March 25, 2019

VIDEO: Generate & Capture Web Leads: How to Attract, Filter & Convert The Best Potential Clients for Your Law Firm

This webinar video with AttorneySync’s Kelly Street and’s Maddy Martin is for attorneys looking to improve their marketing results. If you made it to the live presentation of this webinar, thank you and we were happy to have had you there! If you weren't able to join or you want to rewatch it, here's the recording: 

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Webinar recap:

Why should small law firms improve their marketing and client intake processes?

According to the 2018 and 2019 Clio legal trends report, attorneys spend 1.9 hours on billable work per day. 2 of the remaining hours are spent on business development; this means the average small firm attorney spends 25% of their 8 hour day on getting new clients.

What are attorneys aiming for?

Well, more time. But specifically, more time to spend on billable work, affordable technology you can use to create this time, and the right amount of control.

More clients, which is where marketing and intake comes in.

Part 1: How Online Marketing Works

In part 1 of the webinar, Kelly gives real-life marketing tips that you can do yourself, or suggest to your marketer. She covers:

  • SEO: Technical, link building, content creation, and reviews
  • Paid search advertising
  • Google My Business
  • Online reviews
  • Social media and reputation building
  • Targeting quality traffic and leads
  • Marketing performance analysis

She explains not only why you need to spend time and energy on all of these marketing tactics, but how to get started with simple projects and low-hanging fruit.

Part 2: Filter and Convert Online Leads

In part 2 of the webinar, Maddy discusses how to take the leads you will have generated from your marketing tactics and turn them into clients (or otherwise filter them to your benefit.) She covers:

  • Identifying your ideal client
  • Effective response management
  • Improving the client experience
  • Outsourcing to live receptionists
  • Capturing/filtering leads faster with website chat
  • Integrating your schedule, payments, and CRM
  • Monetizing “bad” leads
  • Lead nurturing and follow-up
  • Measuring performance

She goes through the details of setting up a really good process to make the most of a law firm’s marketing efforts.


What you need is a process, a budget, and a timeframe. How are you going to set yourself up for success before you turn the faucet on? Make sure you prioritize your goals and set timeframes accordingly. And good luck!

About Maddy Martin

Maddy Martin is the head of growth and education for She has spent the last decade growing tech startups from New York to California, and has expertise in digital marketing, small business communications, lead conversion, email marketing, SEO, content marketing, social media, comarketing, and event marketing. Maddy can be reached at

About Kelly Street

Kelly Street is the Marketing Director at AttorneySync, a digital marketing agency exclusively for small and medium sized law firms. Kelly has spent her life working within small businesses, from the age of 4 with her family until now, helping lawyers understand how to grow their firms with digital marketing. You can hear her as co-host of both the Clienting and Lunch Hour Legal Marketing podcasts. She can be reached at

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