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Maria Jonsson has built her firm around personalized support. As the owner of the Law Offices of Maria N, Jonsson, PC, a firm specializing in estate planning, probate, and trust administration, Maria understands the importance of customer service and takes pride in the client communication they provide. This was the driving factor in her partnership with She knows that all incoming calls are answered by live agents around the clock, and call summaries are immediately delivered via email, allowing her or her staff to connect with callers with no delay. The integrations between and her software (practice management, business texting, calendaring, and Zoom meetings) are the center of the firm’s efficiency and responsiveness to callers and the main reason she has been a happy client for over 3 years.

Meet Maria

About the Law Offices of Maria N. Jonsson, PC

The Law Offices of Maria N. Jonsson, PC is very unique. Maria’s business model is set up to play off of all her personal experiences. It is conducted from the point of view of a woman who has been a client of law firms, from the perspective of support staff from when she was assisting attorneys as a paralegal, and from the point of view of a female business owner. Bringing all these unique experiences to the forefront, along with her education, was very important to Maria and helps when she and her staff are interacting with clients. Maria set up her firm with a huge emphasis on client care, patience, and compassion, making clients feel welcome and understood, and explaining all legal concepts in a very approachable, understandable, and simple way, so there is no feeling of disconnect between the lawyer and the client. 

Maria’s unique way of doing business is definitely keeping her clients happy. So happy that she takes pride in the most genuine recognition one can hope for, her five-star  reviews on platforms such as Google, Yelp, Avvo, Netxdoor, and more. In addition, a large portion of new clients come from word of mouth referrals from existing clients, which is another testament to their focus on client care. 

Another factor that sets the Law Offices of Maria N. Jonsson, PC apart from its competitors is its investment in technology and integrations between the various software platforms they use. This makes the process of communicating with clients much more efficient, readily available, user-friendly and thus making her firm easily approachable to potential new clients and is exactly why Maria and her team love working with virtual receptionist services. 

If you are in the Marina Del Rey, Venice, or surrounding areas in California, you can give them a call at 424-383-8445 or request a virtual consultation.

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About Maria Jonsson

Maria has a fascinating story. She is an immigrant from Eastern Europe and spent 10 years going through the immigration process. During this time, she was a client of an immigration law firm in Los Angeles and learned a lot about the law, while gaining first-hand experience dealing with attorneys and paralegals. This prompted her to go to paralegal school, then later law school, before working at a law firm for 11 years. Before her legal career blossomed, Maria got her start in economics and international business, which helped motivate her to start her own practice in 2014. 

Although she lives in California, Maria absolutely loves the unparalleled energy of New York City. That may be why it is her favorite place to visit. When not practicing law, you can find Maria taking on zen activities like meditating and expressing daily gratitude. But nothing can stop her from creating priceless memories with her friends and family.

Maria’s favorite movie is about an immigrant that rises to the top at all costs, which came with the steep price of losing everything that was most valuable to him – his sister, mother, and best friend, and ultimately - led to his own tragic demise. Have you guessed the movie? Well, it’s Scarface! Maria loves that it teaches that ethics and integrity in everything we do are paramount, and reputation and respect are the true marks of success. 

Finally, the best piece of business advice Maria can give is to listen and empathize. Try to put yourself in the shoes of the person in front of you so you can understand what they are going through. 

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Maria Jonsson

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