10 Gifts That Pamper the Home Services Pro


Thanks to the pandemic, our homes have become a central focus in our lives. Maybe lockdown gave you a chance to jump on those home improvement projects you had pushed off for so long. Perhaps you started working from home and found you needed a few home repairs. Or maybe while you continued working from the office, you needed a pet sitter or a house cleaner. So to say home service professionals have been unsung heroes during this tough time would be an understatement. 

Whether you know one personally or professionally, this holiday season, give thanks to the special home service pro in your life and treat them to something special. From the latest tools to add to their collection to relaxing remedies for their aches and pains, here’s your complete gift guide for pampering a home service pro.

1. Outdoor gear

Keep sawdust and wood glue from ruining a good pair of jeans by getting them a woodworking apron, like this highly-rated Huckberry tool apron. Grab a pair of these insulated work gloves from REI to help keep their hands warm and well-protected. Opt for a durable utility jacket, like this one from Carhatt, to maintain comfort, rain or shine.

2. To-go mug

A lot of times home services pros are working in less than ideal conditions and having a mug that can keep that cup of joe warm (or ice cold water cold) is a must. Consider getting them a Yeti brand drinkware, like this travel mug, and give them the gift of rejuvenation. 

3. Memory foam pillow

One of the most underrated yet crucial aspects of a home service pro’s job is getting a good night’s sleep. To help them get the rest they need to give their projects their all, gift them a memory foam pillow, like this Tempur-Pedic cooling pillow. Memory foam pillows follow the natural curves of their body and contour to fit their neck and head, so they’ll be supported all night long.

4. Massager

After a long day out on a project, muscles are bound to be aching. No need to spend hundreds on a fancy spa trip, though — release the tension right from home with a portable massager, like this heated, cordless deep tissue massager. And the best treatment for sore feet? A heated Shiatsu foot massager. Give them one of these bad boys and they’ll no doubt be eternally grateful.

5. Wrist compression sleeve

Physical labor has been shown time and time again to be incredibly stressful on the body. Home service professionals are likely to experience some impacts, ranging from wrist pain and discomfort to swelling and joint stiffness. Worse yet, it’s not unheard of to develop carpal tunnel, arthritis, or tendonitis in this line of work. Help your favorite home service pro battle the bodily impact of their day-to-day work with a wrist compression sleeve designed to support and stabilize the wrist, like this one from Copper Joint.  

6. Tools

For a more practical gift, opt for something they can use in their day-to-day: tools. For gardeners, this 6-piece garden essentials tool set is sure to come in handy. Interior decorators will love this Pantone Color Bridge Guide. Professional house cleaners are sure to find a use for this all-in-one cleaning kit. And Milwaukee tools, like this 3-piece tool kit, are guaranteed to impress any handyman. 

7. Pressure cookers

Nobody wants to come home from a long day on their feet just to work even more. Give them the luxury of a home-cooked meal without the added effort by getting them a pressure cooker, like the Instant Pot Pro, which doubles as both a pressure cooker and an air fryer all in one.

8. Headphones

Nothing causes more damage to the ears than working with loud power tools. Take the right precautions by getting them a pair of quality headphones, like these 3M Worktunes Earmuffs. Not only do they block ambient noise, but their Bluetooth technology allows the user to play music, take calls, and much more with the earmuffs still on. 

9. Car seat cover

Working with your hands means getting down and dirty every now and again. Help keep their car clean with a car seat cover. Whether they’re drenched from the rain, covered in sawdust, or riddled with dirt, a car seat cover will keep the inside of their vehicle looking brand new.

10. Software

Make your home service pro’s life a little easier with the right software. From scheduling software like Acuity or Calendy, to CRMs like Hubspot and Salesforce, you can help them deliver higher-quality customer service, build stronger connections, and maintain better relationships with their customers. Industry-specific software, like SketchUp for interior designers, won’t go unappreciated. 

Gift them a better client connection with Smith.ai

There’s no better gift than the gift of more converted leads so let Smith.ai perfect your customer service. In addition to setting you up with a 24/7 answering service, we can assist with outreach campaigns and lead intake so that you can focus on the business at hand. 

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