Top 10 Keynote Shortcuts to Finish Your Presentation Faster


Keynote is a popular presentation tool designed specifically for Apple users. It comes with a standard set of shortcuts and quick access features, along with the option to change many of the shortcuts in the System Preferences menu. Not all of the shortcuts can be modified, mind you, but there are several that you can adapt to your exact needs. In this guide, we’ll take a look at the top 10 shortcuts for Keynote to help Apple users finish work faster and create more dynamic presentations. 

Why Keynote shortcuts?

Some people don’t see a reason to use shortcuts. After all, saving a few clicks or seconds isn’t that big of a deal, is it? Well, when you consider that those few clicks will quickly add up to minutes, hours, and even days, as tasks continue, you can see how using shortcuts can enhance productivity for you and the entire organization alike. 

Keynote shortcuts are designed to make everything easier. You no longer have to deal with navigating through the menus to find the actions that you want and you won’t have to lose your flow while creating a presentation because you’ll have access to all the shortcuts you need. We’re going to cover 10 of the most popular shortcuts here, but feel free to check out Apple’s support doc for Keynote to see a full list of available shortcuts. 

Note: To make the shortcuts clear, any symbols used as shortcuts will be displayed inside brackets. i.e. [+], [arrow key], etc. Letter and number shortcuts will be listed without brackets.

1. Cmd + [+] or Cmd + [-]

This two-for-one shortcut is a simple text modification tool that every user will appreciate. Pressing the command key and the plus or minus sign (+ or -) will increase or decrease the text size. Although it’s handy, it’s best used for small changes and final adjustments. Large-scale font changes should be done using the Format pane. 

2. Cmd + K

This is a fairly universal shortcut and it will help you with all your presentations. This will allow you to insert a hyperlink in whatever you’re working on within the Keynote platform. 

3. Cmd + D

This handy shortcut will allow you to create a duplicate slide. You can also use this shortcut to duplicate specific elements contained within the slide when you don’t want to duplicate the entire thing. 

4. Cmd + [ { ]

When you press these two keys, you will see the text align to the left. This shortcut is the left align shortcut and it makes alignment much easier than trying to find the correct menu. 

5. Opt + Cmd + V

In a Keynote slide deck, this is a really good shortcut to use. When you’re doing a lot of copying of information from notes or online references, those inconsistencies in formatting can slip through the cracks and look terrible. Fortunately, this shortcut allows it to paste seamlessly. 

6. Cmd + 0

When you’ve been zooming in and out of your slideshow, you can use this shortcut to take you back to 100% view. The scroll wheel on the mouse is what a lot of people use, but when you’re without a mouse or just want a quick justification, this one works. 

7. Cmd + [right arrow]

This will move you to the end of the current line in a presentation or text box, or the end of the show if you have the main elements selected. Essentially, it fast tracks you to the end of whatever you’re working on, saving you having to mouse over or tab over one space at a time. 

8. Cmd + N

This will open the theme chooser in the Keynote application, allowing you to start customizing your slide deck with just a quick click of the buttons. No longer do you have to memorize where every single feature is because shortcuts make it easy. 

9. Cmd + [;]

With this shortcut, you’re never far from the dictionary. This one will start the spelling and grammar check, running it through all of your slides to ensure that there are no spelling or grammatical errors in your final presentation. 

10. Cmd + F

If you need to find something in a hurry, you’ll be able to do it easily with this shortcut. You can also use variations of this shortcut to find next and previous, making it easier to edit and modify your presentations when you’re trying to finalize all the details. 

Command your way to the top with Keynote shortcuts and more

Whether it’s the shortcuts that we’ve covered here or any others that you find for Keynote, you’ll be sure to improve your efficiency and learn just how much smarter you can work without having to rely on that pesky mouse or touchpad all the time. And remember, this is only a fraction of what shortcuts can do. You can check out Apple’s support center for more information on the shortcuts and how they work. 

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