10 Ways to Automate Facebook Ads with Zapier to Improve Your Business Operations, Fast


Facebook Ads is quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of social media advertising used by businesses today. It offers a lot of potential and makes marketing easier than ever. Plus, since it鈥檚 a Facebook tool, you know that it complies with their advertising guidelines and standards. If you鈥檙e not already using it, you should be. And, if you鈥檙e doing all the work yourself, you shouldn鈥檛 be.

That鈥檚 right鈥攖hanks to tools like Zapier, you can easily automate your Facebook Ads management, from publishing campaigns to notifying your team when new ads go up, and so much more. Zapier is an entire tool dedicated to the art of automation鈥攁ll you have to do is put it to work. By creating Zaps, you can automate a lot of different aspects of your business. Zapier works with more than 3,000 apps and software tools. It offers thousands of pre-built automations and triggers, along with an open API so that you can create just about any automation that you want.

So, the question becomes not how you can use Zapier, but how you want to take your business operations to the next level with automation.

In fact, automation has proven to improve nearly every aspect of business that it touches because it does things like:

路 聽 聽 聽Handles Repetitive Tasks: The tasks that you do every single day that drive you crazy鈥攖hey no longer have to be the bane of your existence. You can automate so many tasks that will free up your time and more importantly, get rid of the frustration for you.

路 聽 聽 聽Automates Routine Work: Again, you鈥檝e got people (even if it鈥檚 just yourself) wasting valuable time on routine tasks that could be done by AI. Why aren鈥檛 you automating? What鈥檚 holding you back? Even one good automation could blow your mind and blow your business out of the water.

路 聽 聽 聽Makes Employee Management Easier: Everyone loves automation, including your employees. When you use automated tools for employee management, you can automate onboarding and training, as well as things like employee self-service so that you can spend less time dealing with these details.

路 聽 聽 聽Makes Operations Management Easier: The overall operations of your business will become easier when you automate the routine things. If you are looking to streamline and save time, you鈥檒l find it in several different ways.

路 聽 聽 聽Saves Time and Money: You save a lot of time with automation, as well as money. First, you won鈥檛 be wasting employee time on these tasks anymore, and then there鈥檚 the reduced paperwork and follow-up, too. Automation saves money in several ways, so see what it can do for you.

路 聽 聽 聽Increases Efficiency: When your team is spending less time on the details, they鈥檒l have more time to spend on the things that matter. Automating the little things, and even some of the big things, allows you to have a more efficient operation.

Speaking of more efficient operations, ask how the virtual receptionists at Smith.ai can help you take your operations to the next level with 24/7 support for live website chat, after-hours answering, and even lead intake services, and more!

But first, check out these great automations that you can use with Zapier and Facebook Ads.

1. Send Gmail message to notify you of new Facebook Ads leads 聽 聽

What鈥檚 worse than having to check up on all of your marketing campaigns throughout the day? Not much, and especially when you have so many different campaigns to go through, not to mention a full business to run otherwise. With this Zap, you can easily be notified via Gmail whenever you get a new lead from Facebook Ads. You can even set it up to email your marketing manager or anyone else of your choosing, allowing you to never miss a lead and saving you the hassle of checking manually.

2. Add new Ads leads to Google Sheets 聽 聽

When new leads come in, what do you do with them? If you immediately transfer them to Google Sheets, this automation is for you. With this workflow, you can easily set it up so that anytime a new lead comes in through Facebook ads, it鈥檚 added to a row in Google sheets. You can even take it one step further and have Zapier perform another Zap to let you know the data has been captured, giving you total control with hands-off technology, thanks to AI.

3. Subscribe your new leads from Facebook to Mailchimp 聽 聽

Another way to streamline your lead intake is by using this Zap. You can create a workflow that allows every lead from Facebook to be collected by email and contact info and then transferred over to Mailchimp. This will add them to the correct subscriber list and generate the proper email marketing chain to start, usually beginning with a welcome or thank you message, and then going from there. Just set up the Zap so that when a lead comes in through Facebook, the information is sent to Mailchimp, and it鈥檒l do the work for you.

4. Copy your lead responses to HubSpot forms 聽 聽

You can save a ton of time on data entry with Zapier and features like this. This Zap will allow you to take those lead responses and automatically copy them into a HubSpot form. If you use HubSpot as your CRM, this can be another great way to take care of things. You鈥檒l have no trouble keeping track of every single lead because they鈥檒l come right to your CRM for total management in a single place.

5. Create contacts for Zoho CRM from Facebook Ads leads 聽 聽

If you use Zoho CRM, you can also turn your leads into contacts here. This Zap works similarly to some that we鈥檝e discussed where a new lead comes in from Facebook Ads, and then the trigger causes Zoho to generate a contact for the information that was captured. You can use this to ensure that all your leads are managed and that none slip through the cracks. Plus, you can even add other integrations and Zaps, like notifying someone every time this Zap turns a lead into a CRM contact entry, so that you can take it from there.

6. Add leads to AWeber dedicated subscriber lists

You can also add your Facebook Ads leads to AWeber and your other email tools, putting them on dedicated subscriber lists and making sure that they get the appropriate emails. Simply setup the Zap through Zapier so that when a Facebook Ads lead is generated, the information is sent to AWeber (or the autoresponder you鈥檙e using) and then it will be done for you. This makes it easy to convert leads to marketing email subscribers and you don鈥檛 have to have someone transferring all of the information by hand.

7. Create SMS messages for new leads from Facebook Ads 聽 聽

Through Zapier鈥檚 SMS tool, you will easily be able to generate new leads from Facebook Ads and turn them into SMS contacts. You can use this in several ways, but most people opt to set it up to welcome people to the brand or to reach out regarding whatever ad they responded to. This gives you a way to connect with people on their terms, since many love SMS or prefer it to being on the phone, at the very least. You might even want to use this feature to notify your team via SMS when new leads come in. However you use it, it will improve operations.

8. Create Constant Contact contacts from your Facebook Ads leads 聽 聽

You can set up this Zap so that when a Facebook Ads lead comes in, their contact information is captured and automatically transferred to your Constant Contact list. This is a great way, again, to streamline data collection and not have to do the work yourself. You can pick and choose which leads get added, where they go, and even how much information is transferred between the two systems so that you can get the custom contact creation that you want. It鈥檚 never been easier to automate things like lead intake than it is with these impressive workflows.

9. Notify team members via Slack when new Facebook leads come in 聽 聽 聽

If you鈥檙e working with a remote team and you want to keep everyone on the same page, a tool like Slack is a great resource. Here, you can share messages and information, and even exchange files. There are a lot of ways to integrate Slack with Zapier but being able to notify people of leads and new contacts is going to ensure that everyone is on the right track and paying attention to what鈥檚 going on. Whether you need someone to schedule follow-up or you just want everyone to know there鈥檚 a new lead, this workflow makes it easy to keep everyone in the loop.

10. Generate emails through Zapier with new Facebook Ads leads 聽 聽

If you鈥檙e using the email by Zapier feature, you can set up this integration to let you know anytime you get new leads through your Facebook Ads campaigns. You can choose to be notified of every new lead, or at specific intervals, such as once a day or twice a week, for example. That way, you can make sure that you stay on top of your leads and don鈥檛 have to track them all yourself.

Facebook Ads and Zapier make lead conversion a breeze

Thanks to these integrations, as well as thousands of others, you鈥檒l never have to struggle with your marketing conversions again. You can connect Facebook Ads to thousands of apps via Zapier, creating Zaps that can be used in platforms like:

路 聽 聽 聽ActiveCampaign

路 聽 聽 聽PipeDrive

路 聽 聽 聽Google Drive

路 聽 聽 聽Keap

路 聽 聽 聽Microsoft Office 365

路 聽 聽 聽Airtable

路 聽 聽 聽Salesforce

路 聽 聽 聽Trello

路 聽 聽 聽Outlook

路 聽 聽 聽Agile CRM

路 聽 聽 聽Google Docs

路 聽 聽 聽MailerLite

路 聽 聽 聽Shopify

路 聽 聽 聽And more!

When you combine the power of these tools, you鈥檒l gain more control of your lead conversions and put in less effort at the same time. Take a minute to explore all of the ways that you can use Zapier to improve your operations, including with Facebook and other marketing campaigns. You might be surprised at just how many great automations you find to make your life easier.

Being able to automate all of this will enhance your marketing efforts and streamline a lot of routine operations. It will also ensure that you鈥檙e marketing and capturing leads effectively with Facebook Ads and other tools that you鈥檙e using. It's all about making your tech stack work better together and Zapier does that with this and all of the solutions that it offers.

Take operations further with assistance from Smith.ai

The only thing that we love more than automation is being a part of what makes your business better. When you choose to hire the virtual receptionists at Smith.ai, we鈥檒l be the face of your brand for everything that you need, from after-hours calls to live website chat and so much more. Plus, we can even work with you to come up with the perfect plan for conquering all of your needs, no matter what you have in mind.

Zapier is one of our favorites because it makes it easy for anyone to create smart workflows between their business software programs. And it鈥檚 because of Zapier that Smith.ai integrates with more than 3,000 apps so every chat, text, and call is logged in the right place, right away. Whether It's your CRM, your marketing platform, or anything else, we鈥檝e got it covered.

Check out our apps to explore how we connect to Zapier! Learn more about Smith.ai鈥檚 Answering Service app on Zapier, and explore Smith.ai鈥檚 Website Chat app on Zapier.

You can also schedule a consultation to learn more about our integrations with tools like Zapier and other solutions like 24/7 live chat and phone answering. You can also reach us at hello@smith.ai or (650) 727-6484.

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Sean Lund-Brown is a current Marketing Assistant for Smith.ai. A graduate from Metropolitan State University of Denver, Sean graduated with a BA in Music and an individualized degree in Teaching Vocal Pedagogy.

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