How to Use SNAP Selling to Improve Sales Team Performance


The best sales teams have some type of framework or methodology that they follow to cultivate their success. There are several methods out there today, including the classic Sandler Selling System, as well as those that have come after it, like SNAP selling. This method was created by Jill Konrath and borne of frustration with existing sales processes. 

Konrath wanted to know what her customers needed; she wanted to know their pain points and learn about them so that she could make selling easier. The SNAP method is based on the concept of prospects who are highly distracted and suffering from what is known as “frazzled customer syndrome” essentially, these customers are anxious as to whether it’s worth their time to consider your solution(s). 

Customers are distracted by projects, challenges, and other priorities. They are resistant to change at first and apprehensive about anything that seems too complicated or time-consuming. As a means to find a solution, Jill developed the SNAP selling methodology. 

What is SNAP selling?

SNAP selling is designed to help reps connect with those overwhelmed and distracted buyers. These buyers are more demanding and require more accommodation in the problem-solving process and customer journey. The SNAP method focuses on four simple steps to assist with that. 

Keep it Simple 

The “S” in the acronym is for simplicity. Stressed, anxious prospects have a difficult time managing priorities and they have a lot to deal with. You need to show them your solution without adding to the overwhelmed feeling. This is where you should tailor your pitch and post-sales plans to the buyer’s exact needs. 

It’s also about focusing on their one need. That means that if a customer comes to you for a solution, you give it to them. Even if you have another function, product, or service that they might be able to benefit from, it doesn’t matter unless they specifically ask for it. If they don’t ask, don’t bother trying to sell. 

Be iNvaluable 

The next step in the process requires sales reps to become trusted resources for their prospects. You have a buyer that wants answers, and they want them quickly. If you can build that trust, you will be more likely to gain their business. This is where you need to connect your solution with the pain points of customers. It can be more of a challenge when you have customers who are too stressed or distracted to address all of their problems.

Become an invaluable part of their decision. Explain why they cannot live without your product or service if they truly want to address their pain points for good. This method is about helping prospects focus on your one service while they’re inundated with all the information and options out there today, which is why it works. 

Prove your value. Express it to the prospects. You’ll win every time. 

Always Align 

Alignment is critical to any sales process. You need to ensure that your team knows what concerns prospects bring to the table. This will allow you to anticipate when those concerns will arise and have an answer ready, alleviating the concerns of the lead right away. You need to understand the buyer’s goals so that you can align with them in your sales pitch and process. If a client isn’t focused on specific goals, you aren’t going to convince them to care or to consider your solution seriously. 

SNAP also helps put those “frazzled” buyers back on the ground and provides a sort of “check” for their current needs and situation. If they aren’t with you in this process, they’re probably on their way to another solution, so this is where you have to hook them into seeing that your goals are theirs, and vice versa. 

Raise Priorities 

Frazzled buyers have a difficult time organizing their priorities. They are juggling multiple tasks and duties and they often don’t know which are most important. They might care about one thing more than they should, or be focused on a solution that is less relevant than what they need. 

Your job with this system is to align your products and services with their priorities and then position your solution as the resource that will help them accomplish their goals and meet their needs. Provide them with an extra hand and help them reach their goals. They will reward you in kind. 

Tips for success with SNAP selling 

This process is straightforward, but it still requires some training and guidance. First, you have to figure out how to get into buyers’ heads so that you can deliver the right answers to their needs. With frazzled, overstimulated buyers, this can be difficult to accomplish in any business. 

To succeed with the SNAP method:

  • Identify decision-makers
  • Build buyer personas 
  • Ask questions and suggest solutions to your leads
  • Help people focus on the problems you can solve 
  • Teach your team to think like the customer 
  • Map out precise sales processes with dedicated stages
  • Have a CRM that mirrors the sales process 

Any industry dealing with stressed, over-stimulated, or distracted buyers can benefit from implementing a system like SNAP selling. That is, of course, as long as you take the time to do it right. 

When the leads start coming, are you ready?

If you’re successful with SNAP selling or any other sales methodology, you’re going to see an influx of new leads and prospects. Are you ready to handle that? The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone. You can partner with the virtual receptionists at and get a 24/7 answering service to ensure you never miss a lead. Plus, we can help with lead intake and appointment scheduling, too, freeing up your time to focus on sales and prospecting. 

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Written by Samir Sampat

Samir Sampat is a Marketing Manager with He has experience working with businesses of all sizes focusing on marketing, communications, and business development.

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