The Top 10 Business Coaches and Mastermind Groups to Help You Grow Your Hiring & Staffing Company


The hiring and staffing industry is hot. Thanks to digital advancements, recruiters are now working locally and globally to staff positions around the world. That means that your staffing company has plenty of room to grow. However, it’s not just going to happen. To paraphrase one of our favorite mastermind business coaches, John Michael Morgan, you have to MAKE it happen.

The shocking news is that only 1% of all business leaders hire business coaches and training groups to help improve their business. That’s unfortunate because that same research points out that as many as 90% of leaders and companies could see impressive improvement by hiring a business coach. Even if you’re the best in your industry, there’s always room for growth. 

In this guide, we’ll cover 10 of the best business coaches that can help your hiring and staffing firm, as well as what you can gain from them and other ways you can partner up to set your recruiting firm up for success. 

The true value of a business coach

Every business has one thing in mind when making any decisions about spending money: the return on investment. So, what sort of ROI do business coaches offer? The answers might surprise you:

  • 34% fewer client grievances
  • 23% lower costs
  • 53% productivity increase
  • 61% employee satisfaction increase
  • 22% profit increase

The numbers are pretty glaring—you can definitely stand to gain something (actually, several things) from a business coach. When you hire the right coach or training group, you’ll find all kinds of improvements for your business. Stronger relationships, better performance, and increased profits are the things you seek, and a business expert can help you find them. 

Now, it’s just a matter of finding the right coach for the job. And if you’re still not sold, before we get into the top 10 coaches, we’ll go over just what you can gain from hiring a coach of your own. 

Why all hiring and staffing firms need a mentor or business coach 

Of all the industries that can benefit from investing in coaching or mastermind groups, recruitment is one of the biggest. The perks are many, including the fact that you are getting a personal relationship with someone who can offer a different firsthand perspective of your company. Sure, you might think you’re doing well—profits are up, customers are satisfied, employees are doing their job-- what more could you gain? A lot. 

Perspective: A business coach is going to give you a different perspective of your business and how it operates, how “successful” it really is, and may even point out ways that you are doing well to inspire you to make the changes in areas where you aren’t. They will notice things you don’t, see changes and improvements you might overlook, and so much more. 

No-Nonsense Honesty: You’d better be ready to get uncomfortable. Hiring a business coach shouldn’t be anxiety-inducing, but it should shake you up (and shake things up in your business). After all, if it doesn’t, what’s the point? Coaches and groups will call you out on everything and tell you exactly how it is. They’re not here to be your friend. They're here to help you succeed. Remember that. 

Networking Opportunities: When you are around successful people, you’ll find that you want to surround yourself with more successful people. Networking opportunities are plentiful when you embrace business coaching—you'll get access to their network, as well as the network of peers you find who also follow the coach or group you’ve chosen. Attending virtual events and in-person seminars will give you chances to build dynamic relationships you won’t find anywhere else. 

Profit Increases: We already covered this, but research has shown that when you invest in a business coach, your profits will grow. Not only that, but they will grow quicker and easier than if you were going at it alone. Every improvement is ultimately about growing your bottom line, after all, so why not maximize it where you can?

Confidence: Having a seasoned expert stand beside you and show you the way can build incredible confidence in yourself and your business. It can be hard to maintain that confident exterior when you’re new to business and things aren’t exactly going to plan. However, when you join a mastermind group or hire a coach, you’ll have their support. They're not just going to fix things for you, either. They're going to help you gain the confidence and skills to take charge yourself. 

The top 10 business coaches and groups for staffing firms

1. Greg Savage

Named an HR influencer by FitSmallBsuiness and one of the leading executive recruiters in Australia, Greg Savage offers recruiting coaching in several forms. He has a blog and YouTube channel, along with books, videos, and more. You can find a lot of resources and information on his website, including free information and tools. You’ll also find a link to learn more about his speaking events and the Savage Recruitment Academy that he runs to help recruiting and staffing professionals expand their skills and grow their firms. With over 40 years of experience, he makes the top of our list. 

2. Mark Whitby, The Recruitment Coach

Since 2001, Mark has trained more than 10,000 recruiters across 34 different countries. He has done coaching work with a proven system that has increased sales in 90 days by as much as 67%. It’s also helped recruiters double or even triple their bookings, and he has dozens of articles available online. You'll also find hours of videos and audio training materials and is the host of the Big Biller Summit, the largest virtual conference in the world for the staffing and recruiting industry. He also founded, and he’s been doing this work since 1997, so you can trust that he’s got the experience to back up his efforts. 

3. Jay Abraham

Jay Abraham is one of our favorite business coaches for almost any need. His experience is diverse and generalized enough that he can help any business that’s looking to grow and improve, including staffing and recruiting firms. As one of the leading executive coaches in the country, he has helped over 10,000 clients around the world and is the CEO and founder of his own Abraham Group Inc. Today, he’s among the highest-paid marketing consultants available, and he’s worth every penny. He offers online courses, live events, one-on-one coaching opportunities, and so much more. 

4. Vanguard Business Coaching

Vanguard Business Coaching was founded by Andy Turner, an expert in business coaching to increase revenues quickly and without a lot of effort. The group offers one-on-one coaching to help your business get a glimpse of how it can make improvements, as well as weekly group sessions, online sessions, and so much more. They can offer powerful advice and insight on your staffing firm’s biggest problems to help you turn things around and find the growth that you’ve been looking for. Andy Turner has spent decades helping businesses scale impressive growth and continues to do so with this group. 

5. ActionCOACH

ActionCOACH is an impressive coaching service that will match you with the best coach for your business needs, no matter what those might be. This global business consulting franchise helps connect small businesses and firms with coaches that can help them in all areas of business. The company even offers training to help newcomers become business coaches, along with all of the other support and coaching they provide. The website has a blog, videos and articles, and plenty of resources to help you learn more about the value of business coaching for your retail brand. Brad Sugars, one of the pioneers of business coaching, started the company and has been doing this since 1993. 

6. Barry Moltz

Barry Moltz specializes in business and entrepreneurship, partly from his firsthand experience at business ownership and partly from his years as a consultant. He is a recognized speaker and author and has even been featured on several different business shows. He focuses on small businesses and retail brands can benefit since he’s all about finding your missed opportunities and capitalizing on them. The website has a blog and other resources, such as videos and other media, along with seminar information, one-on-one coaching, and more. 

He’s got a systematic approach to marketing to guarantee that your sales pipeline stays full, and he’ll help you learn how to focus on critical tasks so that the profits keep growing and your company keeps moving forward. 

7. Matt Ward

Matt Ward brings a unique perspective to staffing and recruitment, and even though he’s more focused on some topics like AI, space, and augmented reality, he’s also big on consulting to help all kinds of businesses get more out of their operations. He can help your small staffing firm or recruiting agency change its perspective and create some reasonable goals that will catapult you into the growth that you need. 

Matt Ward is all about hacking the system and finding better ways to scale and monetize your efforts, including with staffing and recruiting. If you visit his website, you’ll get all kinds of information and insights as to what he can do, including his experience building seven-figure companies. 

8. Jason Treu

Jason Treu is a good choice for your staffing firm because he focuses on team building and culture improvements to help build and grow your business. After all, a company that runs well, profits well, and that just takes a few tweaks if you ask Jason. His executive coaching career has taken him all over the world and he’s got tons of resources on his website to get you started. You can also schedule a consultation or set up one-on-one coaching sessions, check out his teamwork and talent development programs, and even catch the link to his podcast so that you can listen to his wisdom on the go. 

9. BlueInk Consulting

BlueInk specializes in assisting with management effectiveness and leadership growth to help recruitment firms and staffing agencies. They offer one-on-one consulting, training programs and seminars, coaching and support, and so much more. They’ll even work with your business to develop the perfect strategy for coaching that will produce the best results and get your firm on the road to success. They offer online and in-person solutions, support for growth and performance, people development, and more. 

10. Larry Shoemaker, Cornerstone Group

Larry is a member of the International Coach Federation and focuses on executive coaching, recruitment coaching, human resources, natural resources, and manufacturing and transportation. He has been coaching for more than 30 years and has over four decades of experience in business behind him. He has helped many organizations improve profits by improving operations and knows how to get results. Larry and the Cornerstone Group can assist in multiple countries and even online, offering videos and blogs, along with other training resources. 

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