10 Video Marketers to Learn from to Grow Your Flooring Business' Followers on TikTok, YouTube & Facebook


In the flooring business, you’ve got a lot on your plate when you get to the world of digital marketing. There’s a great big world of flooring companies out there that have already built quite an empire online. The good part of that is that you’ve got people you can learn from in growing your own business. 

The not-so-good part? You’ve got to get started now and get a dynamic video marketing strategy in place to grow your following if you want to keep pace. Fortunately, you’re not alone. In addition to people and brands who are already doing it well (we’ll cover them below), we’ve created this guide to help you learn more about the reasons you need to use video in your marketing efforts and how it can give you the personal touch that your audience wants on social platforms. 

For starters, people watch somewhere between six and sixteen hours of video each week on the Internet. And by 2022, it’s been reported that 82% or more of all Internet traffic will come from videos. The numbers are staggering, and the statistics are plentiful. They all point to the same thing, however: 

It's no longer about if you need video. It’s about how to use video successfully to build your social following and more. 

How to use video marketing in the service industry

As a service business, you’ve spent years trying to find the best ways to reach your audience. There are a lot of different changing trends that have come and gone over the years, but one thing has remained the same: people love connection, and they love feeling like they know the companies they’re doing business with. Therefore, you can use video to your advantage in several ways. 

In the list below, we’ll cover 10 of the best people to watch right now to help you with your own video marketing strategy. They offer plenty of insight that can help you set your brand up for success, even if you’re just starting. Before you dive in, though, here are some big tips to help you navigate the world of video marketing for flooring and other home services. 

  • Always start with a dynamic content strategy. One or two types of videos are great, but the more you can offer, the better. Take a look at some of the channels and social media profiles of those listed below. They've got everything from tutorials on how to run your business to insight on helping customers pick flooring, and more. The only way to succeed with video is to put it to use everywhere you can. 
  • Make it count. Not every video has to be professionally produced or have a huge budget. However, every video needs to have a purpose and an audience. Much like written content, you can’t just post things for the sake of posting them. Your audience needs to know why you’re sharing this information. 
  • Try a few different things. Some people have more luck with one style of video or another. If you aren’t sure what’s going to work, give a few things a shot. Don’t pigeonhole yourself into one type of video or limit what you can do because then you’re just limiting your potential audience. 
  • Be engaging and personable. People don’t want some stuffy, uninteresting person trying to sell them flooring or help them understand how to choose the flooring in their home. Your audience wants to work with regular people who understand their needs and who they can communicate with effectively. Deliver that and the rest will fall into place. 
  • Consider adding “oops” videos or funny content that will engage and get people’s attention. After all, video marketing isn’t just about giving people the facts. It's about giving them something to watch, and more importantly, something worth coming back for. 
  • Don’t just do what everyone else is doing. Yes, follow along and take notes to see what they’re doing and how they are building success. Don't follow blindly, though. Collect all of the information and insight you want to offer and then create a dynamic video strategy that suits your brand. 

These are just a few things to keep in mind when it comes to using video marketing. Your flooring business has a lot of potential here for everything from how-to videos and tutorials to expose-type news, getting-to-know-you videos, and more. And to help with that potential, here’s who to watch. 

The top 10 video marketers for flooring and home services businesses

1. Cory Gray

The owner and founder of Awake Marketing, Cory wants to help brands grow their sales and service businesses in a whole new way. He offers a video where he’s inset, talking and showing his face so that you can develop that personal connection, and behind that, the main video consists of text, images, and video content that explain and illustrate what he’s talking about. He's a great one to follow because he keeps up on marketing trends and even helps you learn what the “outdated” methods are so that you can get rid of them once and for all. He posts a lot of different marketing videos, and his own diverse collection should be enough to inspire your brand. 

2. The Carpet Guys

The Carpet Guys are a great team to watch if you want to learn about how to draw in an audience and keep people engaged with fun content. They're not only going to offer advice and insight on flooring for their audience, but they also share valuable information about running a flooring business and how to build it successfully. They focus on things like digital marketing and embracing video and social media and can offer a unique perspective for just about anyone. The most popular video is their “What Makes the Carpet Guys the Best Flooring Company in Michigan?” and it offers plenty of insight to help you get started on your video marketing strategy. 

3. The Handyman

The Handyman offers lots of great firsthand tips and insight on being a successful contractor and working on various things, including flooring, in the home. Although he’s not dedicated specifically to flooring, we love his unique style and appreciate how he encourages everyone to work smarter to build their business. He offers insight on landing jobs, growing profits, and dealing with homeowners, plus more. Plus, he connects with his audience through DIY and how-to videos, and more. 

4. Texas Best Flooring Company

At Texas Best Flooring Company, they understand the versatile nature of video and how they can use it to expand their brand. They have more than one channel on YouTube providing an array of insights on flooring, running a flooring business, and even specific niches and trades within the industry, such a tile, carpet, and more. The company doesn’t have as many subscribers as some out there, but their videos are engaging, their content is useful, and they have years of experience in the flooring business, which adds up to a recipe for success. 

5. Home RenoVision DIY

Jeff Thorman has created an impressive channel that’s got millions of followers and most of his recent videos have more than 50K views in just the first few weeks. He offers tons of insight and advice on home renovations, including flooring installation, and works to be “just a guy” who helps people out. His attitude and professionalism can be a great source of inspiration for your own video marketing efforts. He also has an array of content available and posts regularly, proving that a constant content strategy is always the best one. 

6. Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary is the go-to guy for sales and marketing, in our book. if you’re in any business of selling products or services, he’s got the years of experience and creative entrepreneurial mindset that you want to follow. He has been in business his entire life and is a self-made success in several ways. One thing that sets Gary apart is his ability to adapt to trends and stay on point in his marketing and branding efforts. He never questions the new trends—if they’re working, he embraces them. You can see this in his selection of selfie-style videos where he connects with his audience like a “regular person” but still offers invaluable business advice and insight. He’s the CEO of the VarnerMedia empire currently, but he’s got a lot of experience to offer those who need it. 

7. Scott Stratten

Scott and his wife have mastered the art of viral video and they know how to build a following, no matter what industry you’re in. They focus on taking marketing to unique new places to assist you in building your business. Any sales business can benefit from the unique approach of these two, who know how to have fun with viral videos. They've written six books together on the subject and run UnMarketing.com, a business dedicated to taking the ‘standard’ out of marketing to create the ideal social following and more. If it’s their reputation you’re worried about, this duo has spoken at events for names like Microsoft and IBM, so you can count on them knowing their stuff. 

8. George B. Thomas 

George offers years of insight and experience in video marketing for sales and retail brands that are trying to build their following. He has been working in marketing and business for years and he knows how to get noticed and get results. He started on Twitter himself, but his social networks are vast, and they continue to grow, including his Facebook and YouTube channels. He can offer a unique perspective in helping brands build their name through video marketing and covers various business topics and tips, from growth and retention to keeping up with trends, and more. 

9. Georgina Bisby

With plenty of subscribers and videos posted on a regular basis, Georgina offers insight on renovations and extension projects, including flooring and other updates. Her personable approach makes her videos enjoyable, and she has a great Instagram following, as well. Although she doesn’t publish content as frequently as some, she does offer a lot of resources and valuable insight, proving that quality counts as much as quantity. If you want to learn how to do great tutorials and how-to videos, she’s your best choice. 

10. Jenna Sue

One of the few females on the list, Jenna Sue has a unique approach that’s personable and easy to understand. Her videos have hundreds of thousands of views, and she has a way of talking to people that makes her easy to follow and understand. She offers a lot of tutorials and insight on renovations and projects, and even has tours and other uploads to share. There are tons of different options here, which is a great example of versatility in video marketing for your flooring business. Between that and her perfect video personality, that’s what makes Jenna worth a look. 

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