How to Find New Clients for Your Small Business for Under $10,000/month


Small business marketing is a big part of your success. There are several tried-and-true tactics that you’ll come across over the years that you add to your marketing arsenal, including the various efforts available through digital marketing and outreach. To be successful in growing your small business, you’re going to need a new network of clients to keep things moving. Finding those clients, of course, can be much easier said than done. 

The good news is that the Internet has also created more opportunities when it comes to marketing and outreach, thanks to the fact that you can do a lot more with a lot less, in terms of budget. Plus, there are some outreach efforts that you can implement now and sustain over time as you grow to keep those clients coming back time and time again. 

You don’t have to reinvent the marketing wheel here—just make sure that you’re putting tactics to work that actually get results. To help you with that, here are five tactics to help with your new client acquisitions if you’re a small business owner. 

Tactic #1: Get engaged on social media 

Cost: Free 

Small businesses are the bread and butter of social media marketing campaigns and for good reason. People like to work with people, not businesses. If you can utilize social media to build those relationships and make those connections with people, you will find a much more steady stream of clients that you can bring to the business. Social media makes it easy to meet people in a space they’re familiar with, which is part of why it's so successful. 

Utilize the right social media platforms to reach the right audiences. For example, if you want a younger audience, you’ll probably stick to Instagram or TikTok. On the other hand, if you have an older audience, you might find them easiest on Facebook. Take the time to put all the different platforms to work to draw in the clients that you seek, no matter what industry your small business is in. Keep your social media profiles updated, engage daily, and keep building that network of connections. 

Tactic #2: Build your professional network 

Cost: Free, unless you attend events, pay for memberships, etc. 

Speaking of networks, your professional network should be next on your list. Who you know is almost as important as who you are in the business world. That’s why so many companies can benefit from building a stronger, more robust professional network. Take the time to make connections in the industry. Make the most of the connections you already have. Build links, share clients, and find other ways to connect with companies in your industry. 

When you have a stronger network, you will have better professional relationships. It will show your potential customers that you are a force within your industry and that even your peers recognize you as one of the best resources available. You can even attend local events and expos, join membership organizations and professional associations within your industry, and more. 

Tactic #3: Perform an SEO audit 

Cost: $250-$5,000, depending on what needs to be done

Search engines are looking for the best businesses out there today. For yours to be among them, you need to make sure that your SEO is optimized and ready to go. Hire someone to conduct an SEO audit on your website and off-page content so that they can review all the content and make sure that it’s properly optimized for search engines. This will find and fix any issues that are present, too, which can save you a lot of stress. 

An SEO audit will go through all of your online existence and make sure that it’s optimized for the best chances of being found. It will embrace things like technical site optimization and link sharing to help boost your reputation and credibility. Professionals will go through and conduct the audit, come up with the recommendations for changes, and then implement them for you so that your SEO instantly starts improving. 

Tactic #4: Get referrals and reviews 

Cost: Free, unless you offer incentives 

People talk, and that’s something that you need to take advantage of when you are marketing your business. Word-of-mouth marketing is still one of the most effective ways to get business. There are a few different ways that you can utilize this tactic. You can solicit reviews from customers that have done business with your company in the past, both on your website and on social media. You can also set up reviews on professional business forums or through sites like Google, which will help build your credibility in other ways. 

Consider a referral program that incentivizes people for referring new business to your company. You can even post testimonials on your website to give people a firsthand look at what it’s like to work with your business. And when negative reviews do crop up, make sure that you address them immediately to save your reputation. 

Tactic #5: Outsource tedious work and time-consuming tasks

Cost: $250-$5,000, depending on what you outsource

Outsourcing is not a new solution, but it has evolved significantly over the years. There are several different ways that you can outsource to help your small business grow, from letting someone else handle the incoming leads completely to assisting with things like outreach campaigns to get those leads coming in to begin with. 

When you partner with the virtual receptionists at, you’ll be able to get support for just about anything that you need, including things like lead intake and appointment scheduling, live website chat, and so much more. Plus, we’ll even help you craft a strategy to ensure that we don’t miss a single detail, and we’ll be there to monitor and update you every step of the way. 

To learn more, schedule a consultation or reach out to to find out how outsourcing can change your client acquisition game for good.

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