10 Video Marketers to Learn from to Grow Your Software Company's Followers on TikTok, YouTube & Facebook


The software industry has been one that has been forced to grow and evolve with the changes in modern technology. What once used to take up an entire room can now be stored in a chip the size of a small nut, and the world of software continues to expand and change to offer new solutions, better answers, and more forward-thinking tech for people who demand more from their products. 

It’s easy these days to find people you can learn from, of course. Among all the other resources out there, fellow video marketers will make it easy for you to learn the ropes of building your social following using the amazing power and versatility of video. It can do a lot more for your brand than you think, and the only real limit is the brainstorming power of your team. 

Take a note from some of the leading marketing videos and influencers online. Using videos to market your software company (or any other business) could mean creating:

  • Informational videos about products or services
  • Industry news and insight
  • How-to and tutorial videos 
  • Testimonial videos 
  • Viral content for the sake of engagement
  • Company culture videos and “day in the life” content
  • And so much more!

People are watching somewhere between six and sixteen hours of video every single week on their various electronic devices. If you want to reach new audiences, this is definitely the way to find them. And, as much as 82% of all new traffic is expected to be coming from video by 2022. If you want a share in that, it’s time to get on board. 

It’s not like you work in an industry that can’t benefit from digital marketing or that has no “relevance” in the online space—you're in tech, and you need to embrace that in all that you do. Part of that includes embracing the use of video to build your following and find new audiences across various social platforms. 

Before we get into the 10 people you should be watching, let’s talk a little more about the considerations involved in choosing what kind of influencers and marketers you’ll follow to help your own video efforts. 

What to consider when choosing your resources

In the list below, we will cover 10 of the best video marketers for you to follow if you’re looking to build your audience on Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and other social platforms. They all have something unique to offer, and the way that we chose them can help you better choose who to follow and where to turn for help with your own video marketing strategy. 

Experience: Not only do you want someone with expertise in marketing, but if they have any additional experience with tech or software, that’s a bonus because they’ll be able to speak directly to your industry. In some cases, however, you might find a powerful influence in the most unlikely of places. 

Following: Of course, anyone can tell you that they’re an expert. This is where you should check up on them to make sure they’re good for their word. See what their following is like on Facebook, YouTube, and other sites. Make sure that they’ve got the reputation and audience to back up their claims. 

Types of Videos: Some people focus on one type of video exclusively, while others fully embrace video marketing. Take business pro Gary Vaynerchuk, for example—he's got just as many selfie-style videos as he does actual produced video content, if not more so. He knows what his audience wants, and he delivers it. 

Chemistry/Engagement: What’s their style? Does it mesh with yours? Can you learn valuable things that you can translate to your own business? If they have a style that isn’t fitting of your personality or if their engagement style isn’t aligned with your brand identity, they might not be the best choice to follow, for example. 

Primary Platform: While the focus is videos, what platform(s) they are using most successfully will also play a role here. After all, if you want to build your TikTok following, you’d find someone that’s doing that well. If you want to increase your YouTube subscribers or Facebook video watch rates, look for people that do well on those platforms. 

These are just a few factors to consider when looking for people and brands to help you build your own video marketing strategy, or even when you’re just looking for a little inspiration. Speaking of which, here are 10 to get you started. 

The top 10 video marketers you should be watching

1. Rand Fishkin, Moz’s Whiteboard Friday

Moz has already positioned themselves as a leader in the SEO industry, but this series has been around since 2007 and has driven that engagement in several new ways. The program was established to help beginner and intermediate business owners and marketers with SEO in a way that is educational and informative. Each video is 8-20 minutes each and they don’t cost a lot to shoot. Plus, each one comes with a blog post explaining how each episode is produced and shot. It’s a great way to see how someone has taken a strategy that works and ran with it, creating a successful video marketing strategy for anyone entering the digital space. 

2. David Murdico

David Murdico is always a favorite of ours. He's a big name in marketing with a focus on lead generation and retention, which is great for helping build your following on social media. In fact, he embraces software and tech in creative ways and even has his own company that specializes in helping brands increase visibility through marketing. As the lead of Supercool Creative Agency, David proves that when you’re serious about getting results, you can’t take yourself too seriously. He encourages brands to embrace tech and have some fun because that’s what today’s social audiences want. 

3. Salesforce

A leader in software-as-a-service (SaaS), Salesforce is also taking the marketing world by storm with their videos and other materials. For one, they have a beautiful documentary-style video called The Story of Sales that talks about where sales is headed and what kind of people make great sales leaders. It’s all about creating respect and shedding light on a profession that is usually overlooked. It helps align them with their business and the goals that they assist their audience with, and it’s boosted their numbers impressively. 20% growth year-over-year proves that they’re onto something, so if you want to be a force, check out the video marketing efforts of Salesforce. 

4. Mark Robertson

This head of marketing at vidIQ has a soft spot for software and open-source tech, as well as how to utilize the resources available to make the best videos possible. He offers tons of great advice in his videos and his no-nonsense attitude is all about embracing change and learning how to grow by trying new things for your brand. He focuses on helping people build confidence and other soft skills, believing that the rest will follow. He offers tons of sound input on marketing and business, as well as how tech companies specifically can excel here. \

5. Tim Corey

While he’s usually promoted as a coach or trainer, Tim’s channel stands out because he focuses on content that is lacking in the software niche: making things easier. He's got this uncanny ability to explain things in a unique, yet succinct, way that translates even to the layperson. Most of his videos focus on C# programming, Dotnet technology, and related topics, but just watching his style and seeing how he brings in the audiences can help you get some valuable insight for your own marketing efforts. Plus, his own content can help you see the value of creating a strong content structure and strategy before just diving into posting videos. 

6. Raghav Pal 

In his YouTube series, Automation Step by Step, Raghav focuses on using software automation tools to help with engineering and development. Those in these fields, or who are looking to learn more about the use of automation in software development can learn a lot from this man. His channel is constantly adding new subscribers and he offers a passionate look at how automation can help software engineering, complete with a community of followers who comment and share the discussion. Plus, he is very good at explaining complex topics in a simple manner, which is useful to anyone just starting out in video marketing. 

7. Neil Patel

Neil Patel is an SEO and digital marketing genius, but he’s also a tech-savvy entrepreneur that’s been taking the world by storm in his own video marketing efforts. He mastered the art of content marketing before many others and his videos offer a lot of valuable insight on things like how to use different software platforms and websites to help boost SEO rankings and improve your strategy. And perhaps best of all is his own publication rate, which is beyond impressive. He puts out so much content, so quickly, and it all adds value—he's created a near-constant stream of content sharing among his various audiences, and that’s definitely something for you to aspire to. 

8. Scott Stratten

Scott Stratten is all about embracing technology to build success and has done so personally with the help of his wife. They've mastered viral videos and have a huge following that gives them credibility for what they’ve done. Scott is also in charge at their marketing company, UnMarketing.com, and they’ve published six books together, all about technology, video marketing, and how to embrace software and tech to build your brand, and more. They've even spoken for tech giants like Microsoft and IBM, so you can trust that this is one resource worth your time. 

9. Filip Koroy

Filip Koroy is a tech influencer and video maven that does a lot of reviews, gadget unboxing, and other tech-type videos. He talks about everything from computers to consoles, hardware to software, and anything else you can imagine. Plus, he’s got an impressive following on Instagram as well as other social media sites, in addition to his more than 8.3 million YouTube subscribers. He started with tips and tutorials for games and various gadgets but has evolved to specialize in Apple products these days. Regardless of the content he’s publishing, though, you can see from his unique style that he knows how to entertain and educate in a way that gains interest. 

10. Ryan O’Neill

This expert is professionally known as “BeginnersTech” and has dedicated his own YouTube to helping others who aren’t so tech-savvy to understand the technology that’s out on the market today. He’s got more than 100,000 subscribers and takes an interesting approach to video. That, combined with his charisma and unique way of just being himself is what attracts people to his channel. He covers gaming reviews, PC builds, and so much more. Plus, he’s got an impressive following on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms, too, so you can learn a lot from his social media efforts. 

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