How To Cut Back on Sales Support Without Sacrificing Opportunities


Trimming is usually an issue that crops up in the worst places and at the worst possible time. When things change, businesses have to take action immediately to prevent serious losses. But when that action is cutting back, how can you do it without losing potential business? It’s a delicate balance that involves maximizing efficiency and searching for solutions that can be tailored to your needs. 

Fortunately, the world today is primed with opportunities for businesses to get things done and continue to grow, even with limited resources. And ‘cutting back’ on sales support might just mean shifting your strategies and reallocating your resources, not necessarily getting rid of people or positions. There are plenty of agile, optimized solutions out there that can help you drive results. 

For everything from outreach campaigns to sales support and more, has solutions that can help. First, though, let’s talk about some ways you can reduce your resources without losing potential business. 

Automate sales support tasks where it makes sense 

There’s no hard-and-fast list of automations that a business should use. With so many tools and resources available today, you can automate just about anything that you want. Think about what makes sense for your business. You can automate tasks like:

  • Lead generation and qualification
  • Sales strategy and planning
  • Order management
  • Reporting and analytics 
  • And so much more

Take the time to review your sales pipeline and your sales support services and see what you can automate to save resources. Then, you’ll have more to allocate toward other efforts. 

And speaking of automation, consider adding a chatbot that can free up your reps and still help your leads. A study showed that having a chatbot or live chat feature can reduce the time your reps spend selling by 20 to 30%

Consolidate resources 

Another way to cut back on your costs without having to risk losing opportunities is to review your current processes and get rid of areas where there is crossover. Make sure that you have the best sales reps to deliver the best experience for every lead at every stage in the journey. If you’re using services like outsourced sales support, consider choosing a provider that can also handle other things like lead intake and qualification, scheduling, and so forth. 

When you hire people, choose them wisely. Pick people who fit the culture and the role, but also bring other talents to the table. You may pay more for them, but you’ll also get a great return on your investment (and need fewer people as a result). 

Outsource what you can 

If you aren’t already outsourcing some of your sales support, you should be. This is one of the most effective ways to cut your costs and still get the expert support that your sales process needs. You can find companies that can handle everything from the actual calls that come in, to the creation of the perfect strategy and outreach campaigns. 

When you choose outsourced sales support, you are getting access to a team of dedicated experts for a fraction of what you’d spend on bringing that support in-house. Plus, you can tailor the solutions to fit your needs and scale with your business as it grows. 

Provide self-service options 

The more self-service options your prospects have, the less likely they’ll need support early on in the buying journey. People love to help themselves and when you cultivate a website that gives them that power, you’ll quickly find that it frees up a lot of your time and resources. Remember, though, that you can’t make everything self-service. 

Just like with automation, you have to pick your battles and figure out where you want to add in self-service features so that you can maximize your resources. A robust resource center and knowledge base that includes FAQs, articles, and more, can do wonders to inform your prospects while you’re busy handling other leads. 

Optimize your sales funnel and process 

Optimization can do wonders to cut costs and help you find ways to get more for your money. Before you can make improvements, of course, you have to know what isn’t working. Take the time to optimize your sales process and the sales funnel that you use so that it attracts the most qualified leads and helps you improve your outcomes. 

Optimization doesn’t have to cost a lot, either. Even hiring a consultant is a fractional expense compared to what you’re potentially losing by not optimizing these elements. Make changes, measure your results, and tweak as you go. 

Trim smartly 

When you do have to make changes to your support staff or services, make sure that you choose the right changes and cutbacks. Think about how cutting the various resources will impact your business and whether you’re making smart moves. As mentioned, you can do an audit of where things stand to help you get a better idea of where you can make cuts. 

Scaling and outsourcing are two helpful resources because they give you the chance to do more with less. When you’re running a small business or just have a shoestring budget for sales support, it’s important to pick your battles carefully. This is why optimization is essential to your sales efforts. 

Outsource sales support and more with 

Outsourcing gives you a chance to get more value for your money. Plus, you can trust that you’re working with experts who know how to maximize lead generation efforts and help you get the best outcomes. Partner with the virtual receptionists at for outreach campaigns and sales support, and so much more. 

We can act as your 24/7 answering service to ensure that you never miss an opportunity, while also providing support for your lead intake and appointment scheduling. To learn more, schedule a consultation or reach out to

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