Why AI Voice Assistants Are Better Than IVRs and Automated Call Services


The battle of the bots is upon us. Outdated systems like automated callers and IVRs are challenged by AI tools like voice assistants and chatbots that can not only deliver that automated service but do so in a personalized manner. For most people, it’s clear that the new AI voice assistants are a much better option than previous tools that are still being used by many. For others, it might be more confusing if you don’t know much about AI or how all this tech-savvy communication works. 

What are IVRs and automated call services?

Automated call answering systems refer to the entire gamut of options out there today, although most people are referring to the systems of yesteryear. These systems are designed to answer inbound calls automatically and deliver various interactions or services to the callers. 

These systems can use pre-recorded messages or interactive voice response (IVR) technology to help callers find the information they need. They can also take messages via voicemail, point customers toward messages and important information, handle high call volumes, and more. 

However, these systems come with several limitations. For starters, you can’t tailor the experience to the needs of each customer. Everything is based on a preset selection of possible journeys. This means there is no reactive approach, and many customers get frustrated with the long menus and difficult navigation of these outdated systems. 

For that reason, AI is quickly taking over as the preferred option, which leads us to the creation of the AI voice assistant. 

What is an AI voice assistant?

An AI voice assistant is an artificial intelligence model that uses data to train itself to understand and respond to user inquiries or input. This is essentially a digital team member that incorporates all the benefits of automated call answering and live human interaction. These systems can answer inbound calls 24 hours a day, handle high call volumes, and deliver authentic, human-like interactions for callers. 

An AI voice assistant will ensure that you capture every opportunity, lead, and query that comes your way. It can help you collect valuable customer information, book appointments, answer common questions, direct people to FAQ pages and other resources, and more. 

Essentially, the voice assistant takes things one step further, using machine learning and artificial intelligence to deliver a personalized communication tool that will provide a better experience for customers across the board. 

What makes AI voice assistants better?

There are several reasons to consider upgrading to an AI voice assistant. When compared to traditional automated call solutions, they offer several perks. You will have access to better consumer insights and more personalization for your customers. You can provide two-way communication without having a person at the other end of the line, leading to higher customer satisfaction and a better customer experience. 

Voice is faster than texting and easier for many people. For your business, this assistant can do more than just interact with your customers. It can help you schedule appointments, set reminders, follow up with customers, and more. 

Using AI voice assistants means you will enjoy the following:

  • Increased customer satisfaction 
  • A better customer experience 
  • Reduced wait times and agent workloads
  • Personalized insights and information 
  • Customized interactions for unique experiences 
  • A tool that can grow and scale with your business over time

AI can learn 

Perhaps the biggest benefit of incorporating AI into your customer service is that unlike pre-trained systems and pre-set IVR menus, artificial intelligence can train itself over time. It uses previous interactions as a reference point and learns during each interaction based on how the customer responds. This means you can simultaneously deliver better solutions and learn more about your customers. 

AI can also learn in ways that help you further improve your customer service and deliver the experience that your audience demands. You can check reports to see what AI is doing for your business, how it’s being used most often, and more. This kind of insight isn’t something you can get from other automated phone services of decades past. 

Voice assistants continue to grow

While auto attendants and automated services have limits on how far they can expand or scale your business without your assistance, AI doesn’t have this issue. Voice assistants are growing and learning continually. They take in tons of data and analyze it regularly. This allows them to deliver a better experience every single time. 

While we may never perfect customer service, AI voice assistants are certainly helping us get closer than we ever have been. Take the time to explore the different voice assistants out there, along with use cases where companies have found success implementing these tools. That will help you see just how much value they have to your business. 

Quick recap: AI vs. IVR and automated systems 

Here’s a glance at the main differences between AI voice assistants and other automated systems. As you can see, the benefits are pretty obvious. 

AI Voice Assistants

  • Customizable
  • Can learn and train itself
  • Provides quick, contextual answers 
  • Deliver insights and reports for future use


  • Preset or pre-programmed with limited customization 
  • Only knows what you tell it to know
  • Often includes complicated menus and navigation
  • Can record calls or interactions, but doesn’t deliver as much customized insight

Partner with Smith.ai for AI support and more

At Smith.ai, we thrive on cutting-edge technology, which fostered the development of our new AI Voice Assistant. Check out its features and see how it can help you improve your customer experience. Plus, ask how our virtual receptionists can also provide a 24/7 answering service with live agents and support for lead intake, appointment scheduling, and even live chat. 

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