10 Video Marketers to Learn from to Grow Your Podcast's Followers on TikTok, YouTube & Facebook


When you start a podcast, like any business, it doesn’t just generate interest by existing. You have to make sure that people know it exists—namely, the right people. Of course, that’s the secret and seems to be the million-dollar question in business: how do you grow your following, and especially in today’s oversaturated Internet?

Podcasting is hot right now. It’s also a lucrative business to be in when you do it correctly. With the right resources and support, you’ll have no trouble making the most of it. For example, do you know the value of video marketing to enhance your podcast following on social media sites and elsewhere? 

We know what you’re thinking—but podcasts are audio! Yes, they are. TV shows are shows, but they’re advertised on radio spots all the time. They have commercials on streaming services, YouTube, and more. The point? No matter your medium, the way to your followers is by finding where they are

Right now, people are into video content. So much so, that it’s estimated that 82% or more of all Internet traffic will be coming from videos (streaming or downloaded) by 2022. That’s more than 4/5 of all online traffic. There’s also an estimate from the same study (done by Cisco) that live video traffic will increase fifteen-fold through 2022. 

And that’s for everything—every industry counts here. Again, it’s not about what business you’re in, but where your audience is looking to find you. Today’s audiences are watching hours, upon hours, of viral and online videos every single week. By connecting with the best video marketers in the industry, you’ll learn all the secrets to capitalize on that and build your podcast following across every channel. 

Why choose video marketing? 

A lot of people still want more information or insight on why they should be using videos. Sure, people watch a lot of them, and they might want them, but how can they be used relevantly? After all, you can’t just put out videos and hope that they get people’s attention. You have to come up with a strategy, just as you would with any of the rest of your marketing efforts. 

Video marketing gives you a chance to be creative and connect with people. From produced videos to selfie-style live feeds, you can make sure that your audience feels connected, not just to your podcast, but to you as a person and a storyteller. That's what podcasting is, after all—your own form of storytelling or sharing information on a certain topic or subject. 

Some podcasts are fictional. 

Some podcasts are funny. 

Some are news-related. 

There are even educational podcasts. 

They can all benefit from video marketing. 

Video marketing offers: 

  • Return on Investment: You don’t have to spend a fortune to make great videos and you can still get a lot out of them in terms of your return. It might not be dollars and cents, but a small investment (or no investment at all if you create a selfie-style video with your phone) could land you a ton of new audience members. 
  • Easy Creation: You can create videos of all kinds, including the aforementioned selfie video. You don’t have to be a master production expert here, as long as you can handle basic recording, editing, and publishing. 
  • Plenty of Creative Latitude: You can use videos in so many different ways. You can tell stories, share information, offer tips, give tutorials, and so much more. That's why video marketing continues to win. Take notes from the best video marketers to make sure that you embrace all of the options you have here. 
  • Several Marketing Angles: Again, you’ve got several approaches that you can take here when you choose video marketing. You can market your podcast directly. Or, you can just work on building your brand by making videos in that vein. It's all up to you and gives you the chance to do so much with one simple medium. 
  • Increased Brand Recognition: Even if your brand is YOU, the more people see you, the better they will remember you. With video marketing for your podcast, you’ll help boost your brand visibility and ensure that people are familiar with you on a more personal basis. To use the adage, you’ll be on your way to becoming a household name. 

These are just some of the biggest perks of video marketing and the reasons that it should be on your agenda. Of course, before you get in over your head, feel free to check out the top 10 video marketers below to see how they can help you boost your own marketing efforts. 

10 of the best video marketers for podcasters and podcast marketing

1. Mathew Passy, the Podcast Consultant

Mathew Passy has experience in production and promotion both with podcasting and in traditional radio. He was noted as a producer and host on the Wall Street Journal Radio Network and today he helps others launch, produce, and market their own podcasts, including everything from valuable advice and insights to actual assistance and support in implementing your strategy and starting your own marketing campaigns. 

Mathew can assist with audits, launches, social media and digital marketing, SEO and other efforts, and even host training and other support services. He works with businesses and entrepreneurs in the financial realm, but he’s also worked with medical brands and doctors and can assist anyone who wants to better their podcast experience or grow their audience. 

2. The GaryVee Audio Experience

While it’s not specifically about podcasting or marketing, The GaryVee Audio Experience comes from the one and only Gary Vaynerchuk, who is notoriously experienced and successful in the world of sales and business success. He knows all about building an empire and has embraced digital marketing and all that it can do for digital brands. His podcast allows him to share his knowledge and he’s got a unique approach that several people can learn from when it comes to building a following and embracing the best of marketing. 

3. Mark Harman and Simon Scholes, Everything Video Podcast

This podcast is a straight giveaway for those who are looking for assistance with video marketing. They cover important topics for all kinds of industries, including fellow podcasters looking to start or build an audience and following through various social media sites. They take you through the entire journey of video marketing from start to finish, helping you understand how to strategize, implement, and course-correct along the way. 

4. Scott Stratten, UnMarketing.com

Scott and his wife started this endeavor by posting viral videos on marketing and building a following through video marketing. They have published a total of six books to date and they have plenty of helpful advice for growing a social media following, increasing your subscribers, and more. The duo has spoken at many events and even helped the likes of Microsoft and IBM, and they have plenty of different resources that you can use. 

5. Comedy Bang Bang

This podcast started thanks to Scott Aukerman and Paul F. Tompkins. The show has also been featured on YouTube, both with audio only and with live episodes that they’ve done in front of audiences as well as in the studio. We like their style because they don’t take themselves too seriously and in addition to full podcast episodes, they curate uploads and special guests to ensure that everyone can find the content that they want on YouTube with ease, no matter what they’re looking for. Plus, they’re always sharing to and engaging with people on social media, creating a true community for their followers. 

6. Javier Mercedes

On his YouTube channel, Javier covers all kinds of information on how to build a successful podcast, including how to choose your audience, guest stars, and even the equipment that you use. He offers actionable advice and focuses on helping brands create better audiences via social media and video marketing. He provides tips and insight, tutorials and how-to videos, and so much more. In addition to building his own successful business, he wants to help others build theirs and he’s doing quite well with his video marketing and social media. 

7. Mark Robertson

Mark Robertson is a video marketing expert that’s all about having a good time with your audience. He understands the power of humor and cleverness in video marketing, as well as different ways to approach video marketing that will help you get the results that you expect in building your podcast following. He offers insights and tips, how-to's, and other videos that can teach you things directly or just by watching how he does it. 

He’s also the head of marketing over at vidIQ, but Robertson stars in almost all the videos he shares on marketing and can help you understand everything from algorithms to trends and how to keep up with the ever-changing digital marketing landscape. 

8. The Audacity to Podcast

This is a podcast that is all about podcasting, but there are videos to go along with the audio casts, as well. The Audacity to Podcast will teach you everything that you want to know about podcasting, from how to choose topics to giving people value in the podcasts that you post, and even how to grow your follower base with your social media pages like Facebook and TikTok. 

You’ll even learn the value of video marketing and developing your own branding through viral videos and social networking so that you can build the podcast following that you’ve always dreamed of. 

9. David Jackson

An Ohio native, Dave Jackson launched the School of Podcasting all the way back in 2005. He is a keynote speaker and author, as well as a podcast consultant. His program features online courses and group coaching and his YouTube channel does a great job to keep you informed and provide plenty of helpful insight and information. Dave Jackson wants to help others succeed by embracing the podcasting world and he’s using social media and video marketing to do that quite effectively. Take notes. 

10. Neil Patel

We add Neil to the list because even though his focus is on marketing, and specifically SEO and digital marketing, he has a lot to bring to the table when it comes to teaching people how to grow their follower base. He’s a respected video marketing expert in his own right, not only offering tips and tricks for others but showing people how to create successful videos by doing it himself. He produces short, simple videos that reach his audience and do so rather effectively, and he’s even been recognized by former President Barack Obama for his efforts in entrepreneurship. He's definitely worth a look if you want to master video marketing for your audience that gets results. 

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