Receptionist Greeting Scripts: 15 Professional Ways to Answer the Phone


If you’re looking to make the best impression, you have to do it from the moment that the interaction begins—right when you answer the phone. There is an entire industry dedicated to researching customer behavior and interactions to ensure that call centers, receptionists, and other professionals know how to answer the phone and deliver the professional image that their brand is trying to project.

Make sure that you answer calls promptly, ideally after two or three rings at the most. You also shouldn’t answer on the first ring because it can be startling to some callers. Waiting longer than three rings or not being available at a scheduled time will make your caller think their call isn’t important or that you forgot about them. 

Now, if you’re on the answering end, here are 15 great ways to answer the phone to give a warm, professional impression. 

1. Hello, thanks for calling [company]. How can I assist you today?

This is polite, direct, and ensures that you give them the floor as soon as possible so that they can get what they need. 

2. Good morning (afternoon, etc.)! What can I do for you today?

Again, this is simple and direct, but it also sounds a bit more pleasant than just “hello” when you say good morning, good afternoon, etc. 

3. Hello, this is [name]! How can I help you? 

Saying this with a smile makes it easy for people to feel like they can talk to you. It’s again another direct way to get to the point and save people too much time with a long spiel when you answer the phone. 

4. Hello, thanks for calling [company]. My name is [name], can I get your name, please?

This gives you the chance to connect personally and show them that you want to know who you’re talking to. Then, when they give you their name, you can lead into your next line, with something like this:

“John, great, pleasure to make your acquaintance. Now, John, how can I assist you today?”

5. Thanks for calling [company]. How may I direct your call?

This is a great professional way to address calls when you’re just routing them. And it still allows someone to say something like “well, actually, I was just wondering about…” and give you a chance to help them. 

6. Hi there! This is [name]. Thanks for calling [company], what can I do for you today?

This is a bit longer, but it covers all the bases. It gives them your name, creating a personal touch, and advises them of which company they’re calling so they don’t have to question if they’ve got the right one. Plus, it opens up to allow them to ask for whatever the reason for their call may be. 

7. So glad to hear from you! May I get your name before I further assist you with your call, sir/ma’am?

Here, you’re using your manners and you’re also showing them that you’re interested in knowing them. By getting their name, it creates that personal connection and allows you to transfer them to the next person with more than just “a caller on line three” as your transition to them. 

8. Good day, you’ve reached [company]. My name is [name]; how may I assist you?

Again, you’re covering all the bases here with this greeting, but it’s worded a little bit differently. It sounds a bit more formal for companies that might need that. Plus, it allows people to ask for any kind of assistance, not just a redirect to a certain person or department. 

9. Hello, thanks for calling [company]. Can I get your name? [Name], can I place you on a brief hold?

When you’re busy, you need to say more than just “Hello, hold please.” People don’t like this shortness and it will impact you more than you realize. Even if you’re swamped with calls, taking the extra 30 seconds to ask their name and then ask to place them on hold can make all the difference. 

10. It’s a great day at [company] and we appreciate your call. This is [name]. May I ask with whom I’m speaking?

This is a fun one for companies that want to give off a positive vibe. Plus, it offers a script that all employees can use when answering the phone, not just the receptionists. And again, when you ask their name, you’re getting personal and showing them they have more value than just being another caller. 

And, as a bonus, here are five tips to go with these suggestions to ensure that your answering is always on point. 

11. Do not answer the phone while eating or drinking. No phone call is worth it when you can return it once you’re finished and present a more professional image. 
12. Make sure that you get the caller’s name and create a personal connection to help them feel valued, no matter why they’re calling. 
13. Take time to recap the call and summarize things to ensure the caller’s needs were met, either before you transfer the call or before you end it completely. 
14. Be an active listener. What you hear is more important than what you say—make sure that you know how to listen to what the callers need so that you can assist them properly. 
15. Avoid slang and filler words. Don’t just answer the phone with “yeah.” That sounds short and rude. Also, avoid words such as: um, like, you know, etc. Be direct and clear and say what you mean. 

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