How Social Media can Amplify Your Customer Service and Reputation


Over the past two decades, social media has dramatically transformed the way that we communicate, connect, and consume information. Having a strong social media presence and strategy has become a go-to inbound marketing strategy for businesses of all sizes. For most people, social media is ingrained in their daily lives where they can spend hours on numerous platforms. Social media has given businesses the perfect channel to engage and connect with their current and prospective customers as well as support their customer retention. Businesses are able to utilize social media to promote their brand and as well as provide excellent customer service while building and maintaining a positive reputation. The following sections will cover several best practices and ways that social media can help to amplify your customer service and reputation for your business.

Communication in real-time

Every business knows how vital it is to provide top-notch customer service. In this digital age, many customers prefer to reach out to a business via social media if they have a question or concern. Social media platforms allow businesses and customers to communicate in real-time so the question, concern, or issue is quickly resolved. Who wouldn’t prefer this option to waiting hours on hold on the phone to get an issue resolved? This is also an excellent opportunity for businesses to transparently showcase their superb customer service skills to other potential customers. Immediate communication with customers can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. So the next time a customer reaches out via social media to address a concern, issue, or simply a question, it is best practice to respond as soon as possible. It is also important to remember to continue to monitor all of your businesses social media channels for future comments and inquiries.  

Increased visibility

Another way that social media can help businesses amplify their customer service and reputation is by transparently showcasing their approach to resolve customer concerns and questions on their social media profiles. Anyone who visits a business’ social media profile can view how  they handle their customers' concerns. This transparency helps build a positive reputation while also giving a business the opportunity to attract new customers. If a person visiting a brand’s social media channels is impressed by the level of customer service they provide, that simple visit may turn the person into a buying customer. When potential new customers see how a business handles comments, questions, and concerns, it can establish a positive impression towards the brand. Additionally, word-of-mouth referrals may increase from existing customers due to the transparency of a brand’s public social media interactions. Customers who are impressed and satisfied with a brand’s customer service and responsiveness tend to recommend or positively mention the business to their friends and family. Next time you have the opportunity to interact with a customer online, keep in mind that the level of customer service can impact both current and future customers.

Personalized customer service

People like to be heard and valued. An easy way to achieve this is for a business to respond to customers comments on their social media platforms in a personalized manner. Receiving a genuinely helpful and personalized response from a business can help foster a stronger relationship and create a greater sense of loyalty within customers. It is important to provide personalized customer service because it can create a loyal community and build trust. For example, two simple ways to provide personalized customer service is to address the customer by name and to provide a specific solution to the issue they are experiencing. Another effective way to offer personalized customer service is to respond to comments promptly to make them feel valued and heard. Below is a perfect illustration of a brand providing personalized customer service.  

Proactive reputation management

Social media platforms allow instantaneous communication between people, and this is something that businesses can use to their advantage. Monitoring and managing brand reputation in real-time is crucial for businesses small and large. To proactively monitor brand reputation, brands should keep an eye on reviews, comments, and any mentions of their brand on social media. Keeping an eye on these three things can help mitigate any future reputation damage. Monitoring and responding to reviews in a timely manner is an important aspect of reputation management. For example, if a customer posts a review or comment with a negative sentiment, businesses can take the opportunity to acknowledge the customer’s concern or issue and take the necessary steps to resolve the situation. This immediate action on behalf of the business shows that a brand is committed to providing customers with a positive experience, which is an effective way to prevent any negativity from spreading. It is also important to note that when responding to customers, automated responses should be used as sparingly as possible. An excessive use of automated responses runs the risk of a business coming across as impersonal and unengaged. Overall, real-time monitoring and management of a brand’s social media can prove to be invaluable in maintaining a positive reputation.

Social media can be an invaluable tool for businesses looking to amplify their customer service and reputation. By incorporating the best practices and tips mentioned above, businesses can reap a variety of benefits from increasing customer satisfaction, building a strong loyal customer base, to and even gaining new customers. Social media is constantly evolving, but one thing that will never go out of style is providing stellar customer service and creating a trustworthy reputation. 

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Written by Jenna Dinh

Jenna Dinh is a Social Media Manager at SmartSites, a full-service digital Marketing agency that specializes in SEO, PPC, Email marketing, and Social Media management.

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