How to Deliver Better Sales Presentations to Win More Deals


Sales presentations have been around as long as humans have been selling things. From simple one-on-one interactions and product demonstrations to those crowded sales presentations for timeshares and real estate investments that we all think of when the word “presentation” is mentioned. Today, an effective sales presentation is entirely different than it was even just a few years ago. 

Not many people like to get up in front of people and put on a presentation or give a speech. Even when you’re only pitching to one or two people, it can feel intimidating to be put on the spot. Plus, you’ve got so much to talk about that you could get sidetracked or lose your train of thought. What if the technology glitches or fails? What if the presentation is boring?

Stop right there because you’re in the right place to alleviate all those woes and any others you might encounter. Sales presentations can be a high-earning tool for several businesses when they are done right. Here’s what you need to know. 

Plan and structure your presentation 

You can’t go into a pitch or meeting with just an idea and the gift of gab. You need a plan. In the case of a sales presentation, that needs to include a clear path that guides prospects from one point to the next. If you’re creating a slideshow or video presentation, you need to ensure that everything connects so that nothing is left to guesswork. 

If your prospects are left to fill in the blanks at any point in your presentation, you haven’t done an effective job. By taking the time to plan ahead and come up with an execution strategy, you’ll have much better chances of success. 

Stop the jargon and start talking 

Today’s prospects don’t want to be “pitched” to, even in a presentation. This should be more like a conversation, albeit one that’s primarily guided by you and your materials. The more you engage prospects in your presentation, the more effective you will be. Plus, it ensures that people understand what you’re saying and that no questions are left on the table. 

Jargon and industry lingo can also be intimidating to some people. That can be a turn-off you can’t come back from, even when you have everything else in line. Use important terms and language where you need to, but don’t make it overly complex because you want to sound “professional”— it backfires almost every time. 

Use visualizations as much as possible 

Today’s consumers and business customers prefer viewable content to readable content. When you’re giving a sales presentation, your audience shouldn’t really have to read anything. You can use charts, infographics, and other visual aids to get your point across and keep people engaged. 

Visuals are more likely to stick with people. They’re also simpler to understand than even the most basic industry explanation of a product or service. People like things that are easy to understand. Take advantage of visuals to ensure your presentation delivers. 

Consider sending the deck ahead of time 

We know what you’re thinking: can you really give people the entire pitch and still expect them to be interested in the presentation? You absolutely can! Many decision-makers and key individuals like to have a chance to review a presentation before they actually attend one. 

Just as you want to go through your notes and ensure everything is perfect, this extra time gives your prospects a head start on your presentation to see if it meets their needs. This also allows them to come up with questions and often creates more interest because they see what you have to offer. 

The fact that you also offer it with no expectation or requirement is going to work in your favor here, as well. 

Create the right presentations for the right audience 

You can’t just have one sales pitch or deck and call it a day. You need customized presentations and pitches for every audience and client you interact with. That doesn’t mean you have to create an entirely new presentation each time, but you should tweak things and change the highlights to the most relevant ones for your audience. 

One of the biggest reasons presentations fail is that companies attempt to use a blanket sales presentation for all clients and prospects. This isn’t going to give people the customized solutions they need, nor will it make it look like you care enough to tailor your efforts. That can lead to all kinds of issues, namely a lack of conversions and a lot of prospects that are dead in the water. 

Test and tweak 

One of the best ways to ensure your sales presentations hit the mark is to test and tweak them consistently. Pay attention to the details of each presentation and see what works, what doesn’t, and which aspects get the most interest from your prospects. There’s a lot of data that you can use to help you hone your sales presentations to perfection, so be sure to take advantage of it. 

It's not an instant process, but over time, you will find your sales presentations more effective when you use the tips above. As you refine your presentations, you might even find other ways to win more deals by reaching your audience more effectively, which just adds to the perks. 

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