides a discount only on the plan price of the add-on, and not to overage. Meaning, if you have a 60-call plan, and use the feature add-on for every call, but incur 8 calls as overage, the $6 add-on overage cost is not covered by this discount; what's covered is only the $45 add-on cost to that month's plan. If you wish to discontinue use of the add-on during or after your free one-month period, you must notify us at within 7 days prior to the end of your billing cycle, as by default, this add-on will remain on your month-to-month plan and will incur a charge to you after the free one-month offer period has expired. This offer may not be combined with any promo codes or promotions.

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Written by Maddy Martin
Maddy Martin is's SVP of Growth. Over the last 15 years, Maddy has built her expertise and reputation in small-business communications, lead conversion, email marketing, partnerships, and SEO.

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