Don’t Let Google Voice Represent Your Business

Jenn Marie

When it comes to business, everyone understands the value of Google. Through its powerful search engine, companies of all sizes can effortlessly gain new customers. Google is an innovator for tools that support and build enterprises — and with Google Voice they introduced phone number portability to an increasingly mobile world. However, their voicemail and phone management service leaves a little to be desired.

Below are some reasons why you shouldn’t use Google Voice to represent your business.

Irrelevant Features

In 2009, when Google Voice was first introduced, it offered features that significantly benefited small businesses. Not only did these features make it easier to get work done, they were also cost-effective. Since then, newer technologies began to dwarf the once-innovative Google Voice. Standard services offered by Skype, smartphone operating systems like iOS and Android, and of course,, provide the same features plus many others.  The integration of Google Voice’s once-revolutionary offerings into other applications has made the service almost obsolete.

Some of these features include:

  • Free US calling
  • Cheap international calling
  • Incoming call routing
  • Conference calling
  • Shared voicemail

Combine the loss of exclusivity with the declining use of voice calls due to text messaging and it is no surprise that businesses wonder whether Google Voice is even necessary. For a longer discussion on the relevance of Google Voice, read this ZDNet article.  

Voicemail that Misses the Mark

While many of the features offered by Google Voice are no longer relevant, their voicemail transcription service is still loved by many. Voicemail transcription makes it easy to read messages instead of listening to them, saving many business valuable time.

While Google Voice offers voicemail transcription for free, even that might not make it worth it. Their machine-transcribed service often misinterprets words, and misses the context, with hilarious results. (Comedian Paul F. Tompkins even had a series of shows where he would entertain the audience by reading awful Google Voice transcriptions on stage as his introductory act.) Messages get lost in translation, and as a Seattle executive shared in this Wall Street Journal article, a simple Google Voice message from your tailor might get transcribed into a drug deal. Even harmless messages, such as the robot-transcribed voicemail below, should make you reconsider trusting your voicemails to Google.

“Good Morning. This is an idea. I'm really sorry. But I would love the left side of me. 5. Let me say my kind of that and i call you up as soon as possible at because I need another person told me, for. If you wanted to be in the hall of the week. But I call you a game, enthused. Or, you'll. We today. I'm really mad. These week okay if you could call me anything, My cellphone is 6 saving the link below. 1679. Thank you so much and I'm through you so early. But I really need to away for the thank you bye.”

This message is not even the slightest bit useful. Had this voicemail been transcribed by a virtual receptionist, it would have made more sense.

All the Features you Want, Plus a Real Receptionist

When you need a phone management system for your business, Google Voice should not be your first choice. Although it is a cost-effective solution, many of its features can be found elsewhere for a moderate fee or at no cost. Even its most popular feature, voicemail transcription, does not compare to what the human receptionists at can do.

Just like Google Voice, offers:

We also offer:

  • Professionally recorded voicemail greetings
  • Human –transcribed voicemail transcriptions

Do you think voice messaging no longer matters? Even with the popularity of the text messaging, people still want to hear a human voice on the other end of the line. Technology and innovation are great, but real human interaction is what build brands, and brands build businesses.

If your business could use a real person answering the phone, as well as intelligent human voicemail transcription, is the smart choice.

Jenn Marie

I began my writing and marketing career in 1993 for Taw Caw Little League, a community organization managed by my father at the time. At a young age, I learned the importance of well-written brochures, newsletters, and programs as well as the many challenges of running a fundraising concession stand.

But the unlimited supply of candy made it all worthwhile.

My childhood exposure to community development grew into an adult love of community service. As a young adult, I spent multiple years involved in full time community service through both Xavier University’s United Way Service Fellows program and National AIDS Fund AmeriCorps. During these times, I worked with young children and teens as an educator on literacy, sexual health, and HIV prevention.Helping others through communication was quickly becoming my passion.

Although active on the Internet since 1997, I first began working online in 2002 for Dell Computers. I was responsible for teaching people how to shop online, and it was a job I took very seriously.Upon graduation, I was hired by Microsoft, at the dawn of the Software as a Service (SaaS) and cloud computing boom. I completed three Microsoft certifications within a few months, vastly increasing my technical aptitude and sales skills.In 2010, I began leveraging the internet for projects that combined my journalism, customer service, and sales background. During that time, I completed writing projects for  a variety of internet marketing firms as well as established websites such as and Groupon.  I also worked part-time for as a virtual customer service agent.I’d built a career off of the internet, and was now ready to build my own business.I left Amazon in 2014 to build my business full time. A few months later, I founded Jenn Marie Writing & Marketing, LLC  with a team of four freelancers. Since then, we have scaled up and down to meet client demand for  content writing, blog posting, and social media management services.

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