10 Video Marketers to Learn from to Grow Your Marketing Agency's Followers on TikTok, YouTube & Facebook


Video marketing and viral videos are the way of the future, but they’re also relevant now. If you’re not building a following on video sites like YouTube and TikTok, you’re not doing your marketing agency the justice that it deserves. Video influencers, as they’re known, aren’t just doing it for publicity and fame—some are, of course, but several of the video marketers and influencers on the market today work in a professional industry like marketing and are doing their part to help others succeed. 

We’re not talking about the “famous for being famous” crowd. We’re talking about actual professionals who are becoming big influencers in their industries and the world of video marketing alike. They may have a certain expertise or way about them that sets them apart, or they may just be an expert in their field and particularly effective at conveying that through video. 

In this guide, we’ll cover 10 of the best video marketers that you can learn from to help grow your follower base on sites like Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube. Before we get into the list, though, let’s talk a little more about video marketing, what it offers, and why you need it. 

  • 87% of marketing professionals are using video in their own branding and marketing arsenal. 
  • More than 54% of all Internet users prefer video content or want more from the brands they engage with

The percentage of marketers that will be using video on social media:

  • 88% will be using YouTube
  • 76% will be using Facebook
  • 66% will be using LinkedIn, a relatively new addition to the video marketing world
  • In 2019, users reported spending approximately 6 hours and 48 minutes per week watching online videos. 

And it’s only expected to continue to grow. Already, the demographic of Internet users under age 36 are spending more hours watching online videos than they spend watching TV or entertaining other traditional broadcast mediums. And perhaps the most startling statistic of them all:

By 2022, it’s anticipated that 82% of global Internet traffic will be generated from online video streaming or video downloads.

Is your brand keeping up? Do you even know how? With the assistance of the video marketers below, you can get a much better jump on your own video strategy. And in order to fill in the “why”, here are some of the things video marketing can do for your agency. 

The case for video marketing 

In the world of marketing and advertising, it’s always been important to reach people in their preferred mediums. After all, it looks a lot less like advertising and a lot more like a convenient suggestion when people find things where they expect them. You can send out 10,000 nonspecific flyers to every mailbox you’ve ever gotten a lead capture for and still only generate a few good leads. 

On the other hand, you could spend a few hours creating a dynamic video for YouTube or TikTok, engage your followers instantly, and grow your subscriber base without having to wait for the results. 

That’s the power of video marketing. Plus, you can use it for just about anything. Take a note from the pages of the experts, who use video marketing for:

  • Actual marketing and advertising campaigns
  • Tutorials and how-to videos
  • Tips and tricks videos 
  • Member or subscriber-exclusive content
  • Relevant industry news 
  • Consulting, coaching, and training 
  • Sharing or reviewing other content/videos 

You can use videos to connect with people on a more personal level, as well as to educate, inform, and help build your brand identity. 

No matter how you use it, you can find a lot of value in video marketing when you do it correctly. And now, to help with that, let’s discuss the 10 best people for your marketing agency to work with. 

The top 10 video marketers your marketing agency should know 

1. Brian Dean

From Backlinko, we bring you Brian Dean, one of the best of the best in video marketing today. He’s known for getting leads and getting results and is one of the most popular digital marketing experts for 2021 and beyond. He’s been featured in Inc., Huffington Post, and other publications. He also has traffic generation and link building down to an art form and he even “invents” some of the strangest strategies that a lot of people don’t even realize exist. He has tons of successful marketing strategies to offer to help you and he focuses on offering actionable advice, which is going to get you further than just a bunch of talk. 

2. Neil Patel 

Part SEO guru, part digital marketing success, Neil Patel is one of the best examples of professional influencing available today. He has a publication rate for both videos and written blogs that is not only intense, but it’s also a bit insane to the average marketer. However, it’s proven to be effective for him in helping him build a following of millions of entrepreneurs and small businesses that are looking for someone who they can relate to and learn from at once. 

He was rated one of the top 100 entrepreneurs under age 30 by former President Barack Obama and continues to excel in all that he does. He has worked with some major brands and has even been featured on sites like Forbes. 

3. Scott Stratten

Scott Stratten works alongside his wife and together they have founded UnMarketing, an unconventional marketing agency that delivers a new level of support and results based on their own expertise. This dynamic duo has mastered viral videos and they know how to help other brands get there, too. The couple has also published half a dozen books in their time, and they’ve spoken for companies like IBM and Microsoft, offering unique approaches to viral video marketing that are going to change the way that you see things and the way that you work. 

Scott and his wife have a lot of useful knowledge about viral videos and video marketing that will help your agency get set up for success. 

4. Phil Nottingham

Phil is a UK-based video strategist and marketing professional. He works for himself and is also a product strategist at Wistia, offering valuable insight on marketing with video, including how to get results in industries like marketing where competition is fiercer than ever, and your clients might not think they have time for video. He’s done interviews in the past about how to improve video strategy and in addition to his host of videos and his social media profiles, you can find plenty of third-party reviews and interviews that he’s done over the years to get a better idea of who he is and how he can help you with your video marketing needs. 

5. David Murdico

David Murdico is the face behind Supercool Creative Agency, a marketing and creative firm that’s got a long history of working with thousands of brands to help them improve their marketing strategies. He offers tons of videos, tips and examples, and other resources to help agencies like yours build a better following and improve your videos to maximize interest and improve your lead generation and retention rates. He has a unique way of doing business and he makes sure that videos are designed to get noticed, which is exactly what the modern business today needs. 

6. Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk is a self-made success and one of the most well-known entrepreneurs out there today. He owns and is the CEO of Varner Media and has basically been in business since the day he was both. He is great at teaching and offering valuable insight, helping companies create successful campaigns that can take their video marketing to the next level. He even posts several selfie-style videos that prove that you don’t have to have a huge marketing budget to make a huge impact. 

Vaynerchuk has all kinds of social media pages to explore, including his YouTube channel, and you can even find a lot of information and insight on his website directly. 

7. Casey Neistat

Casey is one of the pioneers of YouTube influencer living. He offers a lot of inspiration and insight for those who are still considering video marketing or haven’t started yet. While he does a lot to bolster his chances of success, there is one thing that sets him (and the other leading video influencers) apart: he knows when to post videos to maximize views. He pays attention to things like the fact that Sunday afternoon is a better time to share new content than Monday at 10 a.m. when most people are working (or at least not watching endless hours of viral videos). He’s also among the first in the business, so you can trust that he’s got the skills and experience that you need. 

8. Tyler Lessard

Tyler is a digital marketing veteran. He focuses on offering data-driven advice and helps people get an inside look at the video marketing world before they get in over their heads. He’s got a passion for creative storytelling and loves using data to make strategies more effective. He can help with a variety of areas of business and product development, marketing, and more. He has profiles on Forbes, LinkedIn, and other sites, and as the current VP of Marketing and Chief Video Strategist at Vidyard, he’s got the industry insight and experience that you need on your side when you’re building your own marketing agency through video. 

Tyler is all about pushing people out of their comfort zones to find success, which includes his teachings and efforts in video marketing. 

9. Mark Robertson

Mark is a marketing genius with a penchant for video marketing. He's the head honcho over in the marketing department at vidIQ, but he’s also spent years in other businesses and even dabbled in some entrepreneurial efforts over the years. He offers sound advice on video marketing, including everything from how-to videos to tips and insights, and he has a no-nonsense approach to ensure that you embrace growth in changing your own marketing strategies so that you can continue to succeed. 

Mark Robertson focuses on soft skills and becoming confident in your video skills as a means to become more successful with it, which is a great lesson to learn. After all, anyone can follow instructions to create and share a video on YouTube, but not everyone can develop those soft skills to help their marketing agency grow. With Mark’s help, nothing is holding you back. 

10. George B. Thomas

George B. Thomas has extensive experience in the world of marketing. His Twitter feed will keep you updated with informative, yet fun articles and videos that educate you on all kinds of topics. He has a special place for video marketing and offers plenty of valuable insights that can help you create a good strategy to grow your brand through video. He’s been in the business industry for several years and can also offer insight and tips on general marketing topics and more. 

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