The Top 10 Business Coaches and Mastermind Groups to Help You Grow Your Consulting Firm


In the business of consulting, it’s likely that you’re able to appreciate the value of a good business coach. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to go out and hire one, although you probably should. 

There are several reasons that people don’t think about business coaching, or simply don’t take the initiative to seek it out. We’re not even going to waste the time and space discussing them because the answer to every rebuttal is the same: are you the single most successful consultant in the world?


Then, your business can still stand to grow. It can also stand to gain the insight and support of an experienced, dedicated business coach or coaching team. It will be up to you to get the right one for the job, of course, but you’re still not alone there. In the list below, we have reviewed 10 of the best business coaches for the consulting industry to help you decide. 

When you’re looking to hire a business coach, there are several things that you’ll want to think about. Every company or firm will have slightly different needs, of course, but there are some elements that make a coach better in general. 

A coach will help you gain self-awareness and a better business mindset. They will help build your confidence and increase performance and productivity throughout your organization. They can also help by offering clarity on what steps you need to take to find success, development of soft skills like decision making and leadership, accountability, and more. 

When you choose to work with a business coach, you are setting yourself up for success. A business coach is someone who should: 

  • Ask you questions to guide you to the answers that provide valuable insights
  • Provide advice to help you gain perspective on growth
  • Hold you accountable for your business goals and your own growth as a leader
  • Tell you exactly how it is so that you can make the right changes and grow your brand

In order to make sure that you get this kind of honesty, you’ll want to choose the right coach for the job. Before we get into the list of the best coaches to work with today, let’s talk a little bit about how to choose the right solution in the first place. 

How to hire the right coach or coaching group 

If your business is in the market for a coach, think about what you want from them. What kind of coaching and training support are you looking for? Some people have specific ideas in mind of what they want—for example, you might be looking for someone to help you with marketing and lead generation goals specifically. Perhaps you want someone who specializes in growth. There are all kinds of options out there and it will be up to you to choose. 

Other factors to consider when hiring a coach or coaching group include:

Experience: How much experience do they have both in coaching and in the industry in which you work? Are they going to be able to offer value-added insights that an industry outsider might not offer? You don’t have to hire someone with decades of experience, but you shouldn’t look for coaching from someone who is just starting out themselves. 

Reputation: Make sure that you check out their reputation, both online and off. See what people have to say about their coaching services. Find out how well-reviewed they are and if there are complaints, see what they are and whether they’re severe enough to warrant concern. 

Audience and Following: Sure, they might tell you that they’ve helped tons of people and they have a huge client base, but do they really? It's going to be your job to do your homework and make sure that you check on that. Make sure that they have a vast audience and that they’ve actually helped all the people they claim to have helped in the past. 

Skills: Are they familiar with consulting on the things that are relevant to your business? Do they have specific skills or areas they focus on where you might benefit more than if they offered something else? A general business coach is great, but the more skills they have to specifically help your organization, the better. 

There are any number of things you might want to add to this list, but at least consider these things in your search. 

The top 10 coaches and groups for your consulting firm 

1. Jay Abraham

After many years of working in business and consulting, Jay founded the Abraham Group Inc., his own dedicated consulting and coaching firm. In his career he has helped over 10,000 clients and has a unique approach to coaching. He asks those interested to read his book(s) and online materials, and then contact him to get one-on-one coaching as to how to apply those insights on a practical, daily basis. He’s helped companies create millions of dollars in profits and will ensure that your consulting firm is always one step ahead of the competition. 

2. Vanguard Business Coaching

Vanguard Business Coaching is a mastermind coaching group that was founded by Andy Turner, who is a 20-year veteran of business and consulting and has worked with several types of companies over the years. Andy has had plenty of his own success in business and turned that into a coaching and consulting career, and then eventually a company of consultants and coaches that can offer solutions for businesses of all kinds, including your consulting firm. They have online courses and programs, in-person coaching and training, and other solutions. 

3. Paul Lemberg

Paul Lemberg is a profit monster, if there ever was one. He knows how to accelerate profit margins in major ways and help brands create a custom plan that will address all of the roadblocks to growth. He helps brands scale better, grow faster, and has helped hundreds of companies find millions in profits over the years. His specialty is on service businesses and profit margins, but he can handle just about every aspect of business and help you in any way that you need. There are plenty of online resources, and he is a published author with one-on-one coaching available, as well. 

4. Ravi Raman

Ravi Raman offers executive business coaching solutions for companies of all sizes, including small and mid-size consulting firms. He has his own years of expertise in business behind him to help him coach other entrepreneurs and startups. He also offers insight and support for various industries and businesses, focusing on general business concepts like marketing, finding growth potential, and setting up a solid business plan. He uses his years of corporate experience to help other companies build their own success and is one of the many coaches that preaches coaching because it’s how he found his own success in business. 

5. Robb Fahrion

Robb helped co-found the Flying V Group, a marketing and consulting firm, and he has spent years of his own career helping businesses adapt to the constantly changing world around us. He’s even helped many companies navigate the tricky waters of the pandemic and come out with growth on the other side. He and his firm work as an extension of yours and will put themselves in your shoes to help identify new revenue streams on a daily basis. They’ll also coach on the best digital marketing moves and capitalize on your growth potential to help you set bigger, better goals. 

6. Coachfirm

Coachfirm is another mastermind coaching group that offers coaching solutions for businesses of all kinds and sizes. This organization has been around for many years, and they offer a host of consulting and coaching solutions for companies from all industries, including the service world. They understand how the business world is constantly changing and that the small business needs a little more support to keep up. They also know how to help you grow your bottom line and structure your firm so that it gets the best chances at success. There are online resources, along with one-on-one and group coaching opportunities, and you’ll be paired with a coach that suits your needs. 

7. ActionCOACH

ActionCOACH is an organization that was developed by Brad Sugars, one of the pioneers in the coaching and consulting industry. The ActionCOACH team offers custom coaching solutions for businesses from all walks of life by pairing you with a coach based on a few questions about your needs and intentions when it comes to business. The network includes many skilled coaches from all walks of life and business, and you will be able to find all kinds of help in growing and building a sustainable small business by focusing on creating new profit streams and identifying growth opportunities. You’ll find videos, a blog, and other online resources in addition to personalized coaching and support. 

8. Matt Ward

An expert in AI, automation, virtual reality, and space, Matt Ward loves everything to do with the world of online business. He's a coach that focuses on business consulting that teaches businesses how to hack the system so that they can find the revenue streams that they need for business growth. He is all about finding the money that you don’t think is there and will work hard to put the AI and automated tools available to work for your brand so that you can maximize profits with minimal effort. He can help you identify your pain points and harness your digital growth in several ways. The website offers plenty of resources, including direct contacts so that you can request one-on-one coaching. 

9. EMyth

EMyth is another one of the pioneers in the coaching industry, offering a comprehensive system to build a strong business that allows you to gain more freedom while still getting productive, predictable results. They have a unique program that pairs you with a personal mentor and combines that with the proven systems to help you foster growth, both in your business and in your role as a leader. The EMyth program offers online videos, blogs, and other resources for coaching that come with your personalized coach, and small consulting firms will find a lot of benefits from working with this organization. 

10. Barry Moltz

Barry Moltz is a business professional that has spent years running and growing businesses himself, turning his focus to coaching when he realized the value of helping other businesses grow. Between his own experience and his years of consulting, Moltz offers a lot of valuable insight and helpful resources to ensure that your business can grow and continue to thrive, no matter the competition or the state of the economy. He focuses on small business and helping them thrive, and the website includes videos, books, blogs, and other media that you can use along with your one-on-one coaching for a no-nonsense solution to business growth. 

Speaking of solutions, consider for your communications, admin, and more

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Plus, our team will even help you create the perfect plan to manage it all, no matter what kind of business needs you may have. It’s all about streamlining your operations and that’s an important part of building your business and growing your bottom line. While you’re building your business, let us build your new communications strategy and watch your brand soar. 

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Written by Samir Sampat

Samir Sampat is a Marketing Manager with He has experience working with businesses of all sizes focusing on marketing, communications, and business development.

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