10 Video Marketers to Learn from to Grow Your E-Commerce Business’ Followers on TikTok, YouTube & Facebook


E-Commerce is a rapidly growing and highly competitive industry. It can be hard to keep up, and when you’re facing giants like Amazon and Wal-Mart, among others, it can seem like an insurmountable task. Fortunately, the odds are ever in your favor—consumers still love small businesses. Sure, Prime shipping is great, but it feels even better to establish a connection with a local retailer or online E-Commerce brand that’s small, personable, and able to give you the personalized service you deserve. 

That's why your E-Commerce brand stands a chance. Now it’s up to you to take that chance and turn it into change. Video marketing is the key. How, though, can you use video marketing most effectively? For starters, you can take notes from those who have come before you. That’s where we can help. In the list below, we’ll cover 10 of the best video marketing influencers on the Internet today, both who focus on sales and E-commerce as well as those that specialize in marketing specifically or have dedicated their careers to being an influencer. 

Why do you need video marketing? Well, here are a few reasons:

  • 82% of all Internet traffic will be generated from videos (both live and recorded) by 2022.
  • People spent about 6 hours and 48 minutes each week watching online videos in 2019. 
  • 87% of all marketing professionals are using video marketing (including those marketing in E-commerce). 
  • The under 36 age group is already spending more hours on online video than they do watching traditional TV or other mediums. 

The top three platforms for video marketing? One might surprise you: YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn. That’s right, the last (and latest) to join the world of marketing through video is the one and only LinkedIn, a great professional social network that can help your company grow professionally and connect with peers and other industry affiliates. 

Of course, you probably want to know what to look for when you’re trying to learn from video influencers and marketing gurus. Before we get into the list of the best marketers and influencers, let’s talk about exactly what the word “best” means. 

How to find reputable marketers and influencers

Anyone can put up a YouTube page or post Instagram videos and call themselves an “influencer”. That doesn’t make them one. Although this is still a relatively new term to many, it’s pretty solidified in its definition. An influencer is someone who has the following and the brand visibility to be able to influence people’s decisions significantly enough that it would be beneficial to a brand. Some influencers do this because they’re professional marketers. 

Others do it hoping they’ll get free publicity, free products or services, or other perks out of hopping on the trending success wagon of the moment. You’re not interested in the latter. Sure, they might have decent insight, but if they’re just in it for the freebies and don’t actually want to help people, their insights may be biased and skewed. Look for marketers that have:

  • A significant following on all channels (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
  • Dedicated experience in video marketing and digital marketing 
  • An understanding of the various ways to incorporate video marketing (there’s more than one!)
  • The right amount of experience in the right areas beyond marketing (such as E-commerce or something like reaching a new target audience)
  • High marks and impressive reviews from third-party sources 

Take the time to ask questions and make sure that you get all the information that you need. Remember, you’re not forced to actually consult with these people or enlist their assistance directly, but you can gain a lot just by seeing what they’ve done. 

And, if you do feel so inclined to engage them, that’s an option that you have, as well. As long as you stick with influencers that you can relate to and that cover the topics you need help with, you’ll be well on your way to getting the solutions that you need. 

Now that you know a little more about what you’re looking for, let’s take a look at who’s offering it (and the best of them, at that). 

10 video marketers that can help your E-commerce business

1. Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk is a pioneer in many ways and has been making big moves in the business world for years. As an entrepreneur, he’s founded and is the CEO of VarnerMedia, and has done so much more. He makes our list not only for his sales expertise, but for his video prowess, of course, and that’s why he’s first. He made his own successful video shows using features of his popular interviews from various shows over the years, essentially building and branding himself in a whole new way. 

Vaynerchuk is great to follow on social media or you can head directly to his website or YouTube to start learning all that he has to offer that can help your E-commerce brand succeed. 

2. Scott Stratten, UnMarketing.com

He’s already vowed to “never stop Un-Marketing,” and alongside his wife, Scott Stratten founded UnMarketing to address their unique and unconventional approach to digital marketing, including video marketing. They have mastered the viral video and have published a total of six books in their time. Scott posts a lot of videos and other tips on social media and has even spoken at events for brands like Microsoft and IBM. His social media and videos will get you started, but if you really want to take advantage of his expertise, contact him directly to ask about consulting or advice that he can offer firsthand. 

3. David Murdico

David Murdico is the leader and founder of the Supercool Creative Agency, an organization that has worked with some pretty big names in E-commerce and business to help them boost their marketing efforts through video and other mediums. You can find plenty of insight on the website, but you’ll get the best information and resources by checking out his YouTube and social media channels. There, you’ll be able to see how he creates videos that get noticed, no matter what the topic or content might be. He knows it's all about taking the right approach and is happy to help others figure out what that means for their own marketing efforts. 

4. Derral Eves

Derral Eves is a newer name, but he’s a big name in the world of influencers. He’s all about strategy and timing when it comes to creating videos for marketing purposes. He knows, for example, that he’ll get a lot more interest on Sundays and has started posting accordingly. Almost 43K of his 54 million views this year alone have happened on Sundays. 

His subscriber count proves it’s not necessarily about having a huge subscriber base (he’s at about 580K), but about offering content that is shareable, digestible, useful, and of a higher quality than other videos available online. 

5. Neil Patel

Neil Patel is sort of a god of SEO and digital marketing, but he’s also impressively skilled at and versed in video marketing. On his own YouTube channel, he shows you how to do big things in bite-size chunks, ensuring that you utilize your time most effectively and get the most out of his offerings along the way. Plus, the rate at which he publishes videos and blogs is impressive, even for a guru, and it keeps people coming back time and time again because they just can’t get enough. 

Patel was even recognized by former President Barack Obama as one of the 100 best entrepreneurs under 30. He knows how to connect with people and how to give useful, actionable advice that gets results. And, his success is proof that his methods work. 

6. Tara Robertson

Tara dubs herself a marketing geek and she currently works in the marketing department at Sprout Social. She's spent years in business and loves to strategize around things like customer engagement and retention through optimization. Her own videos are impressive and she’s created quite a following on several social platforms. In addition to offering insight and advice on marketing to others, Tara also likes to focus on the strengths of the organization as a team. She’s also got an impressive presence on stage and screen, making it easy to want to listen. 

7. Mark Robertson

Mark Robertson is a man who knows how to get results. He specializes in video marketing, which automatically makes him a good fit. But then, he also offers cleverness and humor to keep things light and fun, which you don’t always get when it comes to marketing. Yes, marketing is important, but it doesn’t have to be all business. He proves that humor and connection are great ways to build relationships and grow your video marketing efforts. He's in charge of marketing for vidIQ, but he’s also an experienced entrepreneur and businessman that can offer a lot of insight and support.

8. Laura Clery

Laura Clery takes humor in video to a whole new level. By taking a light-hearted approach where she and her alter ego navigate through various daily encounters, she catches people’s attention with fun videos that don’t even look like marketing. Doing this, she’s gained 14 million followers and counting on Facebook alone, and her presentation is second-to-none. 

We know what you’re thinking—she's not in E-Commerce. Well, look at how well she’s selling herself and her personal brand through her social media and video marketing efforts. That alone is enough of a reason to check her out if you want help with your video strategy. 

9. Casey Neistat

As one of the pioneer influencers on YouTube, Casey Neistat is a great source of insight and inspiration for those who are looking to capitalize on video for their marketing efforts. Casey knows how to market videos properly and get the biggest reach, as well as what kind of videos are most effective, and even when to post videos to get the most views, depending on your business and what kind of audience you’re trying to reach. Casey shares powerful insights and tips through video, in addition to having videos that you can watch to gain insight on how he’s built his own success. 

10. The Video Influencers 

Benji Travis and Sean Cannell are the brains behind Video Influencers, one of the best agencies for video marketing that you’ll find today. The website is full of tips, interviews, and advice from other video marketers, along with direct advice and support from the duo that founded the company. You should also follow them on social media to keep up with their ideas about video marketing and strategizing to increase your reach. They focus on helping brands increase views like a pro, no matter what industry they’re in. Even their tips on building their own brand can help you improve your E-Commerce operations. 

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