Recognized As a Top-10 Chatbot Developer on Clutch


Clutch is a highly-regarded B2B ratings and review platform. Using a combination of verified user reviews and expert analysis, they assess products to help business cut through the clutter and make better purchasing decisions — and this week, Clutch rated their #9 Chatbot Developer!

Clutch ranked Chatbot among their most proven chatbot applications

As one Clutch analyst noted, "These companies have shown that they can adapt to rapidly evolving trends in the AI industry. Businesses wanting to take advantage of more cutting-edge technologies can trust these firms to provide high-quality products."

Why is Chatbot Special?

Chatbot is not just a standalone resource for small-and-medium-sized businesses looking to screen and qualify leads: It's a core component of our 24/7 AI-backed live chat. Our Chatbot technology uses machine learning and predictive analysis to drive efficiency, whether in capturing information, connecting to a CRM or translating English-Spanish in real time. Since Chatbot is always on and always free, it's effective in capturing promising incoming clients. Live chat receptionists then take over to answer detailed questions, filter our less viable leads, and schedule call-backs and appointments.

$35,000 in six months

See what one of our reviewers, Shawn Hamp, had to say about Chatbot:

Shawn Hamp of Hamp Law originally used as his receptionist, but while it saved time, he realized that his underlying problem remained: He spent too much time trying to sort out who was serious about using his services and who wasn't. That took time away from working with the clients he did have.

So Shawn turned to Chatbot. Working with to build out a flexible Playbook, which was a roadmap for the Chatbot to follow, Shawn was able to train it to screen out all but the most promising incoming leads. As Shawn noted, "It is extremely labor and time-efficient to have this chatbot."

"That $300–$400 initial investment has generated about $35,000 in revenue from clients that signed up through the Chatbot service." — Shawn Hamp

In just a few months, Shawn saw real, significant returns, just from a small investment in his Chatbot. Now he has more time to work with clients — and more resources to put to his casework.

How to Get Chatbot

Want to hear more from our satisfied clients? Check out our reviews on Clutch! Better yet, check out the free AI Chatbot, and if you're not using live chat for your business, why not sign up today? All live chat plans are covered by our 14-day money-back guarantee.

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Written by Peter Wahlberg

Peter Wahlberg is the partner development manager at He has over ten years experience in consultative sales, partner development, project management, and scaling teams and small businesses.

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