The Top 10 Business Coaches and Mastermind Groups to Help You Grow Your Medical & Wellness Clinic


If you’re starting a medical practice or wellness clinic, your goal is to help as many people as you can, right? Part of that comes in properly building your clinic and learning how to market and manage it effectively. While you can learn a lot online from courses and training programs, one of the best ways to help your clinic is to hire a business coach or enlist the assistance of a coaching service that will help you steer your clinic in the right direction.

Business coaches aren’t new, but many people have never even considered using their services before. If you’re one of them, now may be the perfect time to reconsider. Coaching can allow you to get a new perspective, gain valuable insights from industry experts, and learn insider tips on how to grow your business and build your reputation faster and with less effort. 

Of course, you do have to take the time to find the right coach to work with. A general business coach, for example, could offer some good insight and advice on marketing and improving sales, but they don’t have the wellness industry expertise that you deserve. That’s not to say they can’t be helpful—some of the best coaches have a more generalized focus on things like thought leadership, building an audience, branding and marketing, and so forth. 

If, however, you want a coach that can offer industry-specific insights and assistance, that’s something that you’ll want to consider. In the list below, we’ll explore the top 10 coaches and groups out there right now for this industry, including some that are industry-specific and others that have a more generalized approach. 

First, though, we want to take a minute to discuss what you should be looking for in a business coach. Read on and take notes as you see fit, and you’ll have your perfect business coach on retainer in no time at all. 

What to look for in a business coach 

Every organization has slightly different needs. However, there are some features that every business will benefit from when hiring a coach or coaching service. Think about which elements are most important on your list, and make sure that you also consider:

Years of experience. There’s nothing worse than hiring a coach that promises results, only to find out that they’re not even that well-versed in business in the first place. Always vet coaches and coaching services to ensure that they have plenty of experience—either in coaching, running wellness clinics, or both. 

Area(s) of expertise. As mentioned, you may not need a wellness industry expert, per se, but you need to make sure that you hire a coach that does cover the areas that you need training or assistance with. For example, if you want tips on how to grow your existing clinic and increase your client base without sacrificing the patient experience, you’ll want to look for that. 

Types of coaching. Coaches offer their services in several different forms. You can find blogs and videos galore online that are full of free resources and insights that you can use from some of the best coaches around the world. You will also find coaches that host events and seminars, as well as those that offer one-on-one consultations and in-house coaching for your clinic. There’s no right or wrong answer here, it’s about what works for you. 

Methods and coaching style. Just as you won’t get along with every person you meet, you won’t click with every coach that you encounter. Some people learn better with a little extra coddling. Others like the no-nonsense approach of many of today’s coaching mavens. Others still may prefer someone with simple methods and a straightforward coaching style. It's a personal preference, but make sure you consider it in your search. 

Ongoing support and coaching. Some coaches will come in, do their job, and leave. If you want anything beyond the services requested at that time, you’ll have to reach out to them again. Others offer a comprehensive coaching solution that includes support even after the one-on-one coaching relationship has ended. You'll always want to stick with the coaches that give you more. 

Licensing and certifications. While not required, it’s always a good sign when your coaches have any kind of professional certification or licensing related to their coaching efforts. 

Again, you may have other factors that you want to include here, and you should feel free to add them. However, these are the things that will be most important in your search for the right coach, so keep them in mind. And speaking of the right coach, let’s get to that list. 

The top 10 business coaches and groups for wellness clinics

1. Laura Kupperman 

Laura Kupperman is a yoga therapist-turned business coach who has a proven business model and coaching method that works for many people within the wellness industry. She will help you feel less alone while you start working toward your business goals, offering insight and coaching on things like marketing, efficiency, creating the best client base, capitalizing on skills that you already have, and more. She focuses on helping people clarify their goals and break the barriers that stand in the way of achieving them. She believes that those changes will start the shift to growth and success for several brands. 

2. Rachel Feldman

Rachel Feldman is here to clear the BS from the air and isn’t going to sell you an “overnight success model”. She’s been duped by them too, and she knows that it’s a struggle to become successful in the wellness industry. However, she treated it like any other entrepreneurship and was able to systemize her one-to-one offers, creating DIY programs, and adding a network marketing company to assist when needed. She also has partnerships with several local gyms and other organizations, and other perks. She focuses on niche marketing and buyer personalities to draw in the best clients in the wellness industry. 

3. Felicia Soria

Felicia is a wellness and health coach that is based out of Melbourne, Australia but has a huge following and coaching program available online. She became a wellness coach after seeing just what bodies could do by participating in a bodybuilding competition and has been certified in several areas of fitness, including holding a bachelor's degree in Sports Science. Although her focus is on health and wellness, she can also offer coaching and advice for clinics that are looking to enhance their business and grow their audience. She focuses on creating passion in what you do and building a clinic that is inviting, spurring growth through relationship building. 

4. Maui Mastermind

This program offers a variety of coaching and educational resources for people who are looking to build a successful medical practice or clinic. They help you learn how to recruit the right people for the team, set up your business to run itself, and empower your staff to take control and provide the support that they should. It's all about creating the freedom to choose and the coaching program includes one-on-one coaching and advice along with strategy, execution, and practice development to ensure that you’re fully trained and ready to embrace your own success as a medical or wellness clinic. 

5. Evolve Personal Wellness

Evolve Personal Wellness was started by Jen Leonard, who is a successful wellness expert in her own right and her passion is empowering people with confidence. She does that through her personal training and her business coaching, as well, giving people the tools to become aware of their business needs and helping them take their own wellness business to the next level. She has 20 years of experience in healthcare and business, allowing her to help everyone from small clinics to large practices get set up and become successful in growth, no matter what stage they’re currently at. She even offers a free 30-minute consult to get the ball rolling. 

6. Freedom Practice Coaching

Freedom Practice Coaching is another great coaching group that caters to the medical and wellness communities, and specifically those who are looking to start or grow their own practice or clinic. It takes the traditional model and sets it on end, replacing it with a much more effective way to run a medical practice. You will learn how to find balance, unlock the secrets to major profits, and still make a difference in the lives of others along the way. The coaches from this organization will help connect you with a team of experts to teach out all about building a successful practice. You'll find online resources, videos and blogs, and one-on-one coaching and consulting opportunities. 

7. Thrive 

Thrive helps you develop a patient-focused online presence and can help with everything from practice management to reputation management, online marketing, mobile practice enhancements, and so much more. Their focus ensures that you get the best results for your audience, no matter what type of clinic you have. You'll even get help with SEO, video production, and more. There are one-on-one coaching solutions along with group training and other options, ensuring that every wellness clinic gets what it needs. Thrive understands the power of the Internet and how to use your online presence to build your practice. 

8. MEDI-Leadership

MEDI-Leadership is a medical and wellness-based leadership coaching and training program. There are several stages and types of training available for those who choose, including executive coaching, virtual academy courses one-on-one coaching, team coaching, and so much more. The three men behind the company have years of experience in the medical business and can help your clinic grow and thrive with practical tips, valuable industry insights, and coaching on how to become a strong practice regardless of what your clinic specialty may be. They feel that by addressing and improving the leadership within the clinic or practice, they’ll be able to foster more success for the business overall. 

9. Jay Abraham

Jay Abraham is the founder and CEO of the Abraham Group Inc. He’s also got more than 10,000 client consults under his belt over the years and continues to offer some of the most popular coaching programs available today. There are online courses and live events, videos, a blog, and even the option for one-on-one and group coaching in-person (and in-house, if you desire). He's among the highest-paid coaches today, but he’s worth every penny. Plus, he wants clients to read up, use the free resources, and then contact him to get one-on-one consultation. What’s more helpful than that?

10. Liz Scott

Again, she’s not a dedicated wellness and medical coach, but she knows a lot about business and marketing. She has decades of experience in her industry, including over 25 years in executive positions. She has won awards, is a published author, and is a known speaker and panelist around the world. She focuses on creating more growth in less time by identifying good marketing opportunities and other incentives. Through her organization, Brighter Strategies, she helps other businesses find their way to success, including medical and wellness clinics that enjoy her no-nonsense approach and focus on thought leadership. 

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Samir Sampat is a Marketing Manager with He has experience working with businesses of all sizes focusing on marketing, communications, and business development.

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