10 Ways to Automate Google Ads (Formerly AdWords) with Zapier to Improve Your Business Operations, Fast


Google AdWords has gotten an upgrade and is now simply Google Ads. This online advertising platform is one of the most popular Internet marketing tools for small businesses and large corporations alike, providing access to paid advertisements that could include service offerings video content, product listings, and even mobile application invitations, engaging users to download and use your mobile app to become a customer of your business.

The Google ad network is one of the biggest networks online, and every business knows that ranking well on Google is the pinnacle of search engine optimization success. That being said, it makes sense that paying for ads on this platform is also a lucrative choice, as it provides affordable marketing with impressive visibility and a chance to reach an audience much larger than one you could conjure alone.

Zapier offers a premium integration with Google Ads, allowing you to connect instantly with more than 3,000 apps so that you can automate tasks and channel your team’s productivity powerhouse. What is Zapier, you ask? For those who aren’t yet familiar, Zapier is an amazing task automation tool. Its entire purpose is to automate other apps and integrate your AI-capable tasks to free up your time and streamline your productivity.

Zapier and Google Ads can work together with tools like:

·      Google Sheets

·      Salesforce

·      HubSpot

·      Gmail

·      Mailchimp

·      Shopify

·      LinkedIn

·      Slack

·      Trello

·      Asana

·      Google Calendar

·      And thousands more!

Of course, some automations are going to help more than others. While no two businesses are the same, there are some parts of the ad campaign to-do list that can definitely be automated to make your life easier. If you’re using Google Ads and Zapier, here are 10 automations to keep in mind.

Another thing to keep in mind—the value of a partnership with the virtual receptionists at Smith.ai. We can integrate with these tools and others to deliver powerful customer service, lead intake, appointment scheduling, and more, freeing up even more time and boosting that productivity even higher.

1. Create new cards in Trello when Google Ads campaigns launch    

Using the pre-built trigger, you can set new cards to be created for each campaign that launches on your Trello board. This could then trigger your marketing team to start working on other efforts or let your reporting staff know that it’s time to start watching the analytics. It’s an easy way to automate the task of setting up new campaign projects and more.

·      Step One: Launch or Setup New Campaign

·      Step Two: Create Corresponding Trello Card

It’s that simple, and you can even get fancy in customizing the Trello card creation more or adding your own tweaks to make it exactly what you need.

2. Transfer new ad campaigns to Google Sheets when they start    

When your new marketing campaigns are launched, you can transfer the information (or any information of your choosing, really) to Google Sheets so that you can track everything in the same place.

·      Step One: Launch ad campaigns

·      Step Two: Add information to Google Sheets

When you use this integration, your Google Sheets will automatically include a row added for each campaign that launches, as per your request. The Zap can be generalized or customized, making it perfect for several tracking needs.

3. Post content to your Facebook Page when Google Ads campaigns start    

Save yourself a step in social media marketing when you use this integration. Anytime you launch a campaign on Google Ads, Zapier can trigger a post to your Facebook Pages site, saving you time and effort. Plus, it’s a great way to boost marketing from an omnichannel perspective.

·      Step One: Launch/Start Campaign on Google Ads

·      Step Two: Publish Post to Facebook Pages

You’ll even get to pick the exact content that’s posted, naturally, so that you can send the right message at the right time.

4. Add campaign events for Google Ads to Google Calendar automatically    

Google Calendar does a great job of tracking all kinds of appointments, events, and schedules across multiple apps and platforms. Sometimes, you might not even realize Google’s doing it until you look at your calendar and see your events already added. In this instance, you’ll be generating the automation yourself.

·      Step One: Create Campaign Event (Launch, Setup Date, etc.)

·      Step Two: Trigger Calendar Event Creation

It’s that simple—you'll never have to manually add things to your calendar again.

5. Create Airtable records from your new ad campaigns    

Airtable is a great database tool that offers a lot of cool features. If you’re using it to track and manage campaigns, this integration is for you. The Zap will allow you to generate automatic records in Airtable when new campaigns are set up or launched.

·      Step One: Create/Launch New Campaign

·      Step Two: Create new Airtable Record Reflecting New Campaign

You’ll never have to worry about whether someone updated the records again because, with Zapier, it’s done.

6. Share LinkedIn updates with new Google Ads Campaigns      

With this automation, it’s easy to share updated on LinkedIn when you start new campaigns in your Google Ads. Simply set it up so that when an ad campaign launches, your Zapier tool goes right to work posting an update to LinkedIn so that the right people are notified and so that your campaigns can get off on the right foot. It’s never been easier to do than it is with Zapier, and you won’t have to worry about making the posts yourself.

·      Step One: Launch new Google Ads Campaign

·      Step Two: Generate and Post LinkedIn Update

It’s easy to keep everyone on the same page and you can even specify what kind of posts to make, how often, and other details.

7. Create WordPress entries from new campaign rollouts    

When you use WordPress for your website or blog, Zapier will become your friend quickly. It’s got thousands of pre-built functions and triggers across hundreds of apps, including the ability to integrate with Google Ads so that you can automatically post a new entry on your blog or update your website when your new ad campaign hits the market.

·      Step One: Launch or Setup Campaign on Google Ads

·      Step Two: Generate WordPress Post

No more do you have to work scheduling posts into your own day because Zapier will do all of the hard work for you.

8. Send emails with Mailchimp when a new Google Ads campaign rolls out    

Mailchimp is going to be one of your best assets, and it’s one that you can put to work in several different ways. When you want to reach subscribers with new marketing information, you can easily set up a Zap to send emails when a new campaign is launched on Google Ads.

·      Step One: Launch Google Ads Campaign

·      Step Two: Send Emails via Mailchimp to Subscribers

You can even pick and choose which subscribers or groups of people get which messages and more. That way, your marketing is automated and you’re able to know it’s being handled as if you were doing it yourself.

9. Create tweets from your new Google Ads campaign launches    

Social media is the way of the world and it’s up to you to keep pace. With this integration, Zapier makes it easy for you to generate tweets and other social posts from the launch of a new ad campaign. You can choose to generate a specific tweet or type of tweet, or even curate posts so that they are launched in the appropriate succession after your Ads campaign.

·      Step One: Launch Ads Campaign

·      Step Two: Generate Tweet

Streamlining and automating social media saves a fortune and a ton of your time, not to mention helping you get the word out with additional marketing.

10. Send emails from Zapier for your Google Ads campaign rollouts

In much the same way you can set a trigger to send an email from Mailchimp when a new campaign launches, you can do that using Zapier’s own email tool, too. Using the triggers, you simply:

·      Step One: Set up or Launch a New Campaign

·      Step Two: Send email

This is a great way to kick of new ad campaigns with coinciding newsletters and other promotional emails and to take the work out of it so that it’s all done behind the scenes by AI-powered Zaps that you can just set and forget.

The benefits are plentiful

If you incorporate these automations properly, you’ll find several different perks for your business, your team, and your bottom line. Marketing automation, especially, is one area where you can stand to gain a lot in terms of efficiency and money savings, so be sure to take advantage of as much as you can. If you embrace all that marketing automation has to offer with tools like Zapier as part of your tech stack, you can enjoy several benefits:

·      Increased Conversions: Having automated marketing in place means that your efforts will be more strategic and therefore you’ll be able to generate better lead conversions and convince people to become customers with less work on your part.

·      Increased Efficiency: Automation improves efficiency by taking some of the most tedious and mundane tasks and streamlining them so it’s no longer a stress. This also means your team spends less time on busy work and more time getting things done.

·      Accurate Reporting: With the right automation tools in place, you’ll get a much more accurate picture of your current marketing situation and where you need to go from here. This is going to make it easier for you to ensure that everything is on track as it should be.

·      Sales and Marketing Alignment: Automation also allows you to align your sales and marketing goals to achieve the same end result: better business. Using automation tools like Zapier connects your entire team in a whole new way.

·      Improved Lead Generation: When you are running a more efficient, streamlined business with automated day-to-day operations, you’ll generate better leads, more leads, and more leads that are likely to become repeat customers. Plus, you’ll do it all in less time because it’s automated.

·      Multichannel Behavior Analysis: When you automate with tools like Zapier, you’ll be able to see how people behave on different marketing channels and use that to your advantage.

·      Improved ROI: When you have better leads, better sales and marketing practices, and a better idea of how customers behave and what they want, this will result in increased profits. That leads to a growing ROI, which is something that several businesses have their eye on these days.

No two companies are the same, so no one can outright tell you which automation efforts or strategies should be most important to you. You'll need to take the time to compare the options, consider what would most benefit your business, and then go from there. Just remember that the benefits listed here are just the starting point for all the good that comes from automation and AI when it is used correctly.

However, even as a starting point, these benefits are quite impressive.

Automate and integrate for even more productivity with Smith.ai

Automation is the way of the future, and we’re already in love. We also love being part of the reason that your business runs better. When you hire our virtual receptionists, we can be the face of your brand for everything you need, from overflow and after-hours answering to live website chat, and so much more. We’ll even help you come up with the ideal strategy for all those needs, no matter what they might be.

Zapier is a great tool and it’s one that we love for its simplicity—it allows anyone to generate smart workflows between different business software tools. It's also the reason that Smith.ai can integrate with over 3,000 apps and tools to ensure that every chat, call, and text gets logged in the right software, from your marketing platform to your CRM, and so much more.

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Written by Sean Lund-Brown

Sean Lund-Brown is a current Marketing Assistant for Smith.ai. A graduate from Metropolitan State University of Denver, Sean graduated with a BA in Music and an individualized degree in Teaching Vocal Pedagogy.

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