10 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Sales


Sales outsourcing is a hot topic these days. So many companies have their own sales teams, but their efforts are limited and often don’t allow the desired results. Whether you’re on a limited budget or you are just looking for a better way to do things, outsourcing your sales could be the way to go. It eliminates inefficiencies and helps you get a competitive advantage, among many other things. 

Read on to learn about 10 of the best benefits of sales outsourcing. 

1. Reduced overhead costs 

It’s far cheaper to hire an outsourced team than to actually bring on sales reps as in-house employees. What you’d spend on salary, benefits, training and onboarding, and even sourcing candidates adds up quickly. For a fraction of that cost, you can get a full team of sales experts that will be ready to help whenever you need. 

You can even outsource your outreach campaigns with Smith.ai, providing you with a dedicated team that will handle all of your outreach for a fraction of the cost of doing it in-house. (More on this later)

2. Dedicated expertise 

Another perk that comes from outsourcing sales is that you get access to dedicated experts that understand the sales process. They are trained in all areas of outbound sales, inbound sales, marketing and outreach, and so forth. These experts and teams can often help your own sales reps improve and make changes. They might even inspire you with better training insights for the future of your own staff. 

3. Free up your sales team 

Your sales team already has a lot on its plate. From answering follow-up calls and emails to finding ways to push customers through to conversion, they are working hard day in and day out. And yet, without giving them more work, you have no way to ramp up your sales. That is, unless you choose to outsource. Sales outsourcing means that your own reps have time to focus on their dedicated efforts, including things like closing, remarketing, and building lifetime customers. 

4. Access better technology tools 

Sometimes, you can’t afford to upgrade all the technology that you need. When you outsource, you don’t have to. You can choose partners that have the best technology and tools to get the job done. They’ll work on your behalf to find better sales leads and drive conversions, and you won’t have to invest in the tech yourself. 

5. Drive sales growth 

Your sales reps are rock stars, no doubt. However, outsourced sales teams are experts at driving growth and seeing the big picture. They aren’t shy or timid about closing deals. They’re also not distracted by the rest of the day-to-day activities like your sales team might be. This allows them to focus on driving growth in exponential ways. 

Perhaps you’re short on sales staff, and that’s why you’re outsourcing. In that case, the potential to drive sales is greater than ever. You’ll have a team whose entire job is to get sales, and they’ll do exceptionally at it when you choose the right people for the job. 

6. Scalable, flexible solutions

Outsourcing also makes it easier for you to create the perfect solution for your sales and marketing needs. Your in-house staff and resources might be limited, but you can get whatever you need when you outsource. Partner with an expert team and you will see how they can support scalability and flexibility over time to help you build a better business. Plus, when you need more or less help, you can make that adjustment with ease. 

7. Better access to talent and expertise 

You might think that you’ve got some of the best sales reps around—and you’re probably right. However, outsourced sales teams have one mission: to sell. They have been around. They’ve worked in multiple industries and verticals. They know how to get things done. You can find better talent and more industry experts when you choose to outsource your sales and marketing. Plus, you won’t have to spend a small fortune on their salaries when you do. 

If you want the best of the best in sales, you’ll usually find them through outsourcing. And when you can get them for such a low cost, you’ve got nothing to lose. 

8. Quicker results 

Outsourced sales teams will be able to get quicker, better results for all sales efforts. For starters, they have the necessary expertise. The other thing to consider is that they will only be working on outsourced sales efforts. If you try to get your team to handle it, the results process could be lengthy. However, with outsourced teams, you’ll get much quicker improvements in sales and conversions. 

9. Lowers your risk 

When you choose to work with an outsourced partner, you are reducing the risk to your business of these new marketing efforts. They will provide a highly trained, experienced staff of sales reps that provide results without the risk to your bottom line or your business processes. You’ll guarantee that you’ve got a pipeline filled with high-quality leads and it won’t take any of your resources to do it. 

10. Better positioning for future growth 

Finally, if you have a team that’s handling all of your sales efforts, you will find that they are better at positioning the brand for future growth and success. Even if your sales team has the right experience, they may not have a “big picture” mindset as outsourced experts do. They will focus their efforts on generating sales now, but also setting you up for future success. 

Speaking of outsourcing, add Smith.ai to the list 

While you’re busy running your business, the dedicated virtual receptionists at Smith.ai can help with all types of outsourcing needs. We can serve as your 24/7 answering service to provide support around the clock. Plus, we can assist with lead intake and appointment scheduling, and all of this comes with our dedicated support for outreach campaigns

Reach out to hello@smith.ai or schedule a consultation to learn more about how our outsourcing can help your business. 

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Written by Samir Sampat

Samir Sampat is a Marketing Manager with Smith.ai. He has experience working with businesses of all sizes focusing on marketing, communications, and business development.

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Take the faster path to growth.
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