10 Ways to Automate Klaviyo with Zapier to Improve Your Business Operations, Fast


Zapier is helping thousands of apps work harder so your business can be smarter, and one of those tools is Klaviyo. This email marketing platform is built for eCommerce and web companies, and powered by data, giving you a tool that makes keeping customers engaged easier than ever. With Klaviyo, you can create dynamic email marketing campaigns and launch all kinds of events automatically by customizing the platform and embracing automation. 

Klaviyo helps with building and scaling your brand and moving brick-and-mortar stores online. It's designed to help companies expand their reach and connect with customers on a much more personal, direct level. You can use predictive technology and custom automations to deliver the ideal customer experience on all channels, including offering rich mobile experiences to your leads and customers alike. 

With hundreds of thousands of clients, Klaviyo is making a big impression in the email marketing world, and Zapier took notice. Zapier offers an integration with this marketing platform that will automate even more and help you take your email marketing to an entirely new level:

  • Increased ROI and lower digital marketing spend
  • Better conversion and retention rates
  • Streamlined communications and fewer errors
  • Standardized processes and quality control 
  • Better relationship building and nurturing

Email marketing works because there are almost 4 billion email users accessing email every single day. Conversion rates in email marketing are at least three times higher than social media, and businesses that use email marketing see much higher recovery rates with abandoned carts. And, if nothing else, let’s remind everyone of that impressive ROI, for which email marketing sits at around 122%

And then, in comes Zapier. Zapier is designed to be easy to use and to make automation the name of the game, whether you’re running a small business on a shoestring budget, or you’ve got an enterprise operation that needs to get things streamlined. You can use Zapier to set up hundreds of automations to handle all the busywork, tedious details, data transfers, and so much more. Plus, along with the pre-built workflows that are available by the dozens, Zapier also has an open API so you can customize every single automation however you’d like. 

So, whether you’re looking for an out-of-the-box solution for automation or you like the idea of having customization options to take your automations one step further, Zapier can deliver everything that you need in a perfectly scaled package that is made for your business. (And speaking of tailor-made solutions, ask how our virtual receptionists can help you create a strategy for handling all your phone answering and live chat services, and more.)

Areas of your business to automate

Of course, when it comes to the automation discussion, so many people aren’t even sure where to begin. If you take the time to explore all of the different things you do in a day, however, you shouldn’t have much trouble seeing where you could benefit. There are so many different activities and tasks that you can automate and no matter what size your business is, there’s never a bad time to start. 

Small businesses and enterprise brands alike should embrace as much AI and automation as possible. However, at a minimum, the following systems and tasks should be at the top of your list. 

  • Leads: Automating lead generation and intake is a great way to streamline and save time. A lot of leads don’t pan out and this might not be where you want to invest dedicated resources. Use automation and let your leads come to you while spending less effort on it yourself. 
  • Sales and eCommerce: People like automation when they’re shopping, but they still want a human touch available on demand. By automating most of your sales and eCommerce activities, you can spend more time helping customers and giving them the solutions that they deserve. 
  • Engagement: Automating the various multichannel engagement strategies that you use with your customers will allow you to get a better reach, generate more leads, and find more potential customers than you could if you were handling everything with human efforts. You do still need people to engage at certain points, but there’s a lot of the process that can be automated, as well. 
  • Data Entry and Admin: If you’re still doing data entry manually, you’re doing it wrong. There are apps and tools to handle so much of this and you shouldn’t worry about taking it all on yourself. With the available automations from Zapier and the tools in your tech stack, 

There is one more area that you can and should automate, but there’s a bit of a caveat involved so we wanted to list it separately: customer service. There are absolutely areas of customer service that you will want to automate. However, some areas should stay on your list of “people” activities—no matter how much customers love AI, they will always, always want a person to talk to at some point. 

Automation will save time, money, and resources. It will give you the chance to get more done and do less of it yourself, and it will streamline so much of the day-to-day that you might not know what to do with all of your free time. If you’re truly ready to get rid of the busywork and get your team back on track with tasks that need their attention, the time to automate is now. 

And now, let’s take a look at 10 of the ways you can automate Klaviyo with Zapier to inspire your own automation strategy. 

1. Send new contacts from QuickBooks Commerce to Klaviyo   

QuickBooks has a commerce platform that’s great for the busy online business. If you’re looking for a better way to manage your eCommerce, this tool can deliver. It also integrates with Klaviyo so that you can easily send your contacts from QB Commerce to the email marketing platform, put them on the right subscriber list, and let email marketing campaigns run in the background while you’re handling things that need your attention. You can even choose to send contact updates or just new entries, and so much more. 

2. Create or update subscribers from Leadpages submissions    

If Leadpages is in your tech stack, you’re going to benefit from this and other automations available through Zapier. All that you have to do is set this workflow in place and then whenever a Leadpages submission comes in, Zapier will update or create a new subscriber in your Klaviyo platform so that everything is streamlined and synced across all of your software tools. You can even choose which submissions to add and whether you want to put further automations in place to notify you when these actions take place, and more. 

3. Add ClickFunnels contacts as subscribers in Klaviyo    

ClickFunnels makes streamlining the sales funnel easier than ever before. When you combine it with a marketing automation tool like Klaviyo, you’ll find that your business runs more smoothly and you’re doing less of the work along the way. With this particular integrated workflow, you can set it up so that anytime you have a ClickFunnels contact added or updated, they are added or updated in your Klaviyo subscriber list, too. 

4. Add new Klaviyo subscribers from Google Sheets    

Google Sheets is going to make it easy for you to keep tabs on your marketing efforts. If you’re taking leads in from one tool, or even just creating a Google Sheet from an event or local marketing effort, you can automate the data transfer to several different apps. Klaviyo is one of them. With this workflow automation, just set it up so that anytime a new lead or contact is added to your sheet, they’re added to the Klaviyo subscriber list that you designate. Then, it’s all done for you, and you can just sit back and know that everyone’s getting the right marketing messages. 

5. Create subscribers from ManyChat clients    

If you use ManyChat to connect with customers and leads, you’ll find that it’s easy to share that information with other apps, thanks to automated workflows like the ones available from Zapier. With this one, specifically, you will be able to take any ManyChat client and have their information automatically transferred to Klaviyo as a subscriber or contact of your choosing. Then, you aren’t doing the data entry yourself or paying someone to do it, and everyone gets more done in the day. 

6. Turn Squarespace form submissions into Klaviyo subscribers    

Squarespace is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms available today. It's used by millions of small businesses and independent contractors around the world. When you automate, you make your eCommerce even easier. This integration allows you to take each Squarespace submission and turn it into a subscriber. That's great for lead generation and can save you a lot of time trying to track down and transfer lead data. 

7. Create Klaviyo events when purchases are made in Skubana    

Several eCommerce brands use Skubana for their online shopping presence. If you’re one of them, you can use this automation to let your team know whenever a new purchase occurs. For example, if you want to start sending after-sale updates or notifications, you can set it so that Klaviyo is notified, and an event is created to launch the post-sale campaign. It’s really easy, and it all happens while you’re taking care of your customers. 

8. Create events in Klaviyo for Kajabi Purchases    

Whenever a customer purchases Kajabi, it’s up to the platform to handle the after-sale communications and work. Either that, or you’ll have to transfer information manually, and no one has the time or energy for that. You can also use this workflow so that when purchases happen in your Kajabi platform, events are created in Klaviyo. That way, you can ensure that the buying journey includes all the right steps for post-sale communication and more, and not have to worry about doing the follow-up yourself

9. Add new subscribers to Klaviyo from Instapage form submissions    

If you use Instapage to get form submissions and leads, this automation is going to save a lot of time and tedious work. Whenever form submissions come in, you can flag them with this Zapier workflow so that the contact information is gathered, send to Klaviyo, and entered into the appropriate subscriber list. This can all happen behind the scenes while you’re taking care of your customers or other parts of your business, too. 

10. Update WiFi guests as Klaviyo subscribers    

With this automation through MyWiFi Networks, you can easily add and update your Wi-Fi guests as subscribers on your various mailing lists or for specific email marketing programs. When you set the guest automation trigger in your MyWiFi network, Zapier will tell Klaviyo to automatically update the subscriber or contact in the database so that you can keep marketing streamlined and keep those leads moving through the sales funnel without micromanaging the details. 

Improve more of your operations with Smith.ai by your side

We love automation here at Smith.ai. We also love being part of the equation that helps your business operate more smoothly, no matter what business you’re in. Hire our virtual receptionists and we’ll be the face of your brand for all the things you need, from overflow call answering to live website chat and so much more. We will even collaborate with you to develop the ideal strategy to field those needs, no matter what you’re thinking.  

Zapier is a favorite of ours because it makes it easy for anyone to create smart, automated workflows between their business tech stack applications. And, thanks to Zapier, Smith.ai can also integrate with over 3,000 so each call, text, and chat gets logged in your business software, from CRM apps to marketing automation tools, and more. 

Check out our apps to explore how we connect to Zapier! Learn more about Smith.ai’s Answering Service app on Zapier, and explore Smith.ai’s Website Chat app on Zapier.

Learn more by scheduling a consultation and see what our 24/7 chat and phone answering services offer, from intake and appointment scheduling to after-hours answering, and much more. You'll also find us at hello@smith.ai or (650) 727-6484.

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Written by Sean Lund-Brown

Sean Lund-Brown is a current Marketing Assistant for Smith.ai. A graduate from Metropolitan State University of Denver, Sean graduated with a BA in Music and an individualized degree in Teaching Vocal Pedagogy.

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