10 Video Marketers to Learn from to Grow Your Architecture or Design Firm's Followers on TikTok, YouTube & Facebook


In the business of architecture and design, you might not think of social networking when you are building your marketing strategy. Video marketing might seem like something that isn’t relevant because you’re in a professional industry—but you couldn’t be further from the truth if that’s what you thought. 

Video marketing is here to stay, and when you’re in a creative industry like design or architecture, it’s necessary that you embrace all creative marketing tools that you can get your hands on, and especially the ones that are getting noticed. A recent study estimated that by 2022, as much as 82% of all Internet traffic is going to come from videos, either streaming or downloaded. 

If you want a piece of that traffic, you’ve got to get on board with video marketing. Fortunately, you don’t have to do it on your own. With the experts out there today, you’ll find plenty of people who have come before you and changed their own business futures with video marketing. Some specialize in building marketing strategies for architecture and design, along with plenty who focus on marketing specifically or on some that are just impressive with video across the board. 

Of course, you’ll want to think too about all the ways that you can use video on social media to increase your audience following. That's right—it's not just about straight-up advertising anymore. Using video marketing, you can offer:

  • How-to videos and tutorials
  • “Day in the Life” videos of your company or employees
  • Informational videos
  • Tips and insider tricks
  • Training and support
  • And so much more!

Don’t limit yourself by starting with a negative attitude. Take the time to think of the potential of video marketing and how it can help take your firm to the next level. In case you’re not sure what some of the perks are, or why you should have a strategy of your own, here are some things to keep in mind. 

The case for video marketing in architecture and design

Before we get into the list of the best marketers to follow if you want to grow your brand, we want to help you get a better understanding of the value of adding video to your marketing strategy. If you truly embrace it for all that it has to offer, it can do so much for your brand. It can give you a place to connect with your audience, showcase your abilities, and more. 

Some of the biggest perks that come from using video include:

Reputation: When you make informational videos or explainer videos that teach your audience something, you immediately improve your reputation in their eyes. You’re not just trying to sell them a service, but you’re actually providing them with useful information. 

Brand Awareness: The fact of the matter is that the world today is huge and the Internet is nearly infinite. It may just be that some people don’t know that your company exists. 

Different Audiences: When you add video, and especially different types of videos, you’re opening up your firm to attracting entirely new types of audiences. You’ll be more appealing to your existing followers, but as is the point with marketing, you’ll also attract tons of new followers when you do it right. 

Personal Connection: Using videos gives you the chance to connect with your potential audience on a personal level that you don’t get with every type of communication. You can provide people with useful insights or information and do it as a trusted resource, which helps build your reputation and enforce that you’re the firm to work with. 

Variety of Uses/Types: With video marketing, you can do a lot more than just market. As mentioned above, there are so many different types of videos that you can make that you should be able to appeal to all kinds of audiences. Not only that, but you’ll have a lot more options for creating fresh content. 

10 video marketers you should be taking notes from 

1. Dan Gartman

Dan Gartman is known for his illustrations and artwork and is the graphic design head over at Fireart Games. He's also got a lot of different social profiles and connections, but his videos are where it’s at. He creates all kinds of tutorials and illustrated videos, not only showcasing his abilities but educating others on the industry. He’s more into graphic design than interior or architectural design, but the message is the same and the video marketing efforts are still worth exploring because they’re something that is unlike anything else out there today. 

2. David Airey

David is a visual identity specialist and offers more in the way of graphic design, but he’s great for those who want to make a brand identity out of their video marketing and social following. He’s got a Twitter network of more than 60K followers, a YouTube channel that has an impressive audience and new publications all the time, and more. He also works with clients around the world to help them build their visual identities so you can learn from his ways and even get first-hand advice from a pro if you want help building your video marketing strategy from the best. 

3. Adrian Shaughnessy

Adrian is another designer from the creative field that we love because he’s got an impressive social following and a unique opinion and viewpoint. According to Shaughnessy, it’s all about using your expertise to connect with people in a different way. He has a ton of YouTube and Facebook content that you can check out to get inspired, and you can even find advice on marketing and building your following. While graphic design is his specialty more than architecture and interior design, his video skills are impressive, and he should definitely be on your list. 

4. Paola Kassa

Paola Kassa is an impressive marketer when it comes to the world of video marketing. She's a graphic designer, as well as an impressive YouTube influencer with a huge social following. Her more than 45K subscribers on YouTube are just the start and she offers a lot of robust social media profiles and solutions that will work for just about any type of design business. If nothing else, you can learn from her own videos that showcase different styles of engagement. She posts videos about her career and past, how to succeed with marketing and design, and more. She likes to share her capabilities and success with the world and use her experience to help others. 

5. Tom Cargill, Satori Graphics

Tom Cargill might seem like a graphics guy at first glance, but he’s actually got a lot more than that to offer. For starters, he’s got more than 529K subscribers on his YouTube channel, along with thousands more on his other social media profiles. He does graphics and founded Satori Graphics that specializes in brand and identity management, but he also offers a lot of valuable marketing and business insight related to branding and identity. His success with video marketing is a good starting point for anyone who wants to look at a different way of doing things since Tom takes a unique approach to all that he does. He's eager and charismatic, which helps set him apart from the rest. 

6. Gary Vaynerchuk

For business and marketing sense like no other, Gary needs to be on your list. He's ferocious and serious, and he’s been an entrepreneur pretty much his whole life. He has a lot of insight and business savvy to offer and he knows how to get results with marketing. He’s also taken it upon himself to embrace all the new mediums that he can get his hands on as quickly as possible, setting an example for the rest of the businesses and marketers that may be balking at things like video and podcasts. 

Gary posts tons of selfie-style videos on social media, along with plenty of better-planned and produced videos that give helpful tips and advice. He can help you draw in different audiences and find the right people by being true to yourself in your own marketing style. 

7. Neil Patel

This man is a marketing genius, despite his efforts in architecture specifically. He’s gone above and beyond in embracing digital marketing and teaching others how to be successful in all of their efforts, including video marketing. He puts out content at an amazingly impressive rate so that there’s always a dialogue of sharing and content exchange going on among his audience. He teaches on things like SEO and digital marketing, how to create a following, and how to capitalize on your strengths to build a stronger online presence. He's been recognized as the best in digital marketing and one of the most successful young entrepreneurs, and he’s worth looking at for anyone who wants to improve their video marketing strategy, regardless of their industry. 

8. Amanda Ferber

Amanda Ferber has an impressive Instagram following in the world of architecture. She's also got Facebook and YouTube accounts and is a great choice for following if you’re looking for inspiration on your own video marketing and social media strategies. She's done well to create a huge following and makes the top list of influencers in the industry time and time again. She’s a buff in the industry and curates videos and content in the industry. Today she loves sharing her success with others and helping them find their own. You can find her on several social media sites and she’s even building an impressive following on LinkedIn, which is newer to the game. She’s also ranked as one of the top 125 architecture influencers in the world. 

9. Radoslaw Gajda

This historian is Polish and has a unique perspective on architecture in history and how contemporary works can draw from historical buildings. Although he’s not as focused on marketing and getting followers, he does present a good series of videos that are educational and resourceful and has created a following as a result of his efforts nonetheless. He ranks consistently on the top of the top lists for best architecture channels on YouTube and he’s got a lot of insight that can give you more inspiration for your video marketing. Plus, you could stand to learn a lot from watching his videos, too. 

10. Business of Architecture

This is a popular YouTube channel that offers a lot of valuable marketing advice and insight for architects and designers. Although it’s a collective, it’s also a group that can help you learn a lot more about your business. Most of the people on this list are individuals, but you can stand to gain a lot from an organization like this. They even offer advice and insight on creating the best videos and other marketing tools, tips for building your brand, and so much more. They even have a podcast and there are free video classes, along with other resources on the website that you can use in addition to following their social efforts. 

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