Top 10 Evernote Shortcuts to Sharpen Your Notetaking Skills


Evernote is one of the go-to choices for note-taking and organizing files. Many users consider it a second brain of sorts, and it remains a popular choice for power users because of all of its features and plenty of other reasons. For starters, Evernote is available on every single platform, which means you can use Evernote on your Android phone, your MacBook Pro for work, your Chromebook for your business school courses, etc.—and it will all transfer and translate effectively. 

Of course, the programs are inter-compatible, but that doesn’t mean that they work identically. For one thing, like all shortcuts, there will be different options for Windows, macOS, and other versions of Evernote based on the keys used and the way the software is programmed. In this guide, we’re going to look at 10 of the best Evernote shortcuts for Windows users, but you can check out the Evernote help guide to learn about shortcuts for all operating systems and devices. 

The benefits of shortcuts 

So many people think that a keyboard shortcut here and an F key there really make a big impact on productivity. However, all those seconds saved add up to minutes, and eventually hours, and so on. Therefore, you should take heed of all keyboard shortcuts and use them effectively so that you can improve your efficiency and more. With Evernote, shortcuts mean you don’t have to lose your flow of writing or note-taking when you need to do something. 

Plus, there are shortcuts available for all types of devices, including mobile devices, so everyone should be able to maximize their use of this product by getting to know all these shortcuts. If you visit the Evernote guide, you’ll see that some shortcuts that used to exist are no longer available—that’s just because they weren’t very useful in the first place. 

Shortcuts are also great if you’re in a situation where you don’t know where to go to find something so using the mouse is a moot point. Perhaps you know that you need to search for something, but don’t know how to make the search bar appear from hiding. That’s one example of where shortcuts can come in handy. They make computing easier and more efficient for everyone. 

When they’re added to tools like Evernote, which was originally designed for productivity anyway, it’s a grand slam for effectiveness and streamlined use, no matter what you might be using Evernote for. 

Here are some of the top shortcuts to keep on hand. 

1. Ctrl + Alt + N

This will allow you to open a new note when you’re in the Evernote app. That way, you can start creating right away and don’t have to stop typing. Simply press the shortcut keys and a new note will appear that you can fill with anything you like. 

2. Alt + Ctrl + S

This shortcut is handy if you’re ever having discrepancies about notes saving (or being shared). You can press these three keys and capture the screen, which will give you a physical image of your note(s) on the computer screen. That’s a great backup to have and also works well as a reminder for some people. 

3. Ctrl + Alt + V

If you want to paste content from somewhere else into Evernote, this shortcut will take care of it. It doesn’t matter where the content is copied from, either. As long as it can be copied, you can then paste it into a new (or existing) note as needed. 

4. Ctrl + [+]

This shortcut allows you to zoom in on your notes without using the mouse or touchpad. 

5. Ctrl + [-]

Conversely, this is the shortcut to zoom out on Evernote when you want to go back to the original or if you are trying to make the page smaller. 

6. Ctrl + Q

With this shortcut, you’ll be able to easily switch to your note, notebook, search, or tags. That way, you can find the information that you need or work on locating it by getting to the right place to begin with. 

7. Ctrl + Alt +1

If you are looking for an easy way to access all your notes while you’re using Evernote, this shortcut works well. Press these keys and you will get a list of All Notes so that you can review them, find a specific one, or do anything else that you’d like.  

8. Ctrl + Alt + F

In case you need to search Evernote for one of your notes, you can use this shortcut to jump to the search bar. Then, you can simply enter the search query and hit “enter” and see what comes up. It’s a great way to hunt something down without having to click around to find it. 

9. F10

Here’s a nice, simple shortcut that’s still rather effective. pressing F10 will toggle the navigation menu (show/hide). Sometimes, it’s handy to have that menu available. In other cases, it might be easier to work with it out of the way. That’s what this shortcut helps with. 

10. Ctrl + Shift + I

This shortcut makes it easy to display the info about the note without having to dig into the settings with the mouse. Just press the shortcut and the information will display on the screen so that you know the details of all your notes. 

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