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Say hello to Aaron Winston, a proud Texan and the Strategy Director at Express Legal Funding! Since March 2021, we’ve been helping Aaron with outbound calling, inbound call handling, and live website chat even though he initially came to us only needing help with his outbound calling. 

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About Express Legal Funding

Express Legal Funding provides pre-settlement funding and loans, which private market portfolios categorize as alternative investments. So you can say that makes the financial products they provide unique. Since lawsuits take time, they are a great way to advance the cash you need now. If you are in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas, check out Express Legal Funding to see what types of cases they handle and how to apply. 

Express Legal Funding is a consumer advocate, and helps them in their efforts to expand their direct-to-consumer marketing approach to more people in more places. Aaron can confidently say that Express Legal Funding is "the dark horse of the legal funding industry."

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About Aaron Winston

Now let’s get to know Aaron a little better. 

His favorite movie is definitely a classic. "Gladiator," starring Russell Crowe. Can’t fight him on that answer!

In his free time, Aaron enjoys learning about and developing new areas of skills and expertise. One of his main interests is contemporary art. Aaron loves to follow emerging artists and enjoys attending art fairs and exhibitions. It’s all about making new connections and learning about new up-and-coming artists and trends. One way he accomplishes this is through his travels. Aaron surprisingly doesn’t have a favorite destination. He prefers for his vacations to be in countries that allow him to learn about the cultures, beliefs, and worldviews of the people who live there. Aaron is fascinated by how people in one country halfway across the world often speak about a concept that mirrors one very similar to ours. He loves the totally unique perspective of speaking to people within a country and hearing how they describe their daily lives, society, and economy. 

Aaron’s role model and mentor is his dad. Not only did he build a company from the ground up, but he also taught Aaron to work hard, not to take his position in life for granted, keep calm under uncertainty, and learn from others’ mistakes, among many other concepts. Aaron used what his dad taught him and incorporated it into his entrepreneurial subconscious. It helped foster the growth of Aaron’s financial perspective and outlook.

Aaron’s best piece of business advice? He says, “hubris and pride can ruin a great company.” Amen!

You can read Aaron's advice to businesses on SEO in his blog post here.

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aaron winston of express legal funding

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