10 Best Online Courses to Improve Your People Management Skills


The world of online courses is changing the way that people learn. There are several courses and sites out there today to help with everything from basic skills to advanced management, business ownership and ethics, and more. People management skills are a must in almost every business, of course, so the courses that offer training are in high demand. 

It can be difficult to try to figure out which courses are going to be best because there’s so much to choose from. The online courses you benefit from will depend on what skills you’re trying to learn, but everyone has the same great access to a nearly endless supply of learning with online courses. Here are 10 of the top courses for people managers and those who need to improve their people management skills. 

1. Think Like a Leader with Brian Tracy – Udemy

This Brian Tracy course is one of the most accessible and useful options on the list. It has a lot of great content for new businesses, new leaders and existing leaders, and actionable habits that can change the way people think and work. It’s structured around the pillars of effective leadership and takes about three hours to finish. Although it’s priced kind of high, there are often big discounts available for first-timers at Udemy. 

2. Becoming a Successful Leader (Inclusive Training) – edX 

This inclusive leadership course is all about making sure that leaders are ready to handle inclusive, sustainable teams and a solid company culture. There are quizzes, hands-on activities, and case studies to help leaders become their best. It’s free to audit the course or you can pay for certification and it will take about two hours a week for a month. 

3. MicroMasters Program in Business Leadership – edX

This is another edX program that ranks high on several lists. The course is run by the University of Queensland, Australia and includes 11 months of self-paced intensive training. This program consists of five courses that are at the graduate level of education. It is one of the most intensive and expensive programs on this list, but for those who want to master the art of people management, it’s a great choice. 

4. Building Your Leadership Skills – Coursera

Coursera is another popular online learning platform and this leadership skills course is one prime example of why. The course includes all kinds of great practical application examples and tips for success in leadership and people management. It takes about 15 hours to complete and it’s the first in a four-part series that is focused on leadership at the individual level. Financial aid is available for those who need it, too. 

5. People Management – edX and IIMB

This unique course offers a free chance for people to boost their management skills and learn more about leadership. It’s designed for those in first-time management roles, but every type of leader will find the course effective. It teaches important concepts like networking, delegating, self-management, and more. This course is part of the Business Management and Entrepreneurship MicroMasters programs, too. 

6. Grow Your Training Skills – HubSpot Academy

HubSpot is quickly becoming one of the best places to learn and grow. They have their own free course that’s all about helping managers learn to improve their training abilities and communication skills. It teaches adult learning theories and how to build effective training modules for your business. It’s also less than two hours’ worth of work, so that is appealing to a lot of people. 

7. Middle Manager – Alison 

Alison is known for being the first massive online open course platform. It’s still a popular choice for anyone in need of a few new skills. There are all kinds of free courses that are self-paced and verification reports are available to everyone who finishes a course. There is also the choice to pay $20 for an actual certificate of completion. You’ll learn about organizational strategy, ethics and social responsibility, driving innovation and change, motivation and leadership, and more. 

8. Develop Conflict Management and Resolution Skills – LinkedIn Learning

All leaders need to know how to handle conflict resolution in the workplace. This is perhaps one of the most invaluable people management skills on this list. LinkedIn has a great course that covers all kinds of conflict management and resolution topics, including valuable insights from eight industry leaders. This course takes about eight hours to complete and those who finish it can add a badge to their LinkedIn profile. 

9. How to be a Great Manager and Strong Leader – Masterclass Management

This is a free 10-lesson course that does have a lot of valuable content. The user experience is a little less appealing than the rest, but you can use your phone, tablet, or even desktop to do the training. It includes managerial skills, insights on hiring and retention, team building, business basics, and more. It’s free but you’ll have to pay to upgrade to the certificate-earning version of the course. 

10. Coaching Skills for Leaders and Managers – LinkedIn Learning

Here we’ve got another great course from LinkedIn Learning. The coaching skills course is focused on helping managers and leaders develop their abilities to coach and train other employees on the job. This course is able to be completed in just over 30 minutes, which means it’s quick and simple, and still delivers plenty of learning. And again, since it’s from LinkedIn, you can add a completion badge to your profile and list it in your completed courses. 

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