May 4, 2018

Why U.S.-Based Virtual Receptionists Make a Difference

At, we work with many different types of businesses, from law firms to wealth management companies to IT consulting firms. But no matter the type of business, one quality all businesses want from their virtual receptionist service is clear, effective, and natural communication. U.S.-based receptionists are solely equipped to deliver the high-quality call handling required. In this article, we go into the main reasons why.

The benefits of using U.S.-based virtual receptionists

As a business owner, you have many options for live answering services, each of which has their benefits and drawbacks. But no matter what service you choose, make sure it's one that isn't outsourcing their services to agents in other countries. Here are some of the main benefits of choosing a virtual receptionist service that hires agents based in the United States.

There’s an ease of communication

With U.S.-based virtual receptionists, there are no language barriers between your callers and our team. Each team member at is natively fluent in American English and is professionally experienced in customer service. We believe everyone deserves to be heard and understood. Some people may be calling you because they have a problem and are looking for help from your business. Maybe you're an IT consultant and they have a computer malfunction, or maybe you're a family attorney and they're calling about a divorce. These are stressful calls to make for the individual in need. We strive to create a pleasant experience when your callers reach us, and that starts with clear communication.

We’re familiar with American business norms and etiquette

Because our virtual receptionists are based in the U.S., they are a part of American culture. They are well versed in business norms, phone etiquette, and the everyday nuances and colloquialisms of American communication. This means they can not only handle calls professionally and put callers at ease, but they are also comfortable with holding a conversation naturally. All of this can make a world of difference when it comes to lead capture and qualification. If a new lead is not wondering in the back of their mind, "Where is this receptionist based? They don't sound like they're an in-house receptionist. I have doubts about this business," it's easier for them to focus on their needs and their reason for calling. 

Moreover, if you're switching from an in-house receptionist to a virtual receptionist service, existing clients won't be alarmed because whoever answers the phone from will sound like an individual you would hire in-house. There's no risk of alarming your current customers. 

We don't need to rely on scripts

Business that hire operate across many different industries, including law, finance, IT, and real estate. Each of those industries requires a certain level of knowledge and understanding to handle customer inquiries, and every business we work with provides our receptionists with important FAQs about their specific business, including how it works, areas serviced, services available, fees, how new clients can get started, how to handle calls from certain people, and so on. This information is presented to the receptionists when a caller for your business dials in.

Combined with the fact that we hire receptionists with professional customer service experience, this information allows agents to handle calls  without scripts, which we believe is crucial to delivering the experience of an in-house receptionist. Of course there will be a scripted greeting, but beyond that, receptionists are equipped both with their learned skills and your business information, to handle the rest of the call naturally, completely customizing their responses to callers. 

We live in the same time zones

When you work with U.S.-based receptionists, you never have to worry about your virtual receptionists living in a drastically different time zone. Our team members live and work in the States, and we have client support specialists across all time zones, so you'll never have to schedule time to change settings in your account at some odd-ball hour, which could be the case if we had staff 12 hours behind you in a different country. We’re available to answer calls (and help you get the most out of your service) from 5am – 6pm PT / 8am – 9pm ET, meaning we’re very likely to be at work when you are.

We provide bilingual services

The U.S. population is diverse, and you may find this reflected in your customer base. purposely seeks out bilingual receptionists so we can address the needs of English- and Spanish-speaking business owners, staff, and their clients. 

Experience the difference

At, we're passionate about providing your business with the best call answering and intake services, which is why our receptionists are U.S.-based. Call us at (650) 727-6484 Monday through Friday between 5am – 6pm PT or email us at to learn more about how we can help your business thrive. The best way to get started is with our 30-day/10-call free trial.

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