10 Ways to Automate Zoho CRM with Zapier to Improve Your Business Operations, Fast


Zoho CRM is a great platform for those who want to streamline their customer relationship management and take advantage of technology in the process. This web-based platform is designed to help satisfy customers, along with making it easier to attract and retain them, by adding the power of technology to your everyday operations. 

This award-winning platform is used by more than 250,000 businesses around the world to grow their revenue, engage with their customers, and convert more new leads than ever before. It’s the one single place where you can bring your customers, sales, and marketing together and manage it all from a customizable interface that your entire team will love. 

Zoho CRM is designed to improve the efficiency of business processes, help with tactical decision making, and improve your sales by helping you better identify opportunities and get rid of wasted leads so you’re not wasting time. It also has top-of-the-line data security features for full compliance, giving you the peace of mind that your business and your data will be protected. 

Zoho CRM offers features like:

  • Salesforce automation
  • Lead management
  • Process management
  • Omnichannel communications
  • Analytics
  • Predictive sales and intelligence
  • Deal management
  • Contact management
  • Workflow management

As if that’s not enough, it gets even better when you add Zapier to automate various tasks and processes between your Zoho CRM interface and the other business software that you use. 

Zapier is a tool that’s designed specifically to automate the rest of the tools that you use. Currently, it integrates with more than 3,000 different apps and tools, allowing you to create automated workflows between Zoho CRM and just about any other software that you use. There are hundreds of prebuilt workflows that are ready to go, along with an open API so that you can create custom automations as needed. 

Zapier is going to help you get rid of all the tedious, repetitive, time-consuming tasks that don’t require your attention. That will free up more of your time and resources, cut your team’s workload, and give everyone more time to focus on what matters. 

Automation isn’t the question: what you’re missing if you’re missing out on AI

Any business that expects to survive into the future needs to embrace technology, including automation and AI. It’s making business more efficient and profitable for all types of industries and it’s only going to continue to get better. There are several brands that still hesitate when considering automation because they worry it will remove the human element. 

What they don’t realize, though, is that automation is putting the human element right where it belongs. As mentioned, when your team isn’t drowning in busywork and details, they’ll have more time to spend with customers or clients, cultivating leads, or handling other things that require their expertise. 

When you automate, your business will benefit through:

  • Streamlined operations and reduced labor hours
  • Improved employee morale because no one is doing busywork
  • Improved processes and quality control
  • Better compliance and standardization
  • Reduced expenses and payroll costs
  • Improved communication and collaboration

The case for automation isn’t about whether you should or not—of course you should. The question comes in what you should be automating, and in the world of business, streamlining and simplifying as much of your CRM as possible is going to make a big difference. There are several different ways to go about this but starting with Zapier is always a good plan. 

You’ll notice in the list below that there’s a lot of automation for contact management. With a CRM, that’s an integral feature because the major part of the platform is the database of customers, leads, and others that your company interacts with. Having the tools to automate your contact sharing and data transfers will free up more time and resources and allow AI to handle the tedious busywork that your team just doesn’t have time for. 

Now, let’s take a look at what Zapier and Zoho CRM have to offer. Although there are hundreds of possibilities, these are some of the most common automated workflows available. 

1. Create Zoho Contacts from Facebook Lead Ads leads    

Facebook Leads ads are a great way to generate business. Of course, you probably can’t afford to have someone sitting on Facebook all day just waiting for leads to come in. That is where the power of automation comes into play. Whenever a lead comes in through your Facebook Lead Ads campaigns, it will automatically be imported to your Zoho CRM contacts, thanks to Zapier’s prebuilt automation. You can ensure that everyone has access to the latest leads, and no one is wasting valuable time entering them by hand. Marketing automation can give your team more time to do other things, so why not embrace it where you can?

2. Create Zoho contacts from your Woodpecker.co replies    

Zoho CRM makes it easy for you to share contacts, but Zapier makes it even easier. With this automation, you can use Woodpecker.co replies to generate contacts in Zoho CRM. That way, customer information gets where it needs to go, and you don’t have to do the work yourself. If you’re using Woodpecker.co for form responses, lead generation, or anything else, it will be helpful to have an automation that takes care of transferring the information to a place where your team can put it to use. Zapier will take the hassle off your hands and streamline form submissions for good. 

3. Add Unbounce forms to your Zoho CRM as leads    

If you use Unbounce forms to collect leads and other information, you can rely on this workflow to help you keep things organized and moving along. Simply set up the workflow so that when a form response comes in, the information is automatically inputted into your Zoho CRM as a sales lead that needs to be followed up with. Then, your team can get right to work and there’s less time lost between the communications. The sooner you get to leads, the better, so automating the data transfer will speed up the process for everyone. You can even use this integration to help update leads when new Unbounce forms come in, and more. 

4. Add Zoho CRM contacts to your Voodoo SMS    

Voodoo SMS is a great tool to have and it’s one that you don’t have to spend a lot of time working on, thanks to the powers of automation and integration. With this workflow, you’ll be able to streamline your contact management and have all new Zoho contacts automatically added to your Voodoo SMS platform. That way, you can guarantee that all of your databases are current and keep your customers updated with all of the information and support that they need. Zapier will make sure that any new or updated contact that is worked on in Zoho has the details automatically transferred to Voodoo SMS so that the sales funnel can keep moving. 

5. Create modules in Zoho from new WooCommerce Orders    

If you use WooCommerce for eCommerce, Zapier is ready to help make it even more powerful, allowing you to add new customers to your Zoho CRM whenever orders are received. You can set up the workflow and choose which modules or sections to add customers to, and then wait for Zapier to do all the work. You’ll be able to keep better track of your new customers and save yourself the hassle of doing all the data entry in the future. While this integration isn’t going to add your existing customers from WooCommerce, it’ll save you a lot of effort on the ones to come. Also, it will be best to pay attention to the WooCommerce email marketing plugin for improving your business operations.

6. Send texts from Zipwhip to your leads created in Zoho CRM    

Texting is becoming a marketing tool for several businesses. Being able to reach out to people in their preferred medium is great, and it’s even better because it allows you to automate even more of your marketing. This particular workflow will set you up so that you just have to collect your leads in Zoho and then let Zapier do the rest. Once the automation is in place, any new lead will automatically get added to Zipwhip and a text will be sent accordingly. It saves time, starts marketing campaigns faster, and gives you a lot to appreciate. 

7. Add leads to Zoho CRM from Zoho Sheets rows    

Zoho isn’t just a CRM. The company has a host of solutions, including its own Zoho Sheets program that you can use to create spreadsheets, store data, and more. You can use this automation to export leads from your spreadsheet right into your CRM, making it easier to track them and keep information streamlined. Plus, your team will love that they’re doing less repetitive work and fewer tedious tasks, so everyone wins. You can even set up reverse workflows so that your leads from Zoho are added to a spreadsheet, changing up automation and making it work for you. 

8. Create or update leads in Zoho from Listings to Leads contacts    

If you use Listings to Leads to keep track of your contacts, you will love being able to make keeping track of leads even easier. This workflow allows you to use your Listings to Leads contacts and turn them into Zoho entries. New contact entries or updates in L2L will trigger the Zapier workflow and the information will be transferred to your Zoho CRM while you get to work on following those leads. It’s easy to streamline everything and again, saves you the hassle of transferring the data yourself. 

9. Create leads in Zoho for Replyify contacts    

Save time with contacts, yet again, with this integration for Replyify. You can easily set this workflow into place and anytime new contacts are added or existing ones are modified in Replyify, the information will be automatically sent to Zapier so that everything stays current. Managing your leads in Zoho is easy and when you add automation, it gets even easier. This workflow makes sure that your contacts are streamlined, and leads stay up to date on all platforms, saving everyone time and headaches. 

10. Add or update your Cliengo customers as Zoho leads    

This automation makes it easy for you to keep your customer information streamlined across the various platforms that you use. You can simply set the workflow in motion and then when a new customer is generated in your Cliengo platform, Zapier will update or add the information in Zoho as a new lead. This way, everyone can stay on the same page, and you’ll spend less time on manual data transfers. 

Automate, then delegate by partnering with the team at Smith.ai

If you love automation as much as we do, you’re probably already dreaming up all of the ways that you can make improvements. With Zapier, it’s easier than ever to automate so much of your business and when you partner with us, we’ll take care of anything that you need, as the face of your business for live website chat, after-hours calls, and so much more. We’ll even help you come up with the perfect strategy for handling all of these mission-critical services, regardless of what you need. 

We love so much about Zapier, but the fact that it makes it so easy for anyone to create smart workflows to integrate their business software is what really sets it apart. And, because of Zapier, our virtual receptionists can also integrate with more than 3,000 apps to ensure that each text, call, and chat is logged in the right place, from lead intake to updating your CRM, and more. 

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