6 Law Firm Marketing Ideas to Generate More Inbound Leads


Often, “lead generation” and the practice of law seem unrelated. Isn’t generating leads something that salespeople need to worry about? Why should a lawyer be concerned? 

The truth is that lead generation is important for any business, and when you strip everything else away, that’s what a law firm is. Without a steady stream of inbound leads, you lack the clients you need to run a successful business. So, if you’re staring at an empty appointment book and wondering what’s happened to all the people who need help with legal matters, lead generation is for you.

What is lead generation, anyway?

A “lead” is any potential client. Lead generation is the process of attracting potential clients, getting your law firm’s name in front of them, and encouraging them to contact you for a consultation. Traditional advertising (billboards, TV ads, radio ads, etc.) and digital marketing (social media, PPC, SEO) both play a role here.

Of course, you don’t want to cast too wide a net. Your law firm can’t be everything to everyone. You need to focus on high-quality lead generation processes to bring in more of the potential clients you want and fewer of those you don’t.

So, how do you generate those leads in the first place? Here are six law firm marketing ideas to do just that.

1. Make sure your website is up to the task

Your marketing efforts start and end with your website. It’s the hub of all your activities and the place where most potential clients will come to learn more about your firm, its services, and why they should choose you rather than another lawyer. As such, you must make sure it’s up to the task. 

Your website should:

  • Be rich in optimized, accurate, original content that speaks to searcher intent (why a potential client is looking for services like yours).
  • Be optimized for both mobile and desktop/laptop users (most visitors will be using mobile devices, so optimize for mobile first).
  • Include multiple landing pages that correlate to other digital marketing efforts, including social media, blogging, and gated content.
  • Showcase what your firm does best, including client testimonials, in-depth content related to your services, and more.

2. Use clear, dynamic calls-to-action (CTAs)

Potential clients need to know what you want them to do at different stages in the sales funnel. Do you want them to learn more about your firm? Do you want them to follow your Facebook page? Should they check out your blogs? Download a whitepaper or case study? Call to make an appointment? Subscribe to your newsletter?

Once upon a time, you used the same CTAs for everyone who visited your site. They were baked into the page content. Today, you can use dynamic CTAs that change based on a potential lead’s position within the sales funnel. 

Is a potential client just learning about your firm? Displaying a CTA to help them learn more about their problem or area of interest is a great option. Have they just downloaded your latest whitepaper? Serve up a CTA urging them to get in touch.

3. Use (and promote) gated content

Once, “gated content” meant putting desirable content behind a paywall. That’s not what we mean here. In this sense, it’s just content locked behind a gate of some type that requires potential clients to take a desired action.

For instance, to download a new report that details something important to them, website visitors might be required to provide their name and email address. That gives them access at no cost, plus it allows you to get your marketing message right to their inbox.

4. Have (and use) a solid social media marketing strategy

Where are all your potential clients? Chances are good they’re hanging out on Facebook, Instagram, or X (formerly Twitter). These platforms are ideal options for marketing your legal services. However, they’re also excellent for building strong relationships and engaging in direct communication. 

Doing that requires the right balance of paid advertising and organic posts (plus the commitment to reply to comments and questions genuinely). Make sure that any content you share, whether organic or paid, is compelling, interesting, and engaging. 

You also need to make it visually appealing. Text-based content doesn’t do well on social media, so save that for the comments or, better yet, your blogs and articles, which you can direct potential clients to if they need more information.

5. Remember that content is still king

While social media marketing, dynamic CTAs, and other techniques can drive traffic, content remains the undisputed king. Make sure your site is rich with optimized content, and don’t limit yourself to just one type. You should use:

  • Articles
  • Blog posts
  • Whitepapers/reports
  • Case studies
  • Videos

6. Put reviews front and center

When was the last time you bought something from Amazon that had 0 reviews? It’s probably been a while. People love social proof. Products with middling reviews sell better than those with no reviews at all. 

Use this to your advantage. Put client reviews front and center on your website. Each page should highlight several success stories. If possible, use your client’s own words. Additionally, claim your profiles on review sites like FindLaw, Yelp, and the rest so that you can generate more reviews and drive more leads to your website.

Be prepared for the influx of new leads

Too many law firms are surprised by the success of their marketing results. Unfortunately, that means those new leads calling to make appointments may not get through. Any unanswered phone call is a missed opportunity. Make sure that your practice is ready to take advantage of that stream of new leads by partnering with a legal answering service like Smith.ai.

We combine the power of AI with the expertise of live virtual human receptionists. The result? A powerful solution that allows your team members to do what they do best while we answer phone calls, qualify leads, and streamline your intake process. 

To learn more, schedule a consultation or reach out to hello@smith.ai.

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Written by Mike Graner

Mike Graner is the Marketing Manager at Smith.ai. He focuses on engaging content, company updates, and in-person events.

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