Solve the Number One Problem in Business with These Four Marketing Pillars


What is the number one problem most business owners face? 

Business owners and managers lack a reliable lead engine that systematically places qualified prospects directly into their sales funnel. During my 30+ years in the business sector, I have yet to discover an area that consistently needs more work than the crucial movement of leads-to-prospects-to-clients

Sales are the lifeblood of any business, regardless of size. The aqua-viva of an organization..  Without sales, revenue, and profit a business can’t function over the long term.  Money is simply the energy that keeps the lights on and the engine running.   

So, the question becomes, how do you ramp up the flow of leads into your business when consumers are inundated with competing messages and distractions that continue to increase?  As with most things, greater lead generation starts by looking at the fundamentals. Let's call this ‘Foundational Guerilla Marketing’ because it is guerrilla marketing (low cost/high impact) with a foundational twist.

The Four Marketing Pillars include:

1. Differentiate your offering 

Your sales efforts need to motivate people to raise their hand and want to learn more about what you do and how you do it..  You can’t just look like any other business. Creating a Unique Positioning Statement (UPS) that communicates who you are, what you do, and how you are different is a crucial building block. Be bold, plant your flag in the sand and own your value. You know you have a good UPS when you can ask, "now who else can say that?!" and your client responds with “no one!”

2. Provide help, education, and value

When prospects are not experts in what you do, the opportunity to provide useful information graciously exists. If you focus on ‘making the sale’ before delivering value and providing education early, misalignment can occur. Build a system designed to deliver value along the buyer’s journey. And remember:

  • Sales = helping others 
  • Marketing = education + adding value 

3. Fully engage

Appeal to prospects, both intellectually and emotionally. In our attention economy, people are inundated with more information and choices than ever before.  This means you need to cut through the noise. The goal is to snap prospects out of unconscious autopilot mode and into conscious engagement with your brand. It is important to capture the hearts, minds, and emotions of your leads with your approach. It is important to understand your client persona; who are they, what do they contend with, and what do they dream about? Then connect your product and solution to what your prospect feels would make their world a better place.  Data tells us that most buying decisions are emotional and then rationalized with logic.   

4. Employ joyful and servant energy 

Your team needs to be in full alignment with what you are doing, why you are doing it, and how it is being done. An energetic state of harmony is called 'coherence' which is a term that is used to describe the amount of order, balance, and harmony within a system. A sales and marketing system should ensure that your company’s words, deeds, and actions align and serve the greater good. This will drive success and higher-ordered outcomes.

When these Pillars are part of your sales and marketing efforts, you will attract more synergistic clients and a positive team culture that drives success at your company. The core purpose is to demonstrate that you are different, educate prospects, activate what is in their hearts and minds, and provide aligned energy throughout the process. If you do just that and provide an incredible user experience, you’ll  watch your revenue quickly accelerate!

To solve this problem and the other tough challenges in your business, we are offering clients FREE Advising Sessions with an expert business advisor to help get your business to its next level.  If you are interested in sharing more about your business, please fill out this form.  We would LOVE to hear from you!

Marketing Advice
Written by Jeff Armstrong

Jeff Armstrong is the Director Strategic Partnership at Cultivate Advisors. Jeff is a life-long entrepreneur, sales leader, and wellness advocate who has deep experience in helping people and organizations.

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