Get 1 Month of Free Email & SMS Follow-Up With Virtual Receptionist Plans — Ends Feb. 28, 2021

Maddy Martin

At, our 24/7 virtual receptionists do much more than answer calls. We also nurture leads and boost conversion rates with post-call follow-ups by email and text!

One of the best ways to convert a new lead into a client is with an email and/or text after the initial call.

This follow-up message can include content like:

  • A link to book a consultation with a "thank you for considering us" message
  • Tips for a successful consultation if one was already booked by the receptionist
  • A reminder to keep in touch if the lead decides to not pursue work with you
  • A review request if the caller was an existing happy client

For a specific example, imagine this sequence of events following a call from a new lead who booked a consultation with one of our receptionists...

  • The receptionist texts your intake form to that lead.
  • Your newly booked lead completes the form immediately after the initial receptionist call.
  • You and your new potential client are well prepared for a productive consultation, and you know they've already put in the work to complete the form, making it a slam-dunk to close them as a new client.

In the past, you'd have chased them to complete the form, you'd have experienced a higher percentage of no-shows to the consultation, and you'd have spent more time re-explaining what you do to the potential client, with little time left to actually provide a meaningful and effective consultation. Much of that is now solved, with a great deal of time saved.

So, what's the free offer?

We're so convinced that email and text follow-ups will have a significant impact on your business growth that we're offering one month of free email & text follow-up messages with every Virtual Receptionist plan, now through February 28, 2021.

That's an added value of $.50/call, now yours for free! Whether you need coverage for 10 calls per month or 10,000, this offer stands. Just multiply $.50 by your call volume in month to calculate your savings!

For example...

  • If you have a 50-call plan, the discount would be $25.

After the first month, we're confident you'll be hooked after seeing the lift in conversion rates. If you're not thrilled with the new add-on feature, just cancel and we'll remove it from your next month's bill. It's as simply as that, and totally risk-free.

Get started today with a free 15-minute sales consultation and a sales executive will explore with you how we can best put email and text follow-ups to work for your business. Or, email us at to ask questions or learn more.

Do existing clients qualify for this offer, too? Yes!

Everyone with a new or existing Virtual Receptionist plan who hasn't yet tried our exceptional email/SMS service is eligible (Note: If you're already an existing client and looking to try email and text follow-ups for the first time, there's no need to click the button above; simply email and we'll get your account set up with this add-on.)

customer reviews

With staffing your phone lines and following up with instant post-call emails and texts to your new leads, you can carry forward the momentum and excitement of that call for your leads.

Callers are screened and pre-qualified for you, and then once leads are qualified, our receptionists can schedule those good leads directly on your calendar.

If they don't commit to an appointment, our receptionists can text them your online calendaring link.

Or, if they do schedule, we can text them the intake form link or tips for having a great consultation with you, and important details about how you work, that they can review ahead of the consultation.

All you need to do is show up ready for the consultation and convert them to new clients. Voilà. It really is that easy.

New to Here's what we offer with Virtual Receptionist plans. virtual receptionist plans include:

  • 24/7 North America-based professional receptionists
  • Warm transfers & detailed messages
  • Screening & intake*
  • Outbound call-backs (to follow up with your web form leads, for example)
  • Payment collection*
  • Bilingual support (English & Spanish)
  • 1 Free CRM integration to software like Clio, Lawmatics, Salesforce, HubSpot, Zapier, and more
  • Custom greetings and workflows, based on your preferences
  • Instant call summaries by email, text & chat app (Slack & Teams)
  • Much more

Check out the full list of features and add-on options for Virtual Receptionists.

*These are optional; add-ons may incur extra fees. See the our pricing page for details.

Amplify your new business growth today.

Email and SMS follow-up messages are just one of the many enhancements we provide, in addition to those services listed above, as a cutting-edge, tech-enabled virtual receptionist service. Don't settle for less with another receptionist service or call center.

And stop analyzing why your marketing campaigns are underperforming. It's fixable without more advertising spend! Just adopt the forward-thinking solutions thriving businesses use to boost ROI, like text and email follow-ups.

Until February 28, 2021, get one month free of email and/or SMS follow-up messages added to any virtual receptionist plan. Click below to talk to a sales executive and take advantage of this limited-time offer today.

Curious how it works? Read on.

Once you've got our email & SMS feature enabled on your account, getting messages sent out after our receptionist calls is easy. Just email us at with the subject line “Text/Email Follow-Up” and include the following details:

1. Which do you want to send?
  • SMS text message
  • Email
  • Both
2. If you’re sending emails, what email address do you want responses to go to?
3. Who do you want us to send it to?
4. What do you want the follow-up message(s) to say?
  • What is the content and subject line of your email?
  • What is the content of your text message? (400 character limit)
5. Want to attach a file?
  • We can attach one file (.pdf only, 10 MB or smaller) to your text and/or email

That’s it! We’ll start following up with your callers as requested in a day or two. Want to test it out? Just call your number and ask our receptionist to send you the message (note: we never charge for test calls).

Questions? Talk to us!

Book a free 15-minute sales consultation or email us at to learn how's 24/7 virtual receptionists can help you achieve your business goals by phone, chat, text, and more.

Note: This offer only applies to first-time users of the feature add-on "Email and SMS Follow-Up". This feature is only available on Virtual Receptionist plans. You must start or have an active Virtual Receptionist plan in good standing on or before February 28, 2021, to qualify. The value of this feature add-on is $.50/call, and the one month free offer provides a discount only on the plan price of the add-on, and not to overage. Meaning, if you have a 50-call plan, and use the feature add-on for every call, but incur 10 calls overage, the $5 add-on overage cost is not covered by this discount; what's covered is only the $25 add-on cost to that month's plan. If you wish to discontinue use of the add-on during or after your free one-month period, you must notify us at within 7 days prior to the end of your billing cycle, as by default, this add-on will remain on your month-to-month plan and will incur a charge to you after the free one-month offer period has expired. This offer may not be combined with any promo codes or promotions.

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Maddy Martin

Maddy Martin is's VP of Marketing. Over the last 15 years, Maddy has built her expertise and reputation in small-business communications, lead conversion, email marketing, partnerships, and SEO.

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