5 Ways to be a Better Real Estate Developer with Virtual Receptionists


As successful real estate developer, many different elements need to concurrently run smoothly for projects to stay on track and within budget. The various parties and entities in any given deal likely contact you on a regular basis but this is distracting as it often requires shifting your attention from another pertinent matter. Virtual receptionists from Smith.ai field your calls so you can handle processes the way you see fit.

Days are busy between meeting with investors, obtaining permits, and finding contractors with the aptitude to develop you or your client’s vision. If you’re inefficient, deadlines are missed, or meetings get lost in the shuffle, confidence in your business’s abilities may dwindle.

Read on to discover five ways of many ways the virtual receptionist service from Smith.ai can help you be more productive as a real estate developer.

1. Schedule your appointments and directly transfer VIP callers

As an entrepreneur in real estate, successfully completing projects means negotiating deals with several parties just to get a project off the ground. Bringing something to life, requires staying organized by getting the pieces into place and carefully analyzing everything as mistakes can be incredibly costly. Not only can we schedule appointments for you with clients or entities you specify, we can modify who can contact you by directly transferring certain callers. When you’re ready to move to your next phase in development, we can tweak this list as well as be more liberal with who we put in your books.

2. Collect contractor information

You might have reliable contractors who consistently work on all your projects or you may get quotes from a variety of professionals who work in your area. We can field this calls for you and collect information in a manner you specify, such as obtaining total estimated costs, licensing information, and details about value add-ons from contractors. This information is emailed to you in a call summary or we can plug it into the CRM system used by your business.

3. Inform prospective partners about your capabilities

At some point, people will attempt to contact your after name comes up in some discussion. You may be open to developing just about anything but most often, real estate developers prefer to stick to a specific locale or only develop for certain industries. For example, if you prefer to rehabilitate old neighborhoods in college towns for grad student houses, you may not want to take part in building a new shopping complex. Of course, you’ll be able to see call summaries at the end of the day and could very well discover an intriguing, new opportunity!

4. Make outbound calls on your behalf

The design for your new project seems perfect until an electrician tells you about a conflict with a plumbing system about to be installed. Not only will it create unsuitable interference, none of the current work arounds will suite NEC code. We can make calls on your behalf to contact parties in each affected area, from architects to engineers, ultimately helping your coordinate such efforts so you can resolve situations more efficiently.

5. Find you while on the move

You’re likely moving between locations throughout the day. If you’re nearing the end of a negotiation or finalizing a deal, you will want to assure that critical calls aren’t missed. In conjunction with our direct transfer service, we can transfer calls between multiple numbers. If we don’t get through, we’ll send an email or SMS with urgent priority.

A Smith.ai Customer Testimonial

We just ran through a handful of scenarios where our virtual receptionists improve day-to-day dealings for a busy real estate developer. Here’s what one of our customers had to say:

“I've worked with many answering services over the 7 years that I have been in business. This one is hands down, my favorite (I even enjoy them more than Ruby, the Rolls Royce of answering services). The messages are clear and concise. They are great at handling clients. Fees are reasonable and realistic. I could not be happier.”

Cathy Green – UpperCrust Laundry

Learn More About Smith.ai

Success as an entrepreneur in any industry is hard work and real estate development is no exception. If you’d like to learn more about how Smith.ai’s virtual receptionists can help your business, sign up for a free consultation with our team or get started risk-free with our 14-day money-back guarantee.

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Written by Nick Epson

With over a decade of experience under his belt, Nick Epson is a professional copywriter and a well-versed content marketing expert.

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