5 Examples of How Voice Bots Can Simplify Your Communication Strategy


Voice bots are changing the way that companies handle communications and customer service. Technology has come a long way from the outdated interactive voice response (IVR) systems of decades past. The modern AI voice bot can train itself to understand and respond contextually to questions and queries of all kinds, making it a virtually unstoppable asset for your communication strategy. 

You can integrate voice bots into your day-to-day routines in several ways, from providing customers with the option to use AI for self-service to integrating internal voice bots that your team can use to answer their queries and help them deliver better solutions. Here are just five examples of how using voice bots can simplify any company’s communication strategy when done right. 

#1 – Answering routine queries 

There is a reason that companies build FAQ pages. There’s also a reason that automation is so useful in customer service since many of the inquiries and questions received are the same or similar. For example, people who want to know store hours can use a voice bot to ask, “What time do you open?” and get the information they need. 

When you have voice bots handling routine and recurring questions and concerns, you’ll save a lot of valuable time for your employees. They can use that time to focus on things that need their attention, knowing the customers are still cared for. Since voice bots can be trained, their capacity here is nearly endless. 

#2 – Giving customers the chance to help themselves 

Sometimes, people want to talk to a representative. Sometimes, they need to. Other times, customers might want to check out the self-service selection first. When you have an AI voice bot in place, you’re providing a more dynamic, high-tech way for people to help themselves and get the personalized communication they desire. Many people would love an AI voice bot over a person on the other end, which is why you need to offer this option. 

The best part is that you can set up your voice bot so that if people are struggling or still need additional help, they can say so, and your system will connect them to a live person. That guarantees that everyone gets the support they need, no matter how they want it. 

#3 – Provide personalized communications 

Outdated IVRs were simple and generic. They had a limited capacity for understanding language, so you often had to know the “magic words” to get the system to respond. Think of the pharmacy refill system, for example. 

With an IVR, you get a generic message that prompts you to:

1) Refill a prescription 

2) Check the status of a prescription

3) Talk to someone in the pharmacy 

And then from there, you have to follow the paths, saying or typing in prescription numbers or waiting to talk to a live person who can help you. This often comes with irritated repeating or even firm “yelling” in an attempt to get the system to understand responses. 

While that’s been helpful enough, imagine how much more helpful a voice bot could be:

“I see that you’re calling from [phone number]. Can I assume this is [Name]?”

(Caller says “yes”)

“Great! Can you confirm your date of birth so I can pull up your file?”

(Caller states birthdate)

“I see you’ve got refills due for two prescriptions and one out of refills. Would you like us to fill the two and call your doctor for a refill on the [Medication]?”

(Caller says “yes”)

“Great, I’ve submitted those requests. Your refills should be ready on [Date, Time]. Would you like me to add these to the auto-refill list, as well?”

(Caller says “yes”)

“Got it. I’ll submit the automatic refill subscription, so next month, you’ll just receive a notification when your prescriptions are ready. Is there anything else I can do for you today?”

This is much quicker, more personalized, and similar to interacting with a real human, making it the preferred option for many. 

#4 – Handle high call volumes at scale 

When you have a business, you have ups and downs. You have high call loads and days with lower call loads. There may be seasons or times of year when you need more support than your staff can provide. AI voice bots simplify everything because they can handle exponentially more calls than a human agent and will always be there when someone dials the phone. 

You don’t have to do or change anything. Just let your business run as it does and let your AI voice bot take care of scaling its efforts up and down to keep up with customer requests and queries. 

#5 – Saves conversations for future reference and follow-up 

Not only does your AI learn from you and the data it collects, but you can also learn from it. When you integrate a voice bot, it will be able to facilitate a customer’s inquiry while also documenting the interaction so that you can follow up and see how things went. It will also allow you to find ways to improve the voice bot experience and deliver that personalized connection that people demand. 

This makes it easier to keep up with ongoing communications and deliver that lifetime relationship that today’s consumers expect. It also gives you a wealth of data that you can use to improve your FAQs, customer support, and other areas of the business. 

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Written by Samir Sampat

Samir Sampat is a Marketing Manager with Smith.ai. He has experience working with businesses of all sizes focusing on marketing, communications, and business development.

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