Top Customer Complaints & How to Stay Ahead of Them

Customers are the key to your business. When they have complaints, it can quickly create a lot of issues that you weren’t prepared for. Even one bad Google review can do a lot more damage than you realize, which is why it’s important to take a proactive approach to customer service and customer relationships. When it comes to monitoring quality control, the gauge of customer satisfaction is one of the purest measurements that you have. For that reason alone, it’s essential to stay ahead of complaints and focus on continuous improvement of the customer experience.

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Best SEO Tips for Small Businesses

As search engine optimization, or SEO, continues to change and evolve, small businesses often find themselves struggling to come up with an effective strategy. From concerns about business interruptions and changed consumer behaviors to the uncertainty of how to go about effectively implementing SEO, SMBs and their teams may be wary to invest in their optimization efforts. However, that’s the last thing that you want to do. When things are slow, when sales are down, and when forecasts are tentative at best, investing in marketing and branding can do wonders.

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Black-Hat/White-Hat SEO 101: Everything You Need to Know

When you’re just getting started with SEO, it’s important to learn the basics before you get in over your head. That includes learning about search engine optimization tactics and methods, as well as the best practices. This will ensure that you get it right to get the best rankings, and more importantly that you don’t do anything that could get you banned from search engines—potentially for life.

Read more… Named to Best Places to Work in 2023 by Business Intelligence Group

The Business Intelligence Group today announced that it has awarded as one of the Best Places to Work in the Small Business category for 2023. Read on to learn more about this award and why it means so much to our growing company!

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Get 10% Off Your First Outreach Campaign through March 31!

Use code SPRINGAHEAD by March 31 and we'll take 10% off your first Outreach Campaign!

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Top 5 Closing Techniques for Sales

No two sales teams are the same, nor are their techniques. However, certain best practices work better than others when it comes to the sales funnel, especially at the closing stage. After all, this is usually the make-it-or-break-it point—very few people will give you the option to remarket to them if you can’t seal the deal the first time around.

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Google Business Profile (Formerly Google My Business): Your Questions, Our Answers

Originally known as Google My Business, the updated Google Business Profile is an essential element of search engine optimization for businesses today. Local businesses, especially, can benefit from utilizing this profile to boost their local SEO efforts. However, when properly used, it can do several things for any business, including supporting optimization efforts.

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Clickfunnels vs. Kajabi vs. LeadPages: Compare Online Lead Funnels

Online lead funnels and landing page builders are plentiful. However, they’re not all created equally. Also known as landing page builders, these tools are designed to help you create pages that will get leads to convert and help you grow your business. Having a tool that makes building landing pages easy comes with its own benefits, but you have to make sure that you choose the right platform in the first place.

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Save 20% now on virtual receptionist services through March 31!

You might lose an hour this season with the time change, but we'll help you get your time back! is the most capable virtual receptionist service. We combine the best human talent with the most advanced AI technology. Our virtual receptionists are so efficient and accurate – it's like they have superpowers!If you've been on the fence, now's the time to spring into action and we'll take 20% off of your bill for two months!

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How to Use ValueSelling Framework® to Improve Sales Team Performance

The ValueSelling Framework® is a proven formula to help accelerate the results of any sales team. Value-based selling allows organizations to improve forecasting accuracy, sales coaching, and increase productivity. Despite the interconnectivity of the world around us, sales organizations are struggling to find their way. 82% of customers are asking for value tools that organizations don’t have, which means it’s time to step up the game. Value selling addresses a lot of this.

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