How to Use the Command of the Sale® Method to Improve Sales Team Performance


Developed by Force Management, the Command of the Sale® methodology is designed to help your sales team better qualify and advance leads, as well as to close more sales opportunities. This is a buyer-driven sales methodology that helps organizations develop a common sales language to boost sales and align with the customer buying process to deliver better results. 

This method is designed to help sales teams position themselves as trusted authorities and provide solutions that are value-based. It also helps separate them from the competition by delivering that little something extra to the customer. This method is often used in complex B2B and high-tech sales organizations that have aggressive plans for future growth. 

There’s limited information out there about this sales methodology and how it works, but here’s what we were able to dig up. 

What Command of the Sale® can do 

The Command of the Sale® methodology provides an integrated set of tools and resources to help outreach teams align with technical and other resources to address each sales opportunity wholly instead of in parts. It also addresses the root issues of lengthy sales cycles and helps keep salespeople from shortcutting the sales process. 

Command of the Sale® helps teams develop a single, consistent sales language to improve deal velocity and win more deals in the late stages. The system leverages your internal resources and helps you consistently qualify opportunities by aligning the sales process with the buying process of each customer. 

This method can help improve consistency, alignment, and the clear definition of roles and accountabilities. The result is more support for your sales opportunities and more outcomes in your favor. 

The five steps of the training process 

Force Management has created a solution that is not just another cookie-cutter sales methodology. It involves a lot of deep investigation and relationship building with clients and prospects to identify needs and ensure that companies can deliver on all of those needs. There are five steps in the training process to get organizations on board with this methodology. Let’s take a closer look at each one. 


The discovery stage includes gathering insights about organizational structure, how the company currently facilitates customer engagement and current sales processes. Information will be gathered on how buyers engage with sales reps and what marketplace dynamics are at play. The goal is to ensure that all deliverables are aligned with and customized to the needs of the prospect. 


Next comes a series of workshops that allow senior members of the organization and sales teams alike to develop content and create solutions. This is what helps set you up for organizational alignment, which is critical. Everyone needs to be on the same page if you are going to use any sales methodology to improve the bottom line. This method also relies on the MEDDICC methodology, which we’ll discuss more below. 


Using the information from the workshops, companies will be able to identify and develop materials needed to support the process. The training also includes support for cross-functional customer engagement. Integration is about making sure that you are set up for success with the use of this system to qualify sales. 


This is where the team’s work is now delivered to the organization. It allows your team to execute what they’ve learned and leverage their newly gained tactical skills in real-world sales scenarios. Through role-play and practical exercises, all sales reps can learn more about using this system effectively. 


This is perhaps the most important part of the process, and yet it’s one that often gets overlooked. The methodology focuses on creating sustainability, including ongoing training and support for future learning needs. The training includes access to an engagement management system and plenty of resources are available to help educate people on how this methodology works. 

The role of MEDDICC methodology in Command of the Sale®

Rather than reinventing the wheel, Force Management did what many organizations do when they are seeking better solutions: they built on what was already there. In this case, they utilized the MEDDICC methodology, which stands for:

  • Metrics
  • Economic buyer
  • Decision criteria 
  • Decision process
  • Identify pain
  • Champion
  • Competition

The creators of this sales method agree that a strong qualification process is critical to the success of any sales process. It helps both buyers and sellers navigate the decision-making process and ensures that the way organizations sell is aligned with the way that customers like to buy. 

Buyers are busy. They don’t want to waste time on something that isn’t going to work. By using the MEDDICC sales methodology, this process qualifies buyers to ensure that they are correctly positioned and aligned with the criteria of the buying decision. It also helps align solutions with the needs of the buyer for better outcomes. 

Sellers can benefit from a better sales qualification process, too. For starters, it can help identify gaps or issues early on so that sales reps can focus on the opportunities that have the most potential. This ensures that time isn’t wasted on deals that aren’t going anywhere, too. Having a proven qualification methodology like this can help drive consistency for sales teams of all sizes. It can also lead to better growth and the chance to target new audiences based on improved qualification questions and criteria. 

Command sales and conquer more when you partner with

There’s a lot on the agenda for your sales team if you’re looking to adopt this sales methodology and put it to good use. When you do, will you be prepared for the influx of calls and queries? Partner with the virtual receptionists at and we can provide a 24/7 answering service so that you never have to miss a thing. Plus, we can even offer support for outreach campaigns, lead intake, and appointment scheduling so that you can focus on the bigger picture while we handle the details. 

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Written by Samir Sampat

Samir Sampat is a Marketing Manager with He has experience working with businesses of all sizes focusing on marketing, communications, and business development.

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