10 Ways to Automate HelloSign with Zapier to Improve Your Business Operations, Fast


HelloSign makes document signing simpler than ever. It's streamlined, secure, and allows anyone to authorize documents from anywhere. Plus, it offers an API that makes customization easy and a host of templates that will deliver all kinds of solutions for businesses that need a better way to get things signed. Scalability and configurability come standard with HelloSign, as does premium security that exceeds industry standards in several ways. 

HelloSign allows you to share documents, collect signatures, upload and download files, and so much more. You can set access and user permissions, approval requests, and other features, with a white label solution that offers a fully branded experience from start to finish. It’s like having your own document signing platform, without having to invest in the development, hosting, and other hassles and expenses. 

HelloSign is owned by Dropbox, another brand that’s popular with those working remotely and looking for better file and document sharing solutions. Users can choose between a standard HelloSign platform or the API, which is the more popular of the two options because it offers the fully customizable options that users love. 

Zapier offers several ways to automate workflows with HelloSign, with a group of pre-built triggers and actions that can help with all kinds of document signing and notification needs. You can set up a workflow to send a template or document for a signature request after a certain event happens. You can also create triggers based on the following events:

  • Signature request sent
  • Document signed
  • Signature request declined
  • Signature request viewed

Of course, thanks to the open API at Zapier, you can create even more custom integrated workflows with HelloSign, giving you the chance to get everything that you want with a couple of user-friendly tools that are all about automation. 

Zapier also works with more than 3,000 different apps and tools to help you automate as much of your admin and routine work as possible. Your team will spend less time on busywork and more time on the business that requires their attention, which will benefit your brand, your customers, and your bottom line. 

The Benefits of automated and digital document signing

If we’ve learned anything about business from the pandemic, it’s that you truly need to be prepared for absolutely anything. In several areas where we thought technology wasn’t ready, companies delivered solutions of all kinds, rolling out remote work tools and resources for employees in record time after COVID-19 shut the world down. Today, that means we have better business tools for everyday use, including digital signature tools and automation apps like Zapier. 

Several benefits come with being able to provide your customers, clients, vendors, tenants, or anyone else with whom you conduct business, the chance to sign documents electronically:

  • Saves Time: Forget waiting days for the mail, or even having to make time to meet up with people to get paperwork signed. Now, you can just share documents, let people sign on their time, and then get the paperwork taken care of and filed away appropriately, and in less time. 
  • Reduces Costs: Less paperwork and less physical effort mean that you’ll use fewer resources and reduce your costs. E-signatures are a great way to cut down on the paper trail, mailing and courier costs, and notary expenses, among other things. You can spend a fraction of your current expenses on a good tool like HelloSign and the latest security tools to protect it. 
  • Increased Efficiency: Imagine the time and hassle saved when you’re no longer sending documents back and forth, making appointments and driving to offices to get things signed, and trying to track down the documents you need in a timely fashion, meanwhile the other party has barely seen the ink dry. With electronic signatures, you can get things signed quickly and without having to be in the same place or wait on couriers or other delivery services. 
  • Minimizes Risks: When you use electronic document signing and transmission methods, you’re going to reduce the risk of fraud or lost documents significantly. It secures your document flow in a way that you can’t do with physical paper unless you’re carrying the documents right to the signer yourself. Of course, even then you can’t always be sure. The electronic safeguards that are in place are a lot more secure than people realize. 
  • Increased Legality: Most businesses don’t realize it, but an e-signature is more reliable in court or litigation than wet-ink signatures. That's because the security and identity verification methods in place for electronic signature validation are much more secure than any wet signature could be, shy of those that are notarized. And even then, there could still be questions. Electronic signatures will offer a better legal defense, which is a good way to protect your business. 

This list could go on, but we’ll stop here. You can already see that there’s a lot to consider when adding eSignatures to your workflow because it can make things so much easier. Now, let’s look at how Zapier can take it one step further by integrating with HelloSign and the other business software programs you use. There are hundreds of possibilities, but here are 10 examples to get you started. 

1. Request signatures via HelloSign from new Typeform submissions    

Typeform entries are helpful for a lot of information collecting, from lead gen to customer feedback and everything in between. Several property management firms even use form fill tools like this to screen tenants, take applications, and more. Regardless of what you’re using it for, with this automation, you will be able to automatically generate a signature request for each Typeform submission that comes in. 

2. Log your signature requests from HelloSign in Google Sheets    

Google Sheets is a popular tracking solution for people who want a standard spreadsheet that’s customizable, shareable, and easy to modify. Google power users will love all the ways the suite integrates with Zapier, but for now, let’s look at HelloSign. When you set up this workflow, each signature that’s logged in HelloSign will be logged in Google Sheets, on the sheet of your choosing. It’s easier to track signatures than ever before and you can even set it up to track requests, completed signatures, and more. 

3. Get Slack notifications for HelloSign signature requests    

If your team is using Slack to keep in touch and collaborate, having the ability to automate notifications can go a long way. This integrated workflow will give you the chance to send a notification to a Slack channel, or even to create a direct message to a specific person when a new HelloSign request comes in. You can also tweak the integration to notify when documents are signed, too, and even if the signature is declined or there is an issue along the way. That way, you don’t have to babysit your signature requests all day. 

4. Send SMS messages with new signature requests from HelloSign    

Speaking of not babysitting your signature requests, this integrated workflow using SMS by Zapier is a great way to get things done. Simply set it in place and whenever a request comes through, you’ll be able to send an SMS notifying the appropriate party, even if that’s just a text message to yourself. That way, you can go on about your business and you won’t miss a beat even if you’re out of the office. 

5. Create new files in Dropbox for new signature requests    

Of course, there’s a Dropbox integration for HelloSign, since they're developed by the same company. Dropbox makes it easy to collaborate and share files and with this workflow, you can share signature requests and help streamline document collection. Simply set it up so that whenever a new signature request is made, Dropbox creates a file for that request to keep all the documents together. Imagine how much more time you’ll have when you’re not creating and micromanaging files all day long. 

6. Send signature requests from HelloSign to Infusionsoft contacts    

If you use Keap Max Classic and have tagged contacts in Infusionsoft, you can use this automation to make things even simpler. It’s a premium integration but since most people realize the power of Zapier’s premium features, we decided to add it to the list. All you have to do is set up the workflow and tag the contacts in Infusionsoft that you want to receive signature requests. Then, when a signature request is generated in HelloSign, Zapier will automatically send it to the tagged contacts, and you won’t have to do a single thing. 

7. Request signatures in HelloSign with new Gravity Forms submissions

Gravity Forms is one of the most popular form fill tools used today and Zapier works with it in plenty of different ways. Through this particular automation, you can set up a workflow so that when each submission comes in, your HelloSign software sends a signature request to the respondent, allowing them to get documents signed and keep the process moving without you having to get involved in the tedious paperwork. 

8. Create tasks in Asana for new HelloSign requests    

Keeping track of your to-dos can prove to be quite a challenge if you’re not prepared. Project and task management tools like Asana can go a long way in helping, which is why Zapier loves them. With this automated workflow, you can set it up so that new signature requests in HelloSign automatically generate a task in Asana. For example, if a signature request is sent and requires your sales team to follow up, you can have Zapier automatically create that task for you. 

9. Send signature requests in HelloSign for Wufoo form entries    

If you use Wufoo forms to collect leads or other information, you’ll enjoy using this automation that allows you to request signatures for HelloSign documents once Wufoo entries come in. Plus, you don’t even have to send it yourself. Just set the automation in place and whenever a submission comes in, HelloSign will be triggered by Zapier to send a signature request to the appropriate party. All this can happen behind the scenes and leave more time for your team to focus on the deals instead of the desk work. 

10. Send HelloSign signature requests when new WooCommerce orders come in

When you get a new order in WooCommerce that requires a signature or document confirmation of some kind, taking a step out of the process can speed things up. Use this automation so that each time an order is generated, Zapier automatically lets HelloSign know to send a signature request to the customer so that they can complete the forms and allow you to finish processing the order. Then, you won’t have to stop what you’re doing to send the forms or wait on someone else to send them over because it’s all done with AI. 

Improve business operations even further with Smith.ai

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Zapier is one of the tools that we love right now, for several reasons, but primarily because it makes creating smart workflows easy for anyone, allowing businesses to connect their software programs in seconds. Plus, with the power of Zapier, Smith.ai can integrate with more than 3,000 apps to ensure each chat, call, and text gets logged in your software platforms, from your marketing automation tools to your CRM, and more. 

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