How to Close More Sales Using Outsourced Account Executives (AEs)


These days, sales requires more than just salespeople. Your business needs an entire sales and business development team, which consists of sales development reps (SDRs), business development reps (BDRs), and account executives (AEs), along with supervisors and others. And of course, all of these people have the same primary objective: increasing sales and driving growth. 

But what do each of these roles entail and why do you need them on your team? Furthermore, how can outsourcing help you get more from your account executives and the work they do? For starters, it will reduce the workload of your team, as well as its oversight and management. Plus, it will cut costs by saving on things like salaries and benefits, incentives, training, and so forth. 

When you’re a new business or an SMB (small and/or mid-sized business) with a limited budget and a new marketing plan, it is always a good idea to use the resources available to you. Outsourced AEs are just one way that you can free up resources and still get access to the expert assistance that you need. 

What are account executives?

Account executives are typically responsible for managing a select number of accounts or clients for your business. They will: 

  • Hold team meetings 
  • Provide customer demos
  • Bring in new clients and markets 
  • Service existing customers 
  • Finalize and close deals 

Unlike your sales reps and business development reps that eventually pass the ball to the next person in the sales funnel, account executives are with clients for the long haul. They are typically assigned a group of accounts and are responsible for managing or overseeing them in many ways. They may be overseen by a manager that is responsible for driving those relationships and promoting the activities of AEs. 

Account execs usually have skills like organization, negotiation, communication, problem-solving, and other soft skills related to sales and customer service. They may also hold a degree in business or marketing or have other certifications. They set sales revenue goals and often work alongside SDRs to ensure that customers are satisfied and that there is nothing that requires attention. 

Having these pros on your sales team can make a big difference in several ways, and even more so when you choose to outsource them. 

The benefits of outsourcing 

While you can hire your own account execs in-house, that is going to get a bit expensive. You’re already spending the money on a sales team, in many cases, and don’t have a lot to spare. Perhaps you’re a small business on a tight budget or without a need for in-house AEs. In any case, outsourcing your outreach comes with several benefits. 

Cost savings are a huge perk of outsourcing. You save on salaries, training and onboarding expenses, and the overhead of having people in the office or using office equipment on a daily basis. Considering that the average account exec makes between $90,000 and $300,000, that’s a huge savings when you choose to outsource. 

Ready-to-go experts are on hand. Instead of having to train a team of AEs, you’ll be able to put them right to work and leave the training and upskilling to the outsourced provider. 

You’ll also get more experience and expertise in sales and account management. Again, this is what AEs do, and when they’re outsourced, they have a ton of experience in managing various accounts for different industries. And with outsourcing, you also get:

  • More options for professional support than hiring individually
  • Increased flexibility and scalability because you have a team that can adapt as needed
  • Better access to resources, technology, and skills
  • Increased efficiency and profitability

As you can see, the case for outsourcing is strong. If you want to make sure that your organization has the best AEs, it might be the way to go. Take the time to explore your options and use the tips below to choose the right provider to partner with for your account management and development needs. 

How to hire the best account execs 

If you’re going to hire outsourced account executives for your business, make sure that you take the time to research the firms that you’re considering doing business with. Here are some other tips:

  • Make sure that the outsourced team’s goals align with your organization’s goals. 
  • Take an active role in building a relationship between your sales team and the outsourced AEs to find the right connections. 
  • Make sure that you set a budget for what you can afford to spend. 
  • Don’t expect immediate results when you add AEs—their work takes time. 
  • Hire an experienced, trustworthy outsourced sales team that has experience with professional account executive work. 
  • Hire a team that is reputable and can provide you with proof of their expertise to help you make a decision. 

You’ll also want to make sure that you’re asking the right questions along the way:

  • What are the core competencies and training points your organization focuses on?
  • How will the AE’s description of a firm illustrate your company’s track record?
  • How can they offer support for expansion to new markets/locations?
  • Do they have the experience and expertise to make decisions and fulfill the AE role fully?
  • Can they verify training and education?

These things will help you ensure that you’re hiring the right AEs to help drive new accounts and manage the accounts your business has. That will lead to better customer relationships, improved sales, and more. 

Outsource more for less when you partner with 

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